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    Alexandrism is a Greek nationalist ideology based on the beliefs and goals Alexander the Great which advocates Greek expansionism for the annexation of the entire known world, creating a Greater Greek Empire.

    Alexandrism considers modern Macedonia to be filled with Bulgarians and not real Macedonians, it also states that the ancient Macedonians were Greeks and that North Macedonia needs to be Hellinised.

    Alexandrism seeks to spread Greek culture over the whole world and mix it with the cultures of the world. In this way, Greek culture will be hegemonic.

    Alexandrism advocates for relatively small government involvment in the economy and that tariffs are the best means for the state to collect reveneiw, but suppots state control of some industries like mining.

    He believes in Aristocracy meaning that the kings power was absolute but his companions and appointed officials had a good deal of centralized power as well.



    • Universal Monarchism - "Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters."
    • Pan-Nationalism - We Greeks are all one people, and I am their leader.
    • Cosmopolitanism - I often adopt the customs of the people I conquer, and encourage my generals to marry them.
    • Imperialism - Those who submit shall have mercy! But for those who resist, I shall raze their cities to ash!
    • Protectionism - Tariffs are the best way for the state to collect money.
    • Pagan Theocracy - Some honor me as the son of a God, or even as one of the Gods themselves. I do little to persuade them otherwise.
    • Aristotle - My beloved teacher. I send him cool new plants I find.
    • Cynicism - "If I were not Alexander I would be Diogenes."


    • Interculturalism - Turns out people like you better if you let them continue there way of life? Only sometimes though, you've gotta be strategic about it.
    • World Federalism - I agree that we should have a single government rule over all other governments, but only if I'm in charge!


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