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    Alexism is a Rpop.png Right-Wing Populist anti Gay.png LGBT anti World.png Globalists, Anticommunism.png Anti-Communist, Conserv.png Conservative Ideology practiced by Alex Jones.


    Alexism "Believes" that World.png Globalism will cause a Ingsocf.pngTotalitarian Government that was made during the rise of Nazi.png Fascism, would be ran Plutocrat.png globalist elites who only care Cap.png money, ML.png Socialists who only care about destroying America. He also "believes" in a Trad.png Traditonal marriage which puts him at odds with the Gay.png LGBT community.



    Alexism should be portrayed as incredibly insane but rarely one of his insane ideas turns out to be right and loves to make speeches.




    • Stalinism.png Stalinism - I just Wish you’d gotten rid of all the Trotskyites before they became neocons.


    • Demcr.png Democratism -"So whatever they do to me I’m a man I’m not sitting up here like I’m the biggest badass around, but you punch me I’m gonna punch back, and I can sit back, and tell you my family name is secured, and I’ve done the job I’m supposed to do. It’s not some power trip it’s just who I am I look at Stephanopoulos and all these sacks of shits sitting there telling us there gonna leave the country listen you son of a bitch you’re scared this country’s gonna throw your carpet bagging ass out I see you, you little bloodthirsty maggots
    • Satan.png Satanism - (Continued from democratism) whatever happens to me I just pray to god you get brought real low; real low for what you’ve done you little son of a bitch so you understand the thing, there’s a real world out there, there’s real god and there’s a real devil and for every action there an equal and opposite reaction, and I want all the little men to know something. You were brought up as pieces of sh*t ,
    • Obamium.png Obamaism Obama2d.png - (Continued from Satanism) and you thought you could dominate everybody because you were so insecure
    • GWB.pngGeorge W. Bushism - (Continued from Obamaism) and you thought people that were better than you were bad because they were better than you, and they were building a stairway to heaven for you, and so now you started fights with people that are gonna break every bone in your body
    • File:Anepstein.png Anarcho-Epsteinism - (Continued from George W. Bushism) so when you metaphysically have had your sternum broken and your ribs broken and your little neck strung up you remember that you ran into real men and we kicked your ass."
    • Techsocdem.png SajZeal Model - Far left radical.
    • Whitesup.png White Nationalism - I know you work for him Illum.png.
    • Gay.png LGBT - Stop making the frogs gay.

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