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    Aggressivism, Ego-Combatocracy or shortned to Aggre is an off-the-compass Libertarian Right and Stalwart ideology that believes that an individual should be able to do anything they desire, resulting in the strongest individuals subjugating the weak to their desires. Aggressivism believes that as individuals act in their personal interests the stronger, more capable individuals will be able to exercise their desires more than the weak creating, as aggressivism calls it, a "hierarchy of ego".


    Aggressivism believes in the right to rule of the strong like Combatocracy and Kraterocracy, but ultimately rejects the state, opting for Egoism instead, He desires for the individualization of the violence in his system, similarly to Nilssonian Anarcho-Fascism but unlike it, Aggressivism opposes the very existence of the state for it being a spook that would ultimately intervene with the ego's of the strong.


    Stalwartism without State

    Aggressivism is naturally Stalwartist, and believes stalwartism doesn't need a state to rise and persist, Anarcho-Kraterocracy to put it simply. If individuals may do whatever they desire it's only a matter of time before two with opposing desires meet, aggressivism understands that the strongest individual will be the one on top and therefore, as Aggressivism understands that in a totally free world there is one natural "Hierarchy of Strength".

    The Duelist Principle

    Aggressivism believes that in a completely free society without any institutions (public or private) individuals would use of aggression to get what they need/desire, for this reason Aggressivism chooses to create an alternate system to the NAP that states "Any 2 or more consenting individuals may decide to duel/fight each other to settle whatever disputes they may have", this system would be widely followed as it brings much more stability than avarationism while minimizing the reduction of freedom.

    Aggressivist Society

    Where does all of this lead us? To the Aggressivist society, a society where individuals combat each other and the stronger ones get to excerpt their desires over those weaker and naturally the strong rise to dominance in their respective communities, the strong don't purge the weak and instead benefit from them when needed and maybe the weak, desiring more freedom, are incentivized to become stronger, eventually leading to most individuals being strong.

    Aggressivism vs Avaritionism

    Avaritionism believes it's in the best interest of the strong to eliminate the weak, Aggressivism believes the strong have no universal interest towards the weak but believes it would be more beneficial if they subjugated the weak to their will. Avaritionism commits all sorts of violent acts randomly, chaotically and self-destructive, aggressivism has a system that allows for aggression that is also more stable.

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    Wacky Gang

    • Ethical Darwinism - You see the benefits of violence but you think "morality" isn't just a social construct.
    • Medievalism - You're authoritarian and I don't really understand your "god" thing but violence based.
    • Anarcho-Altruism - You claim to want people to be free but I'm not allowed to punch random people on the street?


    • Avaritionism - My best brother, but do you not see the many benefits the weak have for the strong?
    • Anarcho-Egoism - You're mostly right father, but why must you reject hierarchy?
    • Combatocracy - The state is a spook, father.
    • Anarcho-Fascism - I like you, but reject the government!
    • Anarcho-Monarchism - Our systems are similar in practice.
    • Dark Enlightenment - Egalitarianism sure is spooked, but why embrace the government?
    • Illegalism - If the strong want something, they will take it!
      • Illegalism - You still want some form of organization lmao cringe


    • Social Darwinism - I do not desire the extermination of the weak, also you are a statist.
    • Soulism - Fellow egoist, but you're embraces weakness and degeneracy.
    • Kraterocracy - Might does make right, but you're too authoritarian to my liking.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Property isn't a "right", it's a privilege for the strong!
    • Oligarchy - You could serve the needs of the strong or protect a weak elite.
    • Capitalism - I also enjoy hierarchies, but luxury eventually leads to weakness.
    • Anarcho-Nihilism - I also enjoy violence against society but hedonism and laziness makes you weak.


    • Anarcho-Pacifism - If you're too cowardly to fight for your freedom you deserve to be oppresed!
    • Communalism - The literal worshiping of victimhood.
    • Democracy - Oppresion by the weak, what a hellish system.
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - Authoritarian that wishes to assimilate the strong into the weak.

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