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    Disclaimer, this is an R-rated movie comedic ideology made for satirical purposes making fun of islamic dictators so please be careful as there is references to child abuse even the author was uncomfortable of.

    Aladeenism is the rule of Admiral General Aladeen and an ideology based from the 2012 movie The Dictator. Aladeenism was the main ideology of fictional country name wadiya. Aladeenism believe a totaltarian combine with sexocracy because according to wadiyan anthem aladeen like to have sex with 15 years old girls. Aladeenism also believe to chance english languege to his aladeen langueges."


    Aladeenism is an eccentric ideology who won't hestiate to execute literally anyone he feels like. He lives a lavish lifestyle while everyone else is oppressed and is often seen with a lavish convoy with him. Aladeenism is known to really love oil as he often sells it a lot. Aladdenism is extremely totalitarian as well as known to abuse woman and even children for sexual reasons.



    • Jihadism - Osama Bin Laden is my plumber.
    • Totalitarianism - Wadiya is mine!
    • Absolute Monarchism - I am descended from my tyrannical father who likes shooting clowns who don't appease him well enough.
    • Nationalism - For the great nation of Wadiya!
    • Sexocracy - I like beautiful bodyguards especially ones who can karate chop with their boobs, and I fuck 10,000 women. Also when I ejaculate rainbows appear in the sky.
    • Satirism - I'm literally made as a joke to poke fun at Middle East totalitarian dictators
    • Juche - We are even more oppressive than North Korea!
    • Afwerkism - My real life counterpart!
    • Posadism - I especially like nukes that are pointy because they are scary to people.
    • Isolationism - I like to have a country all by myself!
    • Bio-Posadism - You are HIV Aladeen!


    • Globalism - What do you mean I'm charged with crimes against humanity, child abuse, human rights abuses, and threatening the world with nukes.
    • Democracy - Aladeen rules SUPREME!
    • Islamic Theocracy - Why do you hate me so much and call me women abuser and child abuser!
    • Zionism - I WILL NUKE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP!!! You have nice women though.
    • Capitalism - I AM NOT SELLING MY OIL FIELDS!
    • SJW - Ahh the protesters are music to my ears, I even married one.
    • Matriarchy - My mother somehow died in childbirth also are we having a boy or an abortion.
    • Neoconservatism - YOU WILL NOT TOPPLE MY REIGN!!!

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