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    Note that this is a retired self-insert. Angrybirdstd has moved on.

    Afunhumaninterism is the former ideology of Afunhumaninter. It is a free market laissez-faire capitalist ideology that is always accused of being paleocon. Unlike Systemism, Afunhumaninterism accurately represents AFI's political views; Systemism is a good approximation.

    This ideology has been abandoned, as AFI's politics are changing.


    Many of the ideas below are very similar to those of Systemism.


    Unlike Neorebelism, AFIsm is not against centrists, even though he strongly opposes abortion legalization because it is a violation of the NAP. He wants the overturning of Roe v. Wade to be quick and thorough against Abortionism. He still recognizes centrists as centrists and not terrorists.


    Unlike Technocratic Social Democracy, AFIsm desires laissez-faire capitalism with very little regulation. He is a supporter of Austrian school economics and Chicago school economics. He sympathizes in part with anarcho-capitalism and Hoppeanism.

    - -

    Unlike Rebelism, AFIsm supports minimal -. He strongly opposes COPPA because it is used to hinder children from free speech. He sympathizes with mainstream -|-. He barely supports age of consent and voting age. He thinks that legal age of contract is a trash idea and that legally binding contract ages should be determined by the other party in the contract.


    Afunhumaninterism identifies with the libertarian right quadrant of the political compass. He is often bashed as a paleoconservative (Authright, mind you) by Overbism.


    AFIsm is a laissez-fairist capitalist. He avidly supports fracking and many procedures that environmentalists hate. He supports the right to own a fur coat, eat veal, and perform scientific experiments on animals.

    Substance Use

    AFIsm is a supporter for slightly regulated substance use, like that you can't take drugs when your pregnant because that could induce abortion. He also believes that it is wrong to get high & drive at the same time. Unlike his accused father, AFIsm is optimistic when it comes to people following drug laws. He thinks that 90% of drugs should be legalized for recreational use. He has a voluntary position on vaccines.

    1999 Columbine shootout

    AFIsm opposes the idea that video games are a major cause of violence. He believes that the psychopathy and neo-Nazism of the two were the reason and a fascination with Hitler, only partially inspired by the games. He thinks all games should be legal.

    Sex and Pornography

    AFIsm has a quasi-libertarian stance on porn and sex. He believes that only 75% of porn should be legal. In the matters of sex, he respects the bodily autonomy of any two consenting individuals in the privacy of their own homes. He also thinks that having sex in a locked bathroom is okay. He only opposes open sex. He is a bit more lax on obscenity than Rebelism and Neorebelism, but not to the point where it's okay to go out into a metropolis completely nude.


    AFIsm supports a constitutional republic like the United States. He wants to preserve the Electoral College and overthrow NPV. He thinks that gerontocracy is stupid.

    Accusations against AFI

    AFIsm has been bashed with many labels, such as "retarded", "paleocon", and "naztrad". He has been critisized as a "hardcore conservative", even though he is not because he supports prostitution and substance legalization, two thing a real "hardcore conservative" would abhor.

    PCB-Anarchy Relations

    AFIsm is close to other rightists on the wiki. He is targeted mostly by AlternativeHuman93. He is also a target for SajZeal because AFI is known to post content that SZ considers false. SZ likes to make huge comments full of the truth stuff the mainstream media wants you to believe. He has bashed his opponents as Marxist.

    Systemism vs. AFIsm

    • Systemism is more anti--|- than AFI.
    • Systemism is more progressive. Slightly, even if Sapply says AFI is culturally center.
    • Systemism is somewhat more libertarian. AFI is always near the center of the civic axis of the 8values test.
    • AFIsm sympathizes with certain AuthRight ideologies that Systemism doesn't.
    • Systemism is very slightly more right-wing than AFIsm.
    • Systemism is more hippie than AFI.
    • AFI would advocate for very slightly stricter pornography laws than Systemism.
    • Since AFIsm is AFI's ideology at all times, it always changes. Systemism changes less often.
    • AFI has a slightly stronger Judeo-Christian backbone than Systemism.
    • AFIsm, as an ideology, is weirder than Systemism.
    • Systemism is more resistant to the idea that "video games cause violence" than AFI. They have similar opinions on the Columbine shooting.
    • Systemism is more industrialist than AFI. They are both moderately anthropocentrist.
    • AFIsm is a slightly stronger Trump supporter than Systemism.
    • AFIsm is slightly more likely to hide his true colors on political tests.
    • AFIsm is slightly more soft on crime than Systemism.

    Prominent Similarities

    • Strong opposition to abortion
    • Mild proponent of the death penalty
    • Just about everything else because AFI came up with the idea of the "System" while playing with a more statist father.

    How to draw

    File:Flag of Afunhumaninterism.png
    Flag of Afunhumaninterism





    • Christian Theocracy - I will welcome your values. Freely! But just please, don't force everyone to believe in Christianity, okay?
    • Islamic Theocracy - I'll tolerate Islam, although I do not believe in Sharia or the Qu' ran.
    • Second-Lifism - Screw off, orwellian -! But the adults, freedom.
    • Christian Conservatism - I love your values. Abortion is murder. I agree on that. But I prefer a laissez-faire economy and more of a 'live and let live" stance on sex inside of the home.
    • Right-Wing SJW - Such a racist and an authoritarian. Loves patriarchy and traditional marriage though.
    • Left-Wing National Conservatism - A porn and degeneracy hater. Good. But you're a socialist while you at it!
    • Jorgensenism - Prostitution is just sex combined with capitalism. Here's a question: Which one are you against? We're for both! Stop hating Trump!
    • Neorebelism - I see you love to hate prostitution and porn! You're economics are not the absolute best, but not as bad as the socialist Keynesian Sajadism and the Maoist Social Liberal creepy uncle Joe! Also, a cringe envirocommie.
    • Rebelism - All you do is tell everyone that free love is degenerate. It is. You want to jail prostitutes and ruin kids' times playing Fortnite. At least you can prevent communism from taking over countries!
    • File:Rightoverb.png Right-Overbism - Close Rothbardian and free market libertarian! But you're a stupid land commie, mind ya.
    • Putinism - Happy you are a friend to Trump and the free market! But stop being in such hatred of LGBT pride.
    • Cyberpunk 77ism - You're very popular now. I see that Fandom is exploding over Cyberpunk 2077 characters. The thing is, I'm not woriied about the little children getting their hands on the game, I'm worried about the rallies reactionaries have. But stop being overly degenerate!
    • Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism - Ultra based, but you're not into economic unity. I don't like progressivism or globalism. I would prefer you over Left-Wing National Conservatism.
    • Denatian Model - I love some hoppeanism here and there, but you're a LAND COMMIE!
    • Jed-Pilled Thought - I see that you love some traditionalist values, but the economics of distributism are to be compared to KEYNESIANISM!!!!
    • Inkysoc - I really abhor anarcho-communism, but I think the only good thing about you is that you are always someone to talk to on the discord.
    • Hoppeanism - I really like anarcho-capitalism in society, but you mean, housing companies kicking you out just because you watched porn in private?! (If that is in the contract, that's okay)
    • File:Unibert.png Universal Libertarianism - I love the idea of children's liberty, but you mean selling crack to children?! Radical!
    • Libertarian Party USA - Sounds like a based concept, but you advocate for open sex and fetus genocide! Name sounds good, BUT I GUESS I'm sticking to supporting the GOP.
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - I do have a great overlap with your economics policy, and you probably don't mind a helicopter. I am not a transhumanist, but you hate free speech and are overly obsessed with anime.


    • Ylvisåkerism - What the?! Another communist?! Unions go bye bye!
    • Abortionism - Evil Marxist! You need to go! OVERTURN ROE V. WADE!
    • Bidenism - You, are a communist! You're a racist and a fraud king!
    • - - - Parents deserve basic honor! Everything else is under the NAP!
    • The entire authleft - Communism! YOU ALL NEED TO FALL INTO THE TRAP YOU SET UP FOR YOURSELF!!!!
    • Ethnic Welfarism - I see you're such a COMMUNIST! Get away from me, you filthy identitarian Leninist!
    • SajZeal Model - You are a socialist "welfarist" and a semi-technocrat. Two BIG EVILS SMASHED INTO ONE.
    • Overbism - COMMIE!!!! You ALWAYS CALL ME A PALEO!!! I'm no retard!
    • Medieval Abortionism - Your practices are no better than your daughter! Marxist-Leninist-Murderer!
    • Edwinism - You are the bane of everyone's existence! You're worse than Overbism though I don't talk about you much.
    • Left-Wing National Traditionalism - All you do is gas homosexuals and attack capitalism! Such a commie!
    • State Atheism - Oh, a Marxist! Don't outlaw Bible reading!!!!
    • Airisuism - Dirty Antifa commie. All you and SorcerersilasGC do is just attack users. We are not in an anime world, and catboys probably won't exist in the next 50 years!
    • Sexocracy - Hornyposter! All you do is make prostitution rings and have people take their beds onto the downtown streets for sex!
    • Funkism - You're a s*cial democrat and a envirocommie! You're libertarianism is not enough! You're a cultural leftist, for crying out loud.
    • Buddhist Anarcho-Utopian Market Socialism - What the?!
    • Nullism - WTH?! Ideology with a zillion clones; happy they were all moved.
    • Plenderplarism - WTH
    • PlenderAirisuism - I can't believe how cursed this is. Off-compass dictatorship with a fetish for catboys; I hope you go to Mexico and can't come past the wall.


    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it in dark. (#191923)
    3. Draw a big X in neon cyan. (#01ddfe)
    4. Draw the outline of a torch in yellow. (#fffe17)
    5. Draw a flame coming from the torch in orange. (#ff8a02)
    6. Draw the eyes.

    Test Results

    • My RWA score is 51% (101). (25 December, 2020 @ 13:42)



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