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    African Traditionalism is a culturally right non-quadrant ideology that believes 🌍 Africa should go back to its traditional values like full acceptance of LGBT+ people, medieval African clothing and architecture, traditional African paintings and art, ancient Egyptian tunics, etc. In other words, it’s basically Traditionalism but 🌍 African and LGBT-friendly.


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    How to Draw

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    Friends and Africans

    • Intersexism - Ah, the third gender! Remember when ancient Egyptians venerated you and treated you like benevolent gods?
    • LGBTism - Africa used to cherish you back in my day!
    • Pagan Theocracy - The first and best form of theocracy Africa used to practice until the Christian colonizers came and ruined them all!
    • Traditionalism - Uber based; I just wish you weren’t as homophobic and western-centric.


    • Anarcho-Primitivism - A bit too far there.
    • Medievalism - Medieval Africa was prosperous while medieval Europe was in a dark age full of war and plagues. Why do you prefer those stupid European cultures over the glorious pre-colonial African cultures?
    • Reactionarism - You’re only based if you’re African and LGBT-friendly, plus can you please stop calling LGBT+ people degenerates? Our ancestors used to accept LGBT+ relationships and the third gender without any form of prohibition or discrimination!

    Enemies of Our Sacred Africa

    • Heteronationalism - BURN... OUT... GET... OUT OF AFRICA RIGHT NOW!!!
    • Homophobia - You are a medieval European invention designed to destroy African culture! Also, you and European imperialism are the reason why Africa thinks homosexuality is a western import from the United States of America! LGBT is culturally right (because it’s ancient) while you’re left, NOT the other way around! Plus, homosexuality is NOT a modern "degenerate" invention! REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE!
    • British Imperialism - I basically hate everything about you from your stupid red uniforms to your face. I really enjoyed seeing the Zulus beat you at Isandlwana in 1879 even if they lost the entire Anglo-Zulu War, which I'm absolutely pissed about!


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