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    AlaskanSoup Thought, also known as Alaskan Pro Gun Anarcho-Frontierist Geo-Libertarian Cybermutualist Circulist Pesce-Monetarist Diarcho-Societarian Technogaianism, is an ideology that represents the political beliefs of the user AlaskanSoup. It is similar to Anarcho-Frontierism in almost every way and can be considered a variation of the ideology. Like Anarcho-Frontierism, he knows that a true Anarchist society can only exist on the frontiers of civilization. Specifically, he recognizes Alaska as the prime location to do so.


    Economically, he likes some sort of Mutalism, but thinks people should organize however they want on the frontier. He does not like people owning land, but since that can only be enforced with a state, there's no need to worry about it. In the frontier, your property is what you can defend.

    Guaranteed Lawlessness

    He supports every society having an 'opt-out' option to leave, which is what the frontier is doing. If you don't like your country, come on up to the Arctic and live free! His ideal USA is one where the entire state of Alaska has been set aside as lawless Anarchist land, where the government has no authority. Even though it's quite easy to get away with most things if you go remote enough, he would prefer it codified in the US constitution that Alaska remains lawless frontier land.

    Expanding Alaska Into Space

    Some might point out that Alaska will eventually become civilization, like every other frontier. That's why he teams up with Transhumanism to expand the Alaskan frontier to space and beyond.

    True Freedom And Oppurtunity

    Unlike some, he does not want the entire world to be Anarchist, as many would not want to live like that. Only the frontier must remain free and lawless. To give everyone a chance to start their perfect society. The Commies can make their communes, the Ancaps, their trading empire, and AlaskanSoup, in his cabin alone.

    Symbiotic Relationship Between State And Frontier

    As stated before, the lower 48 will be left a state, ideally a Libertarian Market Socialist one. But, Alaska will become lawless frontier. The frontier of Alaska and the rest of America will create a symbiotic relationship. The frontier creates a way out of society for those discontented with the state, and the state ensures the continued lawlessness of the frontier.

    Ideal System For The Lower 48

    Even though the frontier will be Anarchist, that doesn't mean he has no cares about how the lower 48 will operate. For the mainland, he ideally seeks some form of Libertarian Market Socialism. A state in which the government is very limited, all businesses are employee-owned or coops, and goods are distributed via a market economy.

    He would also like the tax system to be Georgism. In Henry George’s Progress And Poverty, he revealed the true solution to unfair taxes, poverty, and wasting of land. “We must make land common property.” All of the land will belong to everyone in society equally. If someone would like to wall a chunk of it off and call it his house, he can expect everyone else to respect that. But, in that respect, he must pay his debt to society. A tax on the value of the land he is trying to claim. The tax revenue from the land is then given to society through welfare programs and the like. By doing this, the money made from the land is essentially being shared with all of society.

    All other taxes and tariffs must be abolished so that only one tax remains. The single tax. LVT, or Land Value Tax, will be the only tax levied upon the people. LVT is the only justified tax. You worked hard for your money, so 20% should not just be taken from you. But, nobody worked hard for or invented land, so its fruits should be shared to everyone

    However, he wouldn't force his ideas on the lower 48. He'll be in Alaska after all.

    Fish As The Ideal Currency

    AlaskanSoup sees fish as the ideal currency for the frontier and a great currency for wider society in general. Here are the reasons why:

    • Alaskan salmon requires much effort to catch, so only those who innovate put in the effort can acquire it.
    • Fish is perishable, so inheritance will no longer be a form of wealth.
    • Everyone can eat fish, and it is rich in vitamins.
    • It tastes great.
    • Changing prices does not cause food shortage because the currency is food.
    • Spawning seasons regulate inflation.

    Why True Anarchist Society Can Only Exist On The Frontier

    A common critique of Anarchism is that it is not practical, and wouldn't work. All civilizations with a substantial population develop hierarchy and rules, they say. To a point, this is correct. As population centers develop and civilization grows, hierarchy (bad) inevitably forms. This is why a truly Anarchist society can only exist on the frontiers of civilization. Those who wish to live truly free must remove themselves physically from the state. The frontier is the best place for anarchist society for a few reasons:

    • The literal geography of the frontier makes it hard for any state to enforce law if it tried.
    • A state won't form, because most people going to the frontier will be Anarchists.
    • There is no large population to be held accountable to.
    • Going to the frontier is optional. If an Anarchist truly believes in freedom of choice, wouldn't they support the choice between state or anarchy?
    • A true untouched frontier is a perfect clean slate for anyone to create the society of their dreams.
    • It is ever expandable into space.

    "If you feel that call for freedom inside of you, if you are tired of being told what to think and what to do by people who think that they know better, you should aim at the frontier. Realize that tyranny is not a bug of large societies, but a feature. As soon as the population becomes too dense, as soon as people come to live here not to espouse your ideals of personal responsibility and freedom but to profit off it, as soon as big decisions can be made by people that will never see nor bear the consequences, you are outside the frontier, inside civilization."
    - The Yeehaw Anarchy Guide

    Free societies can exist only so long as people that don’t want to belong to them are free to leave, venture a bit further out into the vast frontier, and start up their own new thing. The moment people are forced to live together with other people that don’t share their same beliefs, we start to need social structure, rules, and formalized oppression to prevent violent strife.

    A large area of the nation must remain forever free and lawless from any system, and the right of any to depart for that land must be ensured.


    As stated in the previous part, a free frontier must be maintained to ensure freedom. However, the frontier is temporary. By the very nature of the concept, it eventually just becomes civilization. This is why the advancement of technology is essential so that the free frontier can be ever expanded into space. Technology can be highly advanced without altering the human spirit. Our technology must be 100% harmonious with nature, producing no ill effects, in a mutually beneficial cycle. That is the end goal, anyway. We must accelerate technological progress, so we can finally have Anarchist Space Cowboys.

    Personality and Behaviour

    AlaskanSoup lives in Alaska and spends time drinking hot chocolate or eating pumpkin pie. He is an Individualist and likes to be alone, and is currently planning the conquering of Mars for Alaska.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a diagonal line across the ball and fill it in with black
    • Fill in the other half with dark blue (0F204B)
    • Add some gold (FFB812) stars in the blue
    • Draw the white frontierism symbol in the middle
    • Add a red (FF0000) transhumanist eye
    • Give him a brown (7F4000) cowboy hat
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Blue #0F204B 15, 32, 75
    Gold #FFB812 255, 184, 18
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Brown #7F4000 127, 64, 0
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0


    Mega Based




    Mega Cringe

    • Authoritarianism - I'll run all the way to Utqiagvik just to escape you!
    • World Federalism - You can't make the whole world a state! We need frontier land to be free!

    Mega Based

  • AshleyHere Thought - Very based Individualist and Anarchist. You'll have fun on the frontier.
  • HelloThere314ism - Based Georgist, Mutualist, and Anarchist. Nice!
  • Liberty-Loverism - Space, Freedom, Cybermutualist, Amazing if not a bit utopian.
  • Based



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