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    AfDism is an economically and culturally right-wing, generally democratic, Eurosceptic and anti-immigration ideology, primarily based on the party program of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in Germany.


    In early 2013, the AfD emerged as a minor Eurosceptic, national liberal political party. Early on, it advocated for fiscally conservative and nationalistic policies, such as ending bailouts for economically weak EU states such as Greece, opposition to further European integration, scepticism towards the Euro currency, anti-immigration laws, along with some culturally conservative positions, such as opposition to same-sex marriage.

    Not too long after, the party's two primary factions started to diverge from one another, namely the economic liberal faction, concerned more with fiscal policy and business interests, and the national conservative, hardline Eurosceptic faction. This led to to an internal struggle between the two parties, one that the economic liberals would end up losing. The struggle concluded with the founder of the party, Bernd Lucke, deciding to leave the party.

    The AfD rose to prominence during the 2015 refugee crisis, partly due to Angela Merkel's controversial decision to open the gates for more than 1 million refugees, mostly from the Middle East. This led to its popularity among disgruntled lower to middle class Germans, especially in the East, to skyrocket like never before. Two years later, the AfD secured about 13% of secondary votes during the federal election, and thus gained its first ever spots in the Bundestag.



    The AfD supports deregulation of the economy, ease of doing business, massive tax cuts and reducing bureaucracy. Often has it portrayed itself as sceptical towards trade unions, social programs and even protectionism. It also seeks to reduce public debt.


    The AfD is characterised by their calls for nativism, less lenient citizenship path, stricter assimilation programs and closed borders as part of their plan to leave the Schengen agreement. They strongly oppose multiculturalism and oppose building any new minarets or mosques in Germany. They support outlawing Islamic prayer calls in the morning in larger cities, as well as banning the burqa. Furthermore, it holds culturally conservative stances, upholding the notion that Germany is an inherently Christian nation. Instead of same-sex marriage, they support civil unions for LGBT individuals, and have also positioned themselves against feminism and affirmative action. The AfD openly denies man-made climate change.

    Foreign Policy

    The AfD features both soft Eurosceptic and hard Eurosceptic factions within itself, with the former calling for less centralisation of the European Parliament, retreat from the Schengen aera and a return to a national currency, and the latter calling for leaving the European Union as a whole.
    They also take a pro-NATO, pro-US and pro-Israel stance on geopolitics, but a mixed stance on Russian influence. Among all major German political parties, it is the most hostile towards the idea of sending tanks to Ukraine.


    Tends to act like a typical German right-wing populist, calling anything that doesn't fit his agenda "fake news" ("Lügenpresse"), loving Germany dearly, hating foreigners that don't assimilate into his culture, particularly from Islamic nations, and engaging in conspiracies.





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