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    AfunMetbolFloppaism, backronym for Neo-Afunhumaninterist Metbolist JoeyFloppaism, is an ideology that believes that securing a nationalist minarchy based off of traditional values, making America "Great Again", fighting against deviance, and freeing the people from unnecessary bureaucracy and control will revitalize America. He also believes in the abolition of certain unreasonable PCB-Adultism-DiscrimValues.png adultisms. It is an economically far right, civically moderate (leaning very slightly into the libright), and culturally conservative ideology.

    How to Draw

    AfunMetbolFloppean flag.png
    1. Draw a ghost. It should resemble a Boo.
    2. Draw a white (#FFFFFF) Nordic cross with a black outline.
    3. Draw a thick black (#202020) line cross-section going up and though the Nordic cross.
    4. Fill the top-left and the bottom-right quadrant yellow (#FFED35).
    5. Fill the top-right and the bottom-left quadrant maroon (#450E0E).
    6. Draw the Hayek coat of arms in the top-left quadrant using grey (#D8D2D5) and blue (#007ED0).
    7. Draw a red (#DA0B0D) heraldic cat on both blue quadrants of it.
    8. Add the eyes.
    9. (Optional) Turn the Hayek coat of arms into an eye patch.

    You're done!




    • Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism - I'm officially a split over you. You're a good economic model, but you value decadence over tradition.
    • Lwnatcon.png Left-Wing National Conservatism - I'm officially split over you. Your economics are uber cringe, but nation and tradition are for preserving and not for corrupting.
    • Airiflo.png AirisuFloppaism - Based one part and cringe the other. 50/50
    • Lex.png Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism - His economics are very based, but every other thing about you is cringe and you hardly care about economics which is even more cringe.
    • Turkey.png Turkeyism - Better than normal fascism, but fascism is still fascism.


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