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    AffirConservatism, shortened into AffirCon, or also knows as Affirmative Conservatism, is a center-left economically and center-right culturally and regulationism, interventionist, progressivism and a statist ideology.

    Affircon believes in regulated capitalism with free-market politics. Affircon separates themselves from Neoconservatism and Progressivism.

    On the Left, the term "Affircon" is occasionally thrown around for Regulationism, and Moderate Progressivism, the one which is the is the belief that the state should intervene within an established economic system to further a certain cause. These regulations can vary a lot and go from tax, import tariffs, zoning laws, labor laws, also extending to monetary policies such as the central bank controlling interest rates, etc and the second one which is an ideology which supports social reform and change but emphasizes the necessity of progress to occur through conservative thinking and policies, believing that instant change can be damaging to society so progress must occur in a way that fits the nation's political and social traditions. This belief is often combined with the idea of a limited and obligatory government that only steps in when necessary.

    On the Right, the term "Affircon" is used for the supposed ” liberalism” of Neoconservatism doctrine during the '60s popularized by Henry M. Jackson to now. This ideology in this sense is a rather anti-anarchist passion for policies and direct action against anarchist ideologies, as well as the ability to work with anyone on the economic and cultural spectrum. The moderate Conservatism seeks to maintain the social order and his country's traditional values and seeks a strong military. They are capitalistic but is fond of protectionism and heavy military spending. He seeks to preserve a range of institutions including religion, parliamentary government, and property rights, to emphasize social stability and continuity.


    AffirCon will act a bit of a "Ben Shapiro" type as compared to other Centristballs, he is generally quite passive towards NATO but extremely abrasive towards "leftist extremists" and internet activism. He cares for moderate equality and equal rights but not for terrorists. Everything he does has to opposed ignorance. He only truly gets along well with its fellow right-wingers and open-minded people, and even then has disagreements come up about how some of the Democratic party have "extreme" people, although they are statist at the same time.

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