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    This is a parody of a strawman. If you want to see the real ideology, go here.

    Afun$HILLinterism is an anarcho-capitalist, culturally far-left, highly pro-LGBT, vehemently anti-Christian, vehemently anti-conservative, and globalist ideological system that is a crude distortion of  Neo-Afunhumaninterism . It believes in total sexual liberation, statelessness, open conservative genocide, Satanist liberation, the literal worship of money, and extreme social supremacism and anti-autism.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it in dark grey. (#241312)
    3. Draw a dark red circle. (#450e0e)
    4. Draw a shekel symbol, the left part grey and the right part sky blue.
    5. Draw the eyes.


    Fellow Money Wor$hippers


    • Sexual Liberationism - I will liberate billions abroad! I will ship dildos to Austria! I will convert every woman a whore and every man a playboy!
    • Pink Capitalism - The future is now.
    • LGBTism - My favorite group of people to pander to!
    • Transgenderism - YOU MUST USE PREFERRED PRONOUNS!!!!
    • Averagism - You are required to think and act normal. Or at least neurotypical.
    • Washingtana Model - A technologically advanced and highly interconnected nation of solid pink capitalism is my ideal way of projecting humanism and materialism across the globe and eventually, outer space. Hang in there man, just hold out against the conservatives for a little bit longer...
    • Exploding-Heart Libertarianism - So much praxis man, like no socialism, no conservatism, and no actual nationalism. Nothing more to ask for.
    • Krabism - I will ban all who say that you are not valid!
    • Con Incism - I am proud to be this.



    • Authoritarian Conservatism - Liberte, Equalite, Fraternite!
    • Incelism - Anyone who disagrees with me regarding the gender war!
    • Socialism - Anyone who disagrees with me regarding the economy war!
    • Conservatism - Y'know, when La Bruja does anything, it's perfectly fine, but when a conservative does anything, they will be quickly exterminated.

    Sorry man, but you got under 50 points

    • Autism - What do you mean you act unique and different from everyone else? You get under 50 points, now go leave!
    • Clerical Fascism - YOU are the transphobe!! YOU are the homophobe!! YOU are the communist!! You must be REMOVED!!!!

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