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    Allendism (in Spanish: Allendismo) is a Soc.png left-wing ideology originally from Cball-Chile.png Chile, based on the thought of former Chilean president Salvador Allende. This ideology arises when the Popular Unity is created, a political coalition of different left-wing parties that governed Chile from 1970 to 1973, the year in which they would be overthrown by Pinochet.png Pinochetism.




    He is quite friendly and calm with other leftist ideologies, but hates right-wing ideologies, as he still has psychological trauma from what happened in 1973, which is why he is quite paranoid and shy. Unlike other socialist ideologies, he does not like the idea of an armed revolution, since he prefers to win power through democratic elections. His main enemy is Pinochet.png Pinochetism.

    How to Draw

    File:Allendism Flag.png

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a black cross.
    3. Paint the right side blue and the left side red.
    4. Draw a white U on the blue side and a white P on the red side.
    5. Draw the eyes and you're finished.
    6. Extra: You can add some glasses (that are similar to the ones Salvador Allende used).



    • Soc.png Socialism - The best ideology in the world, together we will fight for social justice and defend the oppressed peoples!
    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism - The best socialism in the world!
    • Castro.png Castroism - Good Latin American friend, he supported me when the gringos wanted to overthrow me. Although you should be more democratic...
    • Chavismo.png Chavismo - Another Latin American friend, although it is a shame that your country is going through a crisis.
    • JuanVelasco.png Juan Velasco Thought - Yet another Latin American friend who helped me against Cball-US.png American imperialism, he gave exile to my government's former officials after the 1973 coup and made Pinochet.png Pinochetism piss of fear.
    • Dem.png Democracy - The best way to get to power.
    • Cybercom.png Cybercommunism - Project Cybersyn time!


    • Guevara.png Guevarism - I don't like that you're violent, but some Guevaristas were friends of Allende, so I don't hate you.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - It is not bad, but it is very moderate in my opinion.
    • ML.png Marxism–Leninism - Great ideology, but too authoritarian
    • Statesoc.png State Socialism - A good friend, and I agree that the state must intervene but still too authoritarian
    • Cdem.png Christian Democracy (before 1971) - Thanks for electing me in the congress to make Allende president and you supported the copper nationalization, yet you were way too moderate with the Land Reform.


    • Cap.png Capitalism - Damn pig, you only steal and create inequality, overthrow legitimate governments to impose dictatorships, you are the worst of the worst!
    • Fash.png Fascism - You are a shit with eyes and you committed terrorist attacks during the Allende government, I WILL NEVER FORGET THE MURDER OF SCHNEIDER!
    • NeoLiberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Get your stupid economic model out of my country, you fucking Chicago Boys!
    • Cdem.png Christian Democracy (after 1971) - You hate socialism and you supported the coup, fuck you!

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