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    This page is outdated. Please see Fungaliberalism to see my current political views.

    Dropping the weird third person perspective 'cause everyone else seems to be writing in first. Sorry if it feels kinda stilted in some places.

    Algae Capitalism is a LibUnity, moderately progressive and globalist leaning ideology representing Splomp/fungalchime56's political views. It believes in a reformed market capitalist system, similar to Socical. It also believes in a syncretic welfare state between standard welfare and UBI.



    I believe that a completely free market inevitably becomes exploitative and falls to big companies, and that regulation is the best way to achieve a truly free market. I'm a proponent of the Social Market Economy, or Social Capitalism.


    I want the reform of the modern welfare state. The problem is this: If you deem anyone below a certain line of wealth eligible for welfare, for some people only slightly below the line, moving above it is a bad financial decision. They lose their welfare and have a net loss of money. The best alternative would be a UBI, but very few countries can afford that. I am an advocate of an NIT, and replacing current income tax with a LVT (Note that I'm not a georgist and I don't think LVT creates the utopia georgists think it does, I simply think that land value is a sensible thing to tax)


    When it comes to liberties, I follow the Social Libertarian school of thought. This means keeping the balance between positive and negative rights. One set of rights without the other is not true freedom. I also agree with Civil Libertarianism, and the expansion of Civil Liberties (though they should not be prioritized over other rights, as per my other stipulation.)


    One of the major caveats of my liberties policy is on Narcotics. I think we should treat drugs like an epidemic, not a crime. For cannabis at least, I support decriminalization/partial legalization, as it is the least harmful. I see it taking on a role similar to alcohol as times moves on, and should be treated as such. For harder drugs, I support limited government dealing of it to addicts, thereby taking off it the black market. This would also come with a pardon and free rehab. Production of these drugs should be illegal.


    The other major caveat I have with Libertarianism is firearms. The US has shown that their "right to bear arms" has brought nothing but more pain and violence. I believe that we need many rights because it leads to high personal fulfillment. I have no interest of rights simply for the sake of rights, and I see no reason why a law abiding civilian would need to own a firearm.


    I consider myself a Moderate Progressive. I believe that every person should be able to participate in and be supported by society. If this warrants legal protection, then so be it. I used to call myself a Progressive period, but I became uncomfortable with it's implications on free speech. Progress is more often then not beneficial, but I don't think that Progress simply for Progress's sake is a useful or helpful mindset. My policy is one of cautious enthusiasm.

    A Pronoun Dilemma

    This a scenario that a Conservative friend of mine proposed to me, and I thought it was a good metaphor for my cultural stances in general. So, say you were to greet someone on the street who looks like a man. You then use he/him pronouns to address them. However, they then say "I use she/her pronouns, actually." What do you do? Well, in this situation, I apologize and continue on using she/her pronouns. However, if she then gets very offended by me mis-gendering her once, she can piss off. Conversely, if someone in the same situation continues to intentionally use wrong pronouns, they can piss of. I believe that level headedness and good faith from both sides would be ideal.


    So, this is probably my weirdest and most esoteric belief. Algae is not just a superfood, but a super substance. You can eat it, you can turn it into bricks, it absorbs carbon, you can turn it into fuel, the list goes on and on. Algae is easy, fast and cheap to grow. To dismiss algae is to dismiss the substance that will revolutionise the world. We need to heavily invest in large scale algae farms and the synthesis of algae fuel. Seaborn algae contribute about %70 of the world's oxygen, and are very possibly the way the earth's atmosphere was originally formed. It is also incredibly effective at absorbing Co2, which helps to slow the greenhouse gas effect. Algae is the way to the future, and starter kits are just $40 a pop. Get growing, bud.

    My Super Awesome OC Don't Steal Political Party

    New Australian Democrats

    • Thoughts Faction (Centre)
      • Social Libertarianism
      • Semi-Direct Democracy
    • Renewal Faction (Left)
      • Libertarian Market Socialism (but not in a vaush-y way)
      • Progressivism
    • Old Democrats (the party currently known as the australian democrats that i will annex) (Right)
      • Social Liberalism
      • Liberaltarianism
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