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    is the ideology of the Cball-Germany.png North German Hfash.png homofascist Femboy.png Femboy Aldaðy. He is generally considered a Gay.png LGBT-friendly Nazi.png Neo-Nazi with leftist economics.



    Aldaðy is the online name of a Cball-Germany.png North German Femboy.png Femboy and Hfash.png Homofascist active primarily on Discord and Reddit.
    He is ethnically half-German and half-Icelandic and currently resides in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. He is a Bix.png Bisexual Femboy.png Femboy.


    He gave himself the description "Somewhat-clerical racial-esoteric homofascist with leftist economics".

    His goal is the unification of what he considers to be 'pure' Aryan world, which is, according to him - Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and northern Germany.
    This newly formed state is to also respect the Sámi people by withdrawing from their lands; in return however Aldaðy aims to Irredentism.png reclaim Germany's eastern territories, including some former Teutonic lands in the Baltics, for which he seeks ethnic cleansing and Germanic (re)colonization.

    He believes in Germanic supremacy and advocates for this new state to be a purely Germanic, and ideally 'Aryan', Ethno.png Ethnocracy.
    Aldaðy has proposed the artificial creation of a new Germanic language to act as the lingua franca of this new state. He also proposes that a PagTheo.png pagan-based Esofash.png racial-esoteric religion shall replace Christy.png Christianity.

    Economically, Aldaðy considers himself a socialist; what this means exactly he has never properly elaborated on, although he is no doubt Anticap.png anti-capitalist.

    Aldaðy is a strong supporter and fan of Cball-North Korea.png North Korea, which also greatly influenced his staunchly Isolationist.png Isolationist foreign policy.

    He is in full support of LGBT rights and equality as well as generally advocating for the abolition of male gender roles, he believes however that things like Xenogenders and Neopronouns, as well as similar modern and controversial concepts, are "liberal bs".

    Unlike most Nazi.png Nazi-aligned people, Aldaðy does
    consider himself to be Anti-Semitic.png antisemitic and approaches such theories with caution; his apathy towards antisemitism is also a reason why he doesn't like to label himself a Nazi despite agreeing with a lot of other Nazi beliefs.

    About the State

    The map Aldaðy drew of his proposed state

    Aldaðy advocates for the formation of a Pan-Germanic state consisting of only Germanic peoples he considers to be 'pure'. This state is proposed to encompass most of Scandinavia (including Iceland), Northern Germany, the Netherlands, and former German-held territories in the east as well as the Faroe Islands and some northern Scottish Islands.
    About the territorial extent of the proposed state, he writes:

    Below is a flag map of my ideal/ proposed state. This map is excluding the archipelagos of Svalbard and Jan Mayern as well as Bouvet Island due to distance, all three should be included within the actual state however.

    This map is included here.

    Government System

    Aldaðy advocates for a Sec.png Authoritarian state that allows for individual liberty as long as it isn't threatening to any existing institutions.
    Aldaðy opposes democracy in government.

    His ideal government structure is unclear, likely even to himself, however he has posited the idea of a Oligarchy.png oligarchical council in charge of the state rather than a single leader.

    Foreign Policy

    Here, Aldaðy advocates for complete Isolationist.png isolation, somewhat akin to Cball-North Korea.png North Korea.
    According to him, the state shouldn't interact with the outside world whatsoever and have completely closed borders.
    Aldaðy does not care about the outside world or the, according to him, 'inferior' people living in it.

    Aldaðy is strongly opposed to imperialism and especially Colonial.png Colonialism,[1] as he believes that the settlement of a nation outside of its natural homeland has a corrupting effect - biologically, culturally, and spiritually; and that the nations people would thus be degraded though the settling of lands that aren't theirs. And in his own words - "every aryan degraded is one too many"[2] - this is why he would reject even a single person in a foreign territory to hold administration over a colony. His anti-imperialism is also in line with his not caring attitude for the outside world and the goal of absolute self-sufficiency.


    Aldaðy believes the military should be strong but exclusively defensive, with service being strongly encouraged for all genders but not being mandatory. He advocates for his state to acquire nuclear weapons and have a extensive fallout shelter network to ensure the continued existence of the Germanic people in case of nuclear war.

    Race, Culture, and Religion

    Aldaðy believes in Germanic, and specifically Aryan, supremacy. He is strongly opposed ethnic/racial mixing and believes it should be punished with death whenever applicable.


    Aldaðy advocates for the creation of a artificial Germanic lingua franca so that everyone in the state can flawlessly communicate and create a unified identity. This new language should, according to him, be reactionary in it's development and take as many influences from old Norse as possible; other primary influences should, according to him, be - Icelandic, Faroese, German, Norwegian, Dutch, and Swedish; notably rejecting Danish.

    Ideally, he says, this language should be written in the Elder Futhark script, although he is also content with a modified Latin script.


    He advocates for the local cultures of the different Germanic peoples to be preserved/ rejuvenated, he also, however, wants to create a unifying national culture characterized primarily by nationalism and ethnic pride/purity as well as the new Religion and Germanic lingua franca.


    Aldaðy proposes a Germanic/Norse Pagan-based racial-esoteric religion to replace all current faith, primarily Christianity, in the territories of his proposed state. According to him, religion should play a role in government, with the government and this new religion being completely linked. He beliefs in outlawing all other religions, with the exception of other northern European and Germanic pagan religions. He beliefs lack of faith (irreligion) should also be allowed, but in no way encouraged or glorified.

    "Ethnic religion as interpreted in modernity is nonsense, either your religion is true or it is false. If it is true it can be practiced, and most importantly believed in, by everyone."
    ━ Aldathy, 2022

    What this quote highlights is that he does not believe in the "traditional ethnic religion" as laid out by many other modern fascists or reactionaries, instead he takes the approach that for one or belief in a religion it mustn't be just tradition, but actually true. Thusly he believes that anyone can have faith in a religion, even of a foreign nation, since either the religion is true or false. As he sees his own religion, and variants thereof, as the only true faith, he beliefs that his people shall be required to follow the truth; he is not however upset at foreigners practicing his religion as it does nothing but validate its truthfulness.

    Aesthetics and day-to-day life

    Aldaðy advocates for the effectual abolishment of cities in favor of a close-knit rural and agrarian society with a strong sense of community in each village/town. He completely rejects modern architecture and advocates for towns to be built in a pre-victorian style, including the abolishment of modern roads and the banning of cars.


    Aldathy proposes a tiered-layout for the state - this means separating society into two tiers:

    1. The common people
      - this is where most of the population would be.
      This section of the state would be the common "Volk", the core and backbone of the society. This portion of society are proposed to be living in a Rural.png rural and Farm.png agrarian Community.png communal society, free from much to any government intervention; forming similar village- and family-orientated structures to the old Germanic tribes or the peasants of medieval times. These communities economically be mostly Autarky.png self-sufficient, growing crops and holding animals for their own village - but occasionally also trading with other villages - sharing resources within their village in common on a mutual-aid and basic trade basis. The means of production shall be held in either family hands or in common via farming co-operatives or collectively-held common land.
    2. The Elites and Industrials
      would be those living in cities proper.
      Cities proper are distinguished from regular cities in their size, purpose, and design. Whereas regular cities would act the same as villages, with simply a larger population, cities proper would be the administrative and industrial centers of each given region; only very few such cities should exist - one per subdivision.
      Cities proper are the locations of government planning and administration. They shall thusly be the only parts of the country with are fully Indust.png industrialized. Industries there are held by the state directly and only exist to serve the state and its people - medicine, weaponry, administrative technologies, and other such items; shall be the only things produced and used in these urban cores. Anything to do with industry, government, and higher education would be located here. Unlike the rest of the country, which is to be mostly out of the reach of the state, these cities proper shall be under Totalitarian.png totalitarian control of their local administration, reporting to the state.

    LGBT Rights

    Aldady is comparatively progressive on LGBT issues, that being primarily the actual L, G, B, and T in addition to the A and I.
    He opposes neopronouns, classification into more than two genders, and many 'other Queers'.
    He supports the binary gender classification but opposes male gender roles and toxic masculinity, believing that men should be able to present and act as feminine as they want without being perceived as women. He also believes, however, that women should ideally stick to traditional gender roles; just that men should also be able to fill said roles, especially in homosexual relationships; he thus effectively advocates for Menslib.png Men's Liberation without Fem.png Feminism.
    Aldaðy fully supports trans people and recognizes them as their preferred gender (as long as it's within the binary). He advocates for them to be recognized by the state as well as have their transition be covered by the healthcare system.

    His description

    This is a archive of Aldaðy's now removed Reddit post describing his ideology as of February 2022, his believes have undergone minor changes since then and
    it's possible that some things here are either outdated or formulated wrong.

    Everything below this line was written by Aldaðy himself and is thus written in the first person, it does not represent the believes of any editors of this page. This text section is unedited and will thus not include polcompballs or links.


    The state should only have and allow one religion (irreligion should also be a choice though). This religion would be a fusion of Germanic/ Norse pagan mythology and a Aryan Mythos. There should be no clergy as such, more of a loosely/ locally organised religion overseen by the state. Somewhat similar to what Paetel described.


    The state has to be racially pure. Other ethnicities must be removed, ideally peacefully relocated into separate states but otherwise also by force. Apart from, presumably, Tourism, the state must be 100% Germanic and should ideally follow the Aryan racial characteristics. Mixing with non-Germanics should be punishable by death.

    Culture and Language

    While the current Germanic way of life should be preserved to some extent, it's in our best interest to create a universal lingua franca as well as a uniting national culture between our people, this new language should be mostly based on Icelandic but also take on some characteristics of mainly German but perhaps also Swedish, Dutch, and Norwegian. This new language should ideally be written in the Elder Futhark script, although modified Latin is also acceptable. Culture is a local matter and shall be preserved, national culture should be characterized mainly by religion, nationalism, and purity.


    I am as of yet quite undecided on this issue, capitalism has to go, so much is obvious. I have read the National Bolshevist manifesto and find the system described within intriguing yet a bit too communist for my liking, I am interested to see what Strasser and Syndicalism have to offer, both I have not gotten into yet.

    Foreign policy

    Completely closed borders to everyone but tourists and full isolationism. The state shall exist in a vacuum and we mustn't interact with the outside world whatsoever. North Korea is a great inspiration although they go too far in some aspects and not far enough in others.


    After the establishment of this state the military shall be exclusively defensive. Military service should be optional but strongly encouraged for all citizen. The maintaining of a nuclear arsenal and a extensive fallout shelter network with space for everyone are essential to ensure the state and nation's survival.

    LGBT Rights

    I am in full support of LGBT rights and equality (within reasonable limits, i.e. no liberal bs like Neopronouns or Xenogenders). I believe LGBT people and their lifestyle must be normalized to such an extent where everyone can fully embrace and accept their sexuality as well as be just as confident about being with someone of the same sex as with being someone of the opposite sex. While gender abolitionism is not within my ideals, I am extremely in favor of muddying the waters and creating crossovers between the two ends of the spectrum. I myself being a Femboy and believe Femboys to be the ideal type of person in terms of gender expression.

    Personality and Behavior

    Aldaðy is generally a pretty polite, tolerant, and respectful person. He's very non-toxic and practically never says slurs on the internet. He generally interacts with everyone in a respectful manner, no matter their political positions, country of origin, and/or ethnic/racial background; ideally however he likes to associate with similar-thinking LGBT fascists/ racists, according to himself, even IRL.
    He is a femboy and acts accordingly.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Aldaðism
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Fill with black.
    3. Add two purple lines on the top and bottom
    4. Add a black sun (in white) in the center
    5. Add a rotated Hammer and Sword in the middle of the black sun
    6. Add the eyes.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    Red #EE1C24 238, 28, 36
    Pink #D260A5 210, 96, 165
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


    The following text is from Aldathy himself, this is what he sent me on discord.


    • NNGM.png New North German Model - Pretty based, happy I could influence you on economics and rural-pill you. Separating the north from the south is always good too, even if you dont go far enough. In general, you're just a way less extreme and "non-racist" version of me who hates pan-nationalism. You're also a good friend :)
    • Borker thought pixels.png Borker Thought - A bit too progressive and antisemitic, but other than that I dont think there is much of a problem here except for the anarchism. Also a cool person so far.
    • Saoirsepixel2.png Saoirseism - This is probably the most based one I've seen yet, though I'm not sure how you relate back to Paetel or Marx. Also, the eastern influences are a bit cringe.


    • Guard-Occo.png National Fracturism - Based environmentalism, anti-capitalism, and authoritarianism. Cringe separatism and "anti-racism" though. You did also say a based thing on discord once.


    • Panth.png Pantheonism - Cosmopolitan world-federalist and monarchist. You also make weird assumptions about me and are a bit rude to me.


    Poster Aldathy made featuring his flag

    Further Reading

    Current resources to read more and contact him are:

    Most further reading on his positins between before March 2022 is no longer available as he deleted his old reddit account himself and as his old discord accounts as well as his server were both deleted by discord. Below are the links to where some of the old information on this page was previously obtained, these are now dead links.



    1. The exception to this is his project in the Baltic, which he claims is a natural homeland and would thus not have any negative effects upon colonization.
    2. https://discord.com/channels/1037130054620151868/1037130055178010690/1050481199329579078


    Warn.png Note that this page is being edited and maintained by a third party, I can only add you to his relations if he tells me what to add.
    Thus, I can't do anything if we lose contact.

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