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    This page contains references to sexual intercourse or related topics. It might also be innapropriate for less than 18 years olds for the same reason.

    AirisuFloppaism or AiriFlo for short is a ideology based on two self-insert ideologies: JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism and Airisu.png Airisuism. It is a variant of national anarchism with syndicalist characteristics. It is an economically laissez-faire socialist ideology that despises both left and right wing ideologies.


    AirisuFloppaism is marked for her hardcore support for a mixture of Marxist and Austrian schools of economics, and her homonationalistic dream of making a super powerful LGBT nation. She believes the best way to do this is through national anarchism.

    She is also fond of universalism, wanting to expand its progressive nation into an interstellar empire, this happens to be since in the modern world, AiriFlo wouldn't be able to conquer other nations to join their empire.


    AirisuFloppaism was born from JoeyFloppaism sleeping with Airisuism. It is not known when, how or why they did it, since they both appear to hate each other, but AiriFlo was confirmed as their offspring after a genetic test proved it.





    • Lpyapersonicon.png Lpyapersonism - You think laiseez-faire is too corruptible, and you think Marxism sucks, also you don’t even know Austrian economics! You are an uneducated little mainstream right-winger who just wants babes, also stop simping for me you creep!
    • Neoairiflo.png Neo-AirisuFloppaism - You are just an impostor! I am the true mix of the JoeyFloppites and the Airisuists!


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