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    All-Seeing Totalitarianism

    All-Seeing Totalitarianism is an ideology that, like Ingsoc wants the government to have surveillance of all areas, but it wishes for the state to go further, utilizing some means to enable the state to view every area and space in all of existence, know of all of its occurences, have it all documented, by the possession of the totalitarian group or individual that governs the state. Essentially, it advocates for a godlike state that similarly sees all that there is, at once, is always watching. Living in such a state would have privacy completely abolished, with the government knowing of every action ever done, and taking steps to stop, prevent, or punish any transgressions against the state.
    Of course, it's a bit impossible to be able to view everything at once with modern day technology, so this ideology might try total transformation of its territory or transcend the material plane to accomplish its goal of being able to see everything. With having surveillance and tracking far beyond what is expected of an authoritarian or even off-compass authoritarian ideology, it ranks as more authoritarian than IngSoc and is only beaten out by Biblically Accurate Angelicism and the other Hyper-Ideologies.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw many round circles that have a white inside and a black outline to portray eyes
    2. Make a ball entirely out of these 'eyes'


    All-Seeing Totalitarianism always speaks in the language and mannerism of whom it is speaking to, because it knows all about them, it acts all high and mighty, going on about how he sees all, quick to pick out every little flaw in someone and state every embarrassing that they've had publicly. They vehemently oppose privacy but tease other ideologies for their lack of 'vision' and 'understanding'.






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