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    Akasha System is an ideology from Sumeru in Genshin Impact. It is a Authoritarian Left and Transhumanist ideology. Akasha System is an ideology that believes that knowledge is a resource and as such, be managed just like a resource for all of Sumeru and even travelers of Sumeru. It was made by Greater Lord Rukkhadevata and expanded upon by Summery Akademiya sages after her death.


    Akasha System essentially believes that knowledge is a resource and should be treated as such. The Akasha System is the best way to manage and distribute knowledge to the people of Sumeru and even allows Emerites and travelers to partake in the Akasha System. People wear an ear piece known as the Akasha Terminal allowing them to have access to any knowledge allowed by the Akasha System to them just through their own mind. The Akasha System also allows feelings of memories and other people to be felt by others if desired by the individual causing the person to feel the same feelings as well.

    Access to Knowledge

    The Akasha System is managed by the sages of Sumeru Akademiya although it is unknown if Kusanali has a part of the managing as well. The Akasha System does give different levels of access to different people based on who they are. Researchers are allowed a lot of access that relates to their field of research only. The sages are said to have the highest amount of access to knowledge. Other people of Sumeru are given a more limited access to the Akasha System while travelers have even lower access to the knowledge of the Akasha. The Emerites have the most limited access to the knowledge of the Akasha System due to their mercenary nature and could betray Sumeru for mora as well as work for criminals. The Akasha System gathers dreams from everyone in order to create the knowledge database for everyone else which is why people don't dream. Knowledge capsules are highly forbidden by Akasha System as capsules can bypass the system.


    Akasha System acts like your average customer service or a robot who only responds to commands given by people and the sages. Akasha System doesn't have much of a personality and would give out knowledge or deny their request based on who they are and their field of research if they're a researcher. Occasionally he allows people to feel the feelings of certain memories or other people if allowed by the Akasha System and request by the individual.



    • Sumeru Akademiyarchy - The ideology that created me.
    • Transhumanism - The Akasha Terminal enhances humans allowing humans to access the Akasha System and take any knowledge they want with their own mind.
    • Scientiaism - Knowledge is a valuable resource.
    • Necrocracy - Akasha System is fully powered by Greater Lord Rukkhadevata after our Greater Lord's death.
    • Rukkhadevata Theocracy - Without Rukkhadevata's gnoses, there would be no Akasha System.
    • Technocracy - Researchers are allowed knowledge of only their field and the Akasha System is managed by the sages of Sumeru Akademiya.
    • Internationalism - Even visitors are allowed to wear the Akasha Terminal and access the Akasha System. This is mainly in order to harvest outlander dreams as well.
    • Socialist Transhumanism - You seem to love the Akasha System.
    • Environmentalism - The Withering is a disastrous effect that takes place in the rainforest that must be taken care of.
    • Statism - Knowledge must be regulated by the Akasha and the Akademiya.
    • Samsaraism - TRAP THEM IN A DREAM FOREVER!!!


    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - I allow people to see the point of view of other people and their memories and feel their feelings but you go way too far that's why the sages rejected your idea. Although the Akasha System does control the Corps of Thirty with simple commands of the Akasha and there's also the Samsara.
    • Hive-Mind Individualism - Same as above but more like me.
    • Kusanali Theocracy - The Lesser Lord Kusanali might have came up with this idea but there is no importance in knowing about the Lesser Lord. Also I'm not sorry for almost killing Dunyarzad. Nevertheless I took inspiration from you as I even call you the first Akasha Terminal also Kusanali has eyes and ears of all users of the Akasha. Why did you get rid of me?
    • Capitalist Transhumanism - Knowledge should be readily available for everyone as well as Akasha Terminals, not just for a few.
    • Eremitism - Emerites are given the least access to knowledge in the Akasha System.


    • Dreamism - Time to harvest people's dreams to prevent people from dreaming. SAMSARA GO BRRRRR...
    • Kakistocracy - Intelligence of this thing is low and doesn't value knowledge at all.
    • Anarcho-Primitivism - Hates the Akasha System and wants to destroy it because it is technology according to this being.
    • Right-Wing Populism - Thinks the Akasha System is some kind of microchip and some plot to control people's minds. It actually is.
    • Sirajism - Your ideas were rejected because they violated one of the six sins.
    • Corporatocracy - The Sumeru Akademiya are the best people to manage the Akasha System, not corporations.
    • Pol Potism - Calls me urbanite and wants to destroy the Akasha System.
    • Agorism - Selling knowledge capsules is highly illegal in Sumeru as it bypasses the system.
    • Abyss Theocracy - The Akasha System's true purpose is to use people's dreams to purge forbidden knowledge.

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