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    Alberdianism, otherwise known as Argentine Classical Liberalism, was the model mostly used by Argentina during the years 1853 (Creation of the Argentine constitution based on the book "Bases and starting points for the political organization of the Argentine Republic" by Alberdi) and the year 1916 when it was partially changed by the UCR party, which was a kind of Social Democratic party. This period was characterized by a gold backed currency, low taxes, low regualtions, high immigration, specially from Europe, that caused a rapid economic growth during the period.

    Alberdi was man born in the province of Tucuman during the year 1910, a few months after the May Revolution in Argentina. He was an attorney who was follower of free markets, in one of his quotes "Those who don't believe in freedom as the only way of creation of wealth don't deserve to be free nor know how to be wealthy".


    During this period, known as the Conservative Republic period by some, Argentina moved to an almost Laissez-Faire system (With some exceptions such as subsidies which were common in most countries at the moment and some state ports and railways), in this time, around 40 years, Argentina passed from being a country in constant war with itself to the wealthiest country (by GDP per capita) in the world in the years 1895 and 1896, and being in the top 10 from the year 1896 to the year 1946.

    For the sake of comparison, the GDP per capita of the United States in the year 1895 was 5569USD and Argentina's was 5786USD.

    It was a period marked with a rapid industrialization, passing from almost all production being in the countryside to 20% of the GDP being produced in factories, increasing exports, specially meat and other agricultural related products.

    One of the main things of this model which was not applied was fiscal austerity, since most of this period had a marked fiscal deficit and high foreign debt.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Alberdianism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color the ball into an equal tricolor of Blue-White-Blue, representing the flag of Argentina without the Sun
    3. Draw a yellow coiled timber rattlesnake in the center
    4. Below the snake, add a line saying "NO ME PISE" in brown (Spanish version of "DONT TREAD ON ME")
    5. Add two eyes on the ball

    You are done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light Blue #74ACDF 116, 172, 223
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Yellow #F6B40E 246, 180, 14
    Brown #86350A 134, 53, 10



    Classical Liberalism - Main inspiration and fellow follower of markets.
    Republicanism - A Republic is the best way to organize a society.



    Socialism (all) - The only way of creation of wealth is freedom of ownership and mobilization of capital.

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