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    Anyone who disagrees with me is going to be raped!

    Agricoetism is the ideology of SkeletonJanitor, greatly influenced by the works of Jose Antonio Primo de Riveria and Ramiro Ramos. It advocating for an emphasis on Hellenic revivalism. He believes that the state should return to a more simple and agrarian way of living, without the need of total destruction of technology, while retaining the left economic theory of worker self managament.

    Have Read

    • - Reflections on Violence
    • - Socialist Future Syndicates
    • - The Futurist Manifesto
    • - Thus Spoke Zarathustra


    • - The Doctrine of Fascism (Gentile)
    • - Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Basic Course
    • - Anarcho Syndicalism, Theory and Practice

    Plan to Read

    • - The Gay Science
    • - National Bolshevist Manifesto (Paetel)
    • - Beyond Good and Evil


    The 7 Leaves of Agricoetism

    • The redistribution and equal transfer of landownership to the people who work on such, and organzing these lands into common lands ran by the state.
    • The mission of the state will be to educate and promote the Hellenic religion in the populace.
    • For the means of production to be violently seized and collectivized in mass strikes, and put into the hand of the syndicates, democratic councils of trade unions.


    Agricoetism believes in a socialized economy with a mix of state owned and collective properties, (social ownership, as in collective ownership) in taking syndicates as the basis for the economy. The means of production would be a split between state owned industries and collective ownership of unions, land, etc.

    The importance of agriculture and the countryside will be recognized under Agricoetism, concerning farmland and decaying infrastructure of the neglected rural communities, leading to major reforestation of devastated deforested areas.

    Major land reforms, such as reclamation projects, a cap limit on land ownership (no more than 30 hectares) and forced collectivization of farmland by the state, to be redistributed to their respective workers, eventually working towards the abolition of private ownership.

    Alongside these reforms will be agricultural programs to make it easier for people who want to go into such a career easier to do so, and education programs for present farmers to maximize efficiency in their field of work.


    The state will be organized as a Unitary Vanguard (one party) Socialist Republic.



    The physical state and church shall stay separated for the integrity of the popular party... WIP


    I am generally supportive of homosexual rights, a same sex male relationship could be just as virtuous and healthy as an opposite sex one. Plus, you SHOULD be engaging in a homoerotic/sexual relationship to subvert the longhouse regime, which panders towards mentally and physically inferior women.


    <tabber> |-|Normal Ideologies=

    The Peasantry

    Syndicalism - You represent nearly everything I believe in, direct action of the workers, self management, and using trade unions as a revolutionary basis. I luv you.
    Falangism - WIP
    Crusade of Romanianism - WIP
    Bonapartism - And so the rotting, incompetent aristocracy of France was replaced with new, revitalized, and enlightened prodigy named, Napoleon.
    Marxism–Leninism–Maoism - I respect your virtuous economic ambitions, hatred of anarchists, your love of the peasants and recogition of their participation in the revolution, and love for agrarianism and the environment. However, revisionism is fine if it comes out as a good execution. If it's a horrible revision of Marxism, kill it, if it's a good revision of Marx, incorporate it.


    Anarcho-Syndicalism - WHY DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME? We share pretty close ideas on the economy, and even on some societal issues, I just don't agree with abolishing the state instantly. You could be a great partner you know...

    National Communism - You're cool, also I transheart Castro. But you should be more open to international socialist solidarity, after all, you need other socialist allies to keep your revolution secure.

    Stransserism - You’re weird but I guess I get you a bit…? Not a fan of ethnic-nationalism, either.

    Maoism - Template:PCBA Check. Class struggle? Check. We need to talk more... You are truly virtuous in your radical reforms to reshape China in a new functioning society, but some of your ideas were a bit… overboard and did more harm than good. Also you should put more emphasis on class struggle, rather than excusing the petite bourgeoisie.}}

    Marxism - I haven't read the communist manifesto yet, and don't believe I need to, but the idea of a national identity does not need to fade away in a socialist society.


    Monarchism - "B-but... M-muh divine rig- ACK!"

    Reactionary Libertarianism - I hate you and everything you stand for, fuck off to the gullotine!

    Capitalism - Die! Die! Die, you piece of shit!

    Reactionary Socialism - THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT BY AN ARISTOCRACY!

    Social Democracy - Elections are fucking useless and will not achieve anything, maybe making a """social""" democratic plutocracy if you actually manage to get elected.

    White Supremacism - Fuck off.

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