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    Alaskanism icon Alaskanism is a ball ideology partially based around the teachings of Joe Vogler. Alaskanism is a free market, limited government, and Alaskan independence ball. (Alaskan independence in this context is how I think Alaska should work in the Event that it becomes independent.)

    Alaskan independence would certainly be desirable to Alaskanism due to the fact that 61.3% of the state is public land, a lot of the land available is hard to get to, and the people in Washington D.C are thousands of miles away, so how can they know best for us?

    Capital.png Economic And Governmental Policy Minarchist.png

    Alaskanism-ball believes in individualism achieved through capitalism and libertarianism. He also believe in a slow/steady transition into anarcho-capitalism. as I said earlier, 61.3% of our state is not ownable by anyone and is controlled by people who have probably never even been here, and the consequences of a socialist/communist government winning an election could affect as far as here and it could lead to unnecessary political violence as most people here are Libertarian capitalists, this heavily angers Alaskanism. however, as you can predict, the climate of the US and the way its people think is changing, and Alaska is gonna have to act on it and pick a side eventually. Most people here are gonna wanna get the hell out of the nation, and they are taking Alaska with them! to kickstart Alaskan autonomy, Alaskanism will hold referendums, protest, and advocate for federally owned land to be open to homesteading and development. development and homesteading will give us access to resources that make us totally self sufficient without needing to rely on imports. Alaskanism bases his beliefs on the inevitable collapse of American society, he needs his state ready for that.



    Libertarian.pngRight-Libertarianism - Very good, a person should decide their fate via work and character. Nothing Else.
    Minarchist.pngMinarchy - BASED!
    Property.pngPropertarianism - huh, thats a funny way to say REAL CAPITALISM.
    Native.pngIndigenism - Lets get this man some rights!!!


    Mansphere.png.pngManosphere - Male shootings, the triple suicide rate in men, and higher mental illness rates in men are caused by the societal pressure of feminists. But what is this about women going back to the kitchen?


    Corp.pngCronyism - Why do people equate your problems to problems with free market. You pretend to be free market to make REAL capitalists look bad. You are barely even capitalist at all!!!
    Auth.pngAuthoritarianism - Ok sir, please face the wall.


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