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    Alcomonetarism is an alternative currency ideology focused on using alcohol as a monetary currency as opposed to precious metal or even paper money. Alcomonetarism is best done using an uncommon but still flammable-enough (if alcomonetarism were to come about because of an active fuel-producing economy) alcohol as opposed to a commonly used and produced alcohol, like methanol (wood alcohol), ethanol (grain/beverage alcohol), or isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol, like precious metal or any physical substance be mass, can be argued to be inflation-resistant as opposed to a paper currency, in which the denominations can be arbitrarily increased. Unlike gold or silver though, alcohol has a functional use and a means of production (fermentation) that can be performed naturally. Most long-chain and fatty alcohols behave much more than their hydrocarbon counterparts in gasoline and kerosene than shorter-chain alcohols and polar molecules like water.

    On the other hand, a more commonly used alcohol could function as an easily inflatable and deflatable currency, with an ethanol-based currency being the most volatile as it would be subject to the whims of the alcoholic-beverage and gasoline industries. A methanol-based economy would not be too easily deflatable by human consumption (unless you're fine with going blind and potentially dying), but as methanol is the most mass-produced short-chain alcohol for its use in the wholesale chemical industry, it would be the most easily inflatable alcohol-based currency. An isopropyl economy would not inflate nearly as quickly as an economy based on a methanol or ethanol currency would as it is not produced as plentifully as its use is more limited.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a dark green-tinted bottle.
    2. Draw a red and grey cap on top of it.
    3. Draw a greyish-brown fluid inside of the container.
    4. Draw a dark blue cent symbol on it.
    5. Draw the eyes.



    • Capitalism - Use currency. Alcohol currency.
    • Deflationism - Not too bad. You can't hyperinflate alcohol like you can paper, so there's that.
    • Inflationism-Lite - Just one more liter, yes, one more liter...


    • Alcoholism - Alcohol is for spending, not drinking!
    • Austrian School - Money should be physical, but alcohol makes better money than gold.
    • Oxygen Standard - I kinda have a love-hate relationship with you. First of all, elemental oxygen and water are far too plentiful to make currency. But on the other hand, alcohol, no matter how you define it, must, by necessity, contain at least one oxygen atom, like, you know, all alcohols have a hydroxide group, and drinks contain ethanol, which has the chemical formula C2H6O. So yes, you have the liberty to have whatever opinion on me, but I think you're acceptable.
    • Inflationism - Maybe a little is fine, probably.
    • Hyperdeflationism - I could do with this, like maybe a few drops of exotic alcohol for a new car?


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