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    This is the first version of Kidbaratex2's self-insert. To see the contemporary one click here.

    Alpino-Temporism, also known as AlpTemp, is an economically variable, but mostly Center-Right, socially Center-Libertarian and first Self-Insert ideology created by the user Kidbaratex2. AlpTemp emphasizes a post-nuclear life in the swiss alps in order to rebuild society. This new society would be divided into two generations: Rebuilding Gen. and Reevolving Gen..


    AlpTemp believes that a nuclear war should break out so that the human species should rize once again. He claims that a nuclear war is inevitable and it is really close to happen, so we shouldn't force it too much, just keep living like a normal person, but we should always be prepared for when it happens. He believes that there are a lot of places to escape from this nuclear apocalipse, but the ideal place for escaping from the doom are the Swiss Alps. The reason for that being both the geographical positioning and nature (plateaus, juras, high and low altitudes, rivers, lakes, etc), mainly the alps for profection, and the current socio-economic state of Switzerland, witch really helps on the preparations having a lot of nuclear bunkers, a great economy, good relationships with other countries, low resourse explorations, etc. After the war, comunities revolving the Swiss areas should come toguether and work as a whole to bring humanity as a new, more pacific, smarter, more inclusive, more enviromental, and overall, more friendly towards the planet and everyone in it. This idea come from the realization that human society is really conscientious, but the aftermath of history makes it really hard to put that knowlege in practice.


    AlpTemp claims that different measures should be taken on different population sizes as well as the country power, but never turning into an authoritarian state, keeping it liberal witch may also vary.

    Pre-Nuclear Lifestyle

    This is the moment before the war breaks out and takes place nowadays. People now should keep up with their lifes as normal, but they should always have plans for moving to the swiss alps or even developing their lives in it. It's good to learn one of the 4 Swiss languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh) or English witch is really understood in Switzerland and make economic plans to an unexpected travel. Although at this phase Alpino-Temporists like to support Social Libertarianism's views on economy, government and welfare, they, obviously, also agree with the conteporary Swiss government form: Capitalism, Libertarianism, Pacifism and Category:Anti-Corruption.


    This stage is when the war is announced and people start building their bases. At this point people should start making their way to Switzerland and buying their bunkers or houses that contain bunkers, both being really common in Switzerland and having the capability to shelter more than its own population. People should pick up the maximum resourses they can, even the "useless" ones witch can be usefull as artifacts. At this point, everyone should spend time making their bunkers confortable and reusable with self growing food like plants, fish or small animal to survive underground. After the conflict reaches its apex, people should wait for when it is safe to rise again. Some influences to this period are: Swiss Posadism, Anarcho-Pacifism, Hayekism, Enviromentalism and Technocracy.

    Rebuilding Generation

    Once the fallout has passed and life starts growing again, small groups at the alps should start uniting and forming societies. At first, information will be stored and categorized in forms of encyclopedias to preserve the maximum knowledge possible from what people can remember or from books and utilizing reverse engeneering with items. At the same time, a period called "The Independent Rush" starts, where people try desperately to find ways of becoming self-sufficient through agriculture, mining, choping wood, building things, making fire, basically trying not to be dependent on already built things so that they can prosper. People will work as a comunity, not having a government, nor an economy, just focusing on establishing an advanced society. After a lot of groups conjoin the society and the community solidify itself, a government would show up, but just as a control, justice and representation agent. It would be a Socialist state as the society would be too small to require a monetary system, it would also be a direct democracy controled by 8 representants (presidents), each one representing a part of the society: Medicine, agriculture, justice, education, manufactury, infraestructure, general science and a diplomacy one. Manufacture can still be created at this period, but agriculture will be the popular way of power as industries would only be available in the future. There would be religious freedom and justice equality for everyone and every serious crime should be aboarded with psicological therapy, witch will replace the police, "bad type drugs" like narcotics or alchool will be treated the same way but more pacific. People will re-invent things and teach everyone how to make it so that technology can be as advanced as it is now. Some influences of this period are: Agrarianism, Anarcho-Distributism, Green Syndicalism, File:PCB-PROG.png Progressivism, Socialism, Democracy, Scientocracy and Isocracy.

    Reevolving Generation

    This generation starts in a period where society is so populous, complex and technologicaly advanced that it is not capable of relying on a communal or distributist society. The main starting point of the Reevolving Generation is the New Industrial Revolution, witch would be just like the Industrial Revolution with the exception that it'll focus on creating an enviromentaly correct way of making products and generating electricity by using renewable sources, even though it will have to begin by using fossil fuels. The union of a hard to folow society caused by its huge spreaded population toguether with the New Industrial Revolution causes the invention of a monetary system, witch would primarly serve as the work reward and will be given, in a very small ammount, to everyone monthly to guarantee life in the form of welfare. Although the police will become a profession, it will only serve as the force to send very agressive people to psychological clinics or to search for missing pacients. There would be no jails, only psychological clinics to treat any criminals and rehabilitate them so they can participate in society. More types of leaders gain power with their own aspect (Space colonization, idustries, enviroment, etc) and they would alway be elected democraticaly. The technology advancement would never stop as the society would have no goal, it would only continue to advance infinitely. Some of the inspirations to this genertation are: Enviromentalism, Technocracy, Democracy, Welfarism, Scientocracy, Isocracy, File:PCB-PROG.png Progressivism, Eco-Capitalism, Industrialism, Social Capitalism and Social Libertarianism.

    Additional Info

    External Relationship

    As said in the beliefs section, there would be lots of other places to escape other than just the Swiss Alps, including the Rocky Mountains, the Andes Mountain Range and the chinese plains next to the mountains. Wherever the place is, the philosophy would be the same: they will try to keep a good relationship with any other nation, independent of its government, and always trying diplomacy before real conflicts, while still having a strong military power for protection. Although no Temporist should ever take a step inside another border invading it for its own will, if needed, invasions would still happen to those nations who declare war on us, but NEVER aquiring new territories from said nations without their permition and, if possible, rebuild the relationship with those same nations.

    All Temporists should try to peacefully aquire territories from neighbour nations, be it economically, by their will, gaining their trust, etc, to gain more influence adn form a world instiuition to avoid international conflicts whenever possible.

    Arms and Drugs Possessions

    These type of tools should only be used by the military in combat, unless it is an undeadly armament in witch case any mentally healthy person could have it.

    Energetic drugs, like coffee and energetics, could be used by any individual. Although any person could have contact to medications, only recomended pacients can aquire those for free. "Non-usual drugs", like cocaine or weed, could be accessed by any person 18 years old or above, however those possessors would have to attend to psychological clinics so that they could leave their addictions. If the person doesn't attend to it, it would start receiving weekly taxes that would progressively raise to 2000 dollars (converted). When it reaches that same limit, the person would be forced to move to a clinic, where it would live until it is rehabilitaded.

    Health Institutions

    Public health instituitions would be a thing and would provide everyone with normal healthcare, but private healph instituitions would also have a big participation in the community if the same had a very high quality healthcare like cancer treatment or essencial organs transplant.


    The education system would be the most invested sector of any Temporist society, as it represents the passage of all knowledge to the next wave of humans so that they can find ways to fix problems the previous wave brought. Although classes would take about 8 hours every day from monday to thursday and school year would last about 300 days, with 4 vacations in the middle of seasons, there would be no homework. The educaton system would focus a lot more in incentivating students to learn than in forcing in-class studies, promoting researches outside of class.

    Personality and Behaviour

    AlpTemp acts very inocently and can feel really bad when hurting someone, be it physically or psichologically, sometimes even refusing to fight back someone because of his politeness. He likes to be alone, but he can be very social and funny randomly. He is very pessimistic when it come to do something he's already done and it worked out badly, so his solution for those things is starting over, even if it means deleting a very laborious project. It doesn't aply to decently recent relationships, which he waits for a long time to try recovering.


    These opinions are how he feels about other ideologies and not really relationships, he's mostly too polite to hate on someone.


    • Social Libertarianism - Basically a realistic me, also my father.
    • Swiss Posadism - My mom. Now you know where my crazyness came from, but she enjoys the Swiss cuture TOO MUCH!
    • Liberalism - Bringing people toguether by uniting quadrants? Based.
    • Moderatism - Politics are not a tug of war, it's a way of solving problems united.
    • Dead Centrism - Glory to all, even my enemies!
    • Apoliticism - There is nothing wrong with those who don't like politics, they will simply be ruled by those who do.
    • Social Democracy - Like my father, but lefty. I agree in almost all of your beliefs.
    • Liberal Socialism - Same as above, but more based.
    • Lulism - I'd definetly vote for you if I wasn't underage and I like your ideas.


    • Radical Centrism - Wow wow, slow down there buddy. I also love centrism, but let's try to keep it quiet.
    • Neoliberalism - At first, you seem to be a very reasonable ideology, but I think you're up to something bigger than just human rights and open borders.
    • Democratic Socialism - I like you, but markets are cool too, man.
    • Posadism - We should restart, but communism is not the way.
    • Technocracy - I love math, science, technology, etc, but democracy is democracy. If smart people should rule, just elect them instead of only giving them the right to vote.
    • Libertarianism - Based, but a little to extreme and agressive towards other ideologies.
    • Capitalism - Too righty, but I like the markets.


    • Kleptocracy - Bruh, ya kinda fucked with my country. Not cool.
    • Bolsonarism - I'll never vote for you, man. Ya kinda cringe and works with him.
    • Fascism - You are one of the closest things I have to an enemy.
    • Anarchism - There's no way any advanced society can work without a government. Humans are everywhere and some of them are...not mentally healthy.
    • Totalitarianism - Boy, thats kinda cringe.
    • Left Communism - Too lefty.
    • Stalinism - The combination of the two above. Cringe.
    • National Socialism - I'm not gonna do it. You know what? FUCK YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! BE MY ENEMY!!!
    • National Capitaism - The thankfully not real cringier version of the one above, at least not extremely real.
    • National Bolshevism - Maybe the cringiest of them all. Also, I don't know why internet loves you that much.


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