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    Agora-Butterism. It is similar to Neo-Butterism in that knowing oneself, and knowing everything about yourself is the best way to achieve individualism. Agora-Butterism believes that your body and your property is an extension of yourself. Therefore you have control over both things at full. But only you matter to you and its just not right to try to limit someone else's individualism.


    Agora Butterism believes in Agorism, and counter economics. Similar to Mutualism but private property is allowed to be owned. Do not confuse it with modern day capitalism which it believes is authoritarian and treads on one's freedom.

    Cultural Stance

    Agora Butterism is culturally center. While it believes in sexual freedom, it does not believe it makes one unique. Agora-Butterism also does not support abortion as one, it violates the NAP, and its quite literally murder.

    Post Anarchism

    Agora Butterism is not to be thought as an Egoist, Post-Anarchism believes that we all are already free, Agora-Butterism believes all we need is to cripple the parts that the government requires, like taxes, or state owned factories.


    Tier S

    Tier A

    • Aeirin.pngAeirinism - While yes, very based. Free markets just arent the same when it comes to socialism.

    Tier B

    • Immorxism - Its... complicated while I like market socialism, hes a damned tankie!

    Tier C

    Tier D

    Tier E

    Tier F


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