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    Alawite Theocracy is a theocracy based off the Alawites, a sect of Shia Islam. Alawite doctrine incorporates Islamic, Gnostic, neo-Platonic, Christian (for example, they celebrate Mass including the consecration of bread and wine) and other elements and has, therefore, been described as syncretic. At the heart of Alawite society and creed is the belief in a divine Trinity, comprising three aspects of the same God. The aspects of the holy Trinity are Mana (meaning), Ism (Name) and Bab (Door). Alawites hold that they were originally stars or divine lights that were cast out of heaven through disobedience and must undergo repeated reincarnation (or metempsychosis) before returning to heaven. They can be reincarnated as Christians or others through sin and as animals if they become infidels. In addition, according to the Israeli Begin–Sadat Center for Strategic Studies they believe that God might have incarnated twice; the first incarnation was Joshua who conquered Canaan, which was a Semitic-speaking civilization and region of the Southern Levant in the Ancient Near East during the late 2nd millennium BC, and the second was the fourth Caliph, Ali.

    Alawites, furthermore, ignore Islamic sanitary practices, dietary restrictions, and religious rituals. The syncretistic nature of the Alawite belief is further evident in its calendar, which is full of festivals of Christian, Persian, and Muslim origin.

    Giving Ali primacy over the Muhammad, a feature shared by various ghulāt (Shi’ite extremist) sects, permitting wine drinking, not requiring women to be veiled, holding ceremonies at night, and several pagan practices have led mainstream Muslims to label Alawites to be often singled out as heretics or extremists.

    In Syria, ethnically and linguistically Arab, the Alawites developed certain characteristics that isolated them from the Sunni Syrian population.

    Alawites have always kept their beliefs secret from outsiders and non-initiated Alawites throughout history, so there is not a lot known about actual Alawite beliefs.

    How to draw

    Symbol of Alawite Theocracy
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it white.
    3. Draw a green zulfiqar (type of sword).
    4. In green text, write "Ali is the friend of God" above the sword in Arabic.
    5. In green text, write "There is no hero except Ali; There is no sword except Dhulfiqar" on the sword's blade in Arabic.
    6. Add the eyes.

    You're done!

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