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    Alternative Western Buddhism (shortened to Alt-Buddhism), also known as Navakavada ("Way of the Juniors"), is a contemporary reactionary movement that advocates the creation of a new school of Buddhism that repackages the fundamentalist teachings of Theravada Buddhism for a universal (but mainly Western) audience, in reaction to the mainstream form of Buddhism currently practiced in the West, which it sees as ultraliberal, emasculated, secular, materialist and politically correct.

    It follows a fundamentalist form of Theravada Buddhism, but ultimately rejects its framework as being incompatible with post-modern Western life.

    Navakavada was laid out in The Outsider[1] by American blogger John David Reynolds (known by his Dharma name Paññobhāsa), who was a Theravada monk in Burma for 30 years before returning to the US.

    It is also inspired by the works of Julius Evola, especially The Doctrine of Awakening and Pagan Imperialism.


    Navakavada believes in all the fundamentals of traditional Theravada Buddhist thought, which include, but are not limited to: the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eight-Fold Path, the Five Precepts and the Three Refuges.

    The Four Noble Truths

    1. Life often—in fact almost always—involves suffering.
    2. The reason for this suffering is that we want things to be a certain way.
      • Paññobhāsa considers this "the most politically incorrect doctrine of Buddhism".[2]
    3. The way to cure suffering is to rise above this desire.
    4. The way to rise above desire is to follow the Noble Eight fold Path, practices which help us change our minds and understanding .

    The Noble Eight-Fold Path

    1. Appropriate views. Know and understand the Four Noble Truths
    2. Appropriate thought. Turn your mind away from the world and towards the Dharma
    3. Appropriate speech. Tell the truth, don't gossip, and don't talk badly about others
    4. Appropriate conduct. Don't commit evil acts, like killing, stealing, or living an unclean life
    5. Appropriate livelihood. Earn your money in a way that doesn't harm anyone
    6. Appropriate effort. Work to make your mind more good and less evil
    7. Appropriate mindfulness. Remember the Dharma and apply it all the time
    8. Appropriate meditation. Practice meditation as a way of understanding reality

    The Five Precepts

    1. I will not hurt a person or animal that is alive.
    2. I will not take something if it was not given to me.
    3. I will not engage in sexual misconduct.
    4. I will not lie or say things that hurt people.
    5. I will not take intoxicants, like alcohol or drugs, causing heedlessness.

    The Three Refuges

    1. The Buddha
    2. The Dharma
    3. The Sangha
      • In Navakavada, as in traditional Theravada, the Sangha refers explicitly to renunciant monks, as opposed to the laity, which Western Buddhism believes counts as Sangha.


    While regular Buddhism can be described as "zen", Navakavada can be better described as "stoic". He is deeply spiritual and typically appears relaxed and unreactive, and doesn't really get angry. However, he heavily scorns Western "Starbucks Buddhists" for completely distorting Buddhism. He is also sexist and homophobic.

    How to Draw

    Burmese Buddhist Flag version

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Split into six vertical segments along the ball.
    3. Fill in the first five segments in the following colors from left to right: dark blue (#2d3293), yellow (#ffff00), red (#eb1d27), white (#ffffff) and pink (#ffc8fc).
    4. In the sixth segment, use the same colors horizontally from top to bottom in five segments.
    5. Draw two moderately bright purple (#ce00ec) eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark blue #2d3293 45, 50, 147
    Yellow #ffff00 255, 255, 0
    Red #eb1d27 235, 29, 39
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Pink #ffc8fc 255, 200, 252
    Purple #ce00ec 206, 0, 236

    Sauwastika Flag version

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it with orange (#ff6804).
    3. Draw a white (#ffffff) sauwastika (counterclockwise/left-facing swastika 卍).
    4. Draw one moderately bright purple (#ce00ec) eye with a regular black (#000000) outline, preferably on its right side (your left).
    5. Draw the other eye (preferably its left, or your right) with a grey (#585858) outline and fill it with sky blue (#00a8f3), similar to that of R/Acc, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Orange #ff6804 255, 104, 4
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Purple #ce00ec 206, 0, 236
    Grey #585858 88, 88, 88
    Sky Blue #00a8f3 0, 168, 243



    • Theravada - Father, you're my deepest inspiration, but sadly your structure and aesthetics aren't suited for the Occidental way of life.
    • Julius Evola - A profound thinker and scholar of Buddhism! Your Doctrine of Awakening even inspired the great Nyanavira to become a bhikkhu! (But please cut it with the Luciferian bullshit.)
    • Postmodern Traditionalism - "This postmodernist idea that truth is merely relative, and to some degree even arbitrary, has helped to generate the new, notorious paradigm shift taking place all over the world (except maybe in Communist China)—a paradigm shift that I cannot help but approve, considering the hysterical freak show that cultural Marxism is striving towards, and has partly succeeded in creating, and all in the name of compassion, justice, and equality. People and nations are gradually turning away from socialized globalism, including basic universal assumptions endorsed by it, in favor of their own ancestral traditions, or at any rate some kind of worldview that makes sense to them and does not threaten to destroy their quality of life, and the quality of life of their children. The postmodernist idea of truth being a cultural construct is now being exploited by the traditionalist right, in reaction against the globalist Brave New World."[3]
    • Greco-Roman Culture - "The Indo-Aryan Iron Age culture of northern India that produced early Buddhism was more similar to early Greek or Roman culture than it is to, say, traditional Burma or Bhutan."[4]
    • The Western Spirit - Quite literally the Western Spirit!
    • Accelerationism - "It will probably take a huge-scale civilizational crisis to turn people away from worldliness and, possibly through sheer despair, back towards Divinity or the Highest Truth."[5]
    • Egoism - We're all spooks!
    • Anti-Existence - So true, we don't really exist!


    • Hinduism - I understand that Buddhism may be too philosophical for the proletarian masses of the West to adopt. You may be a suitable alternative for the laity. Besides, you're a true Aryan religion. (I especially love Mimamsa!)[6]
    • Zoroastrianism - Ditto.
    • Christianity - While I do acknowledge that you had a profound impact on Western civilization, you're incredibly illogical, intolerant and otherwise dogmatic, and on top of that you're just an egalitarian Jewish import and a precursor to Marxism. But I do love St. John of the Cross![7] And Roy Moore for some reason.[8]
    • Neo-Paganism - Listen, I love Evola and I appreciate the thought, but your attempts to revive ancient European pagan faiths has often resulted in little better than larping or pretending than an artificial replica is the real thing.
    • Post-Modernism - "The ironical self-defeating leftist policy to be discussed this time, the vital self-contradiction, is the new left’s adoption of a postmodern interpretation of reality AND a globalist, transnational, transcultural approach to world politics at the very same time. The problem here isn’t nearly so obvious as the problem of feminists allying with traditional Muslims, but it may be an even bigger problem for the left—in fact it may be instrumental in destroying the so-called Progressive movement throughout western civilization. The trouble is that a postmodern interpretation of reality is conducive to a fragmentation of human societies, leading toward various sorts of tribalism, including nationalism, a hallmark of the 'hard right.' Ironically, postmodernism tends toward aspects of classical right-wing politics that postmodern leftists revile! Strange is this."[9]
    • White Nationalism - "Anyone joining the Sangha became a de facto Sakyan, a member of the Buddha’s own tribe, and a member of the Kshatriya warrior/noble caste as well. All previous ethnicities and social classes were left behind upon entry, as the water of all rivers blends into the sea. So the whole notion of identity politics as it exists in the west today would be anathema within the context of Alt-Buddhism itself."[10] (Please embrace Buddhism though, I think you'd really love it.)
    • National Socialism and Fascism - See above. (Although Brian Ruhe is a good friend!)


    • Progressivism - "How could Theravada in particular be 'progressive,' unless maybe society itself progresses towards Dhamma, not Dhamma 'progressing' towards cultural Marxist emancipatory politics?"[11]
    • Starbucks Buddhists - "I lift my lower robes and fart in its general direction. And if that implies that I rebel against many or even most Western people who consider themselves to be Theravada Buddhists, then so be it."[12]
    • Bhikkunis - The most senior bhikkuni is below the most junior monk. And don't you forget it.
    • Buggers - The third precept says you're a no-no.
    • Judaism - Stupid egalitarian Jewish import. (Though some ethnic Jews have become great bhikkhus.)
    • Islam - "Unilateral disarmament, especially when you are thoroughly pacifistic while living side by side with people whose very religion justifies violence against you, is just plain suicidal. Furthermore, openly inviting people from a violent and relatively barbarous culture into a civilized, peaceful society is foolish to the point of insanity." (Though I'm against the Rohingya Genocide.)[13]
    • Atheism - You've turned Western Buddhism into a secular, materialist joke!
    • Cultural Marxism - Your corrupted form of Buddhism contradicts every core principle of real Buddhism!

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