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    Aerinism is the ideology of AerinWood1. It is a LibLeft ideology that advocates for an institution to be erected under capitalist states. This institution would buy all the businesses in a given area, city by city, democratizing and decommodifying them. The organization would also create a place for councils of different STEAM subjects composed of people with college degrees in each field to decide what gets taught in schools; similarly, there are councils for religions as well. It would also erect a military where the soldiers vote for their higher-in-commands. When the state inevitably tries to cripple this communist society with violence, the Aerinist society's military will overthrow the government.



    Aerinism advocates for collective ownership of the workplace. This is in order to insure that there is no authoritarian power being forced upon the workers. She also advocates for decommodification of the economy. This is done to prevent the people from being forced to work by their environment, as well as cripple a massive oppressor.


    Aerinism also advocates for anti-regulationism because she doesn't like being told what to do.



    Freedom is very nice.





    Aerinism believes in equality between genders. This expands to fighting for the right to abortion and against systemic sexism. She also fights against societal trends that cause men to have issues, such the expectation of total emotional stoicism.


    Aerinism believes humans are not inherently better than other animals, thus making the hierarchy of humans over animals an unjustifiable hierarchy.

    Children's Rights

    Aerinism advocates that children have freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

    Philosophical positions


    Aerinism believes all humans are motivated by self interest. She also believes it is only rational to act in self interest.


    Aerinism doesn't believe meaning exists.

    Religious positions


    Best friends

    Eyzkaism - Best friend! We just disagree economically!

    Socialism with Kateriman Charectoristics - My brother who is definitely not a vampire

    - τὸ γεγεννημένον ἐκ τῆς σαρκὸς σάρξ ἐστιν, καὶ τὸ γεγεννημένον ἐκ τοῦ Πνεύματος πνεῦμά ἐστιν.

    Blartism - you and i agree on many things and im now your mom too

    NeoBlartf.png Neo-Blartism - you have changed but you are still my child

    Rechtewig- better than the rest (:

    Anarcho-Piism-thanks for the drawing (:

    Slavreichism - you my friend are fairly based

    AaronSH.png Aaronism - ha ive sent you my thigh pics

    Edwinism - I am FORCING you to be my freind.

    File:Capacitationism2.png Capacitationism - id like to think we are good freinds


    Anarcho-Collectivism-collectivism is cool

    Anarcho-Syndicalism-be careful getting close to statism there.

    Anarcho-Communism - based

    Infinite Anarcho-Communism-we should share

    Bookchin's Communalism- ecological protection is paramount to create a good world for future generations.

    Anarcho-Distributism- a distributist community could be benifical

    Mutualism- if you want markets i'll give you markets

    buddist mutualism - very cool, i like it a lot.

    Anarcho-Freindship - my true ideology

    Anarcho-Capitalism- I see were you are coming from

    Anarcho-Primitivism- nobody should be forced to put up with modern medicine if they don't want too

    Agrarian Anarchism- eating healthily is good

    pan-left anarchism - I love you

    Pan-Post-Left Anarchism - I love you too.

    Veganarchism - animal liberation is necessary to secure the revolution

    Eco-Anarchism- the hierarchy of humans over nature is certanly unjust

    Egoism - based

    Illegalism - lifestyleism is cool

    Ego-Communism - very based

    Anarcho-Individualism- Individual liberation is a neccesity

    Anarcho-Transhumanism- if you want robotic inhancements, you should be able get them.

    post-logism - i like it

    Anarcha-Feminism- the patriarchy is some sort of hierarchy

    Queer Anarchism - queer liberation is necessary to secure the revolution- 👍

    Anarcho-Taoism- very based

    Anarcho-Nihilism- you're fun

    Buddhist Anarchism - buddhism is true, and anarchism is epic.

    Agorism- a useful tool for tearing down the state

    Synthesis Anarchism - anarchism is cool it follows that a mixture between them would be more based.

    Zapatism-Ah yes one of the very few useful anarchist organizations.

    Libertarian Socialism-to auth

    Plamism-you're cool

    Childism - child liberation is necessary to secure the revolution

    Market Anarchism - pretty cool

    Subjectivism - Hey, your kinda cool.

    Discordianism- you're fine

    Airisuism - totally tubular

    Neo-Airisuism- epic and based like your previous form, also nice eyeliner.

    shoecialism- i created this page as a means to bully Shoe

    Tomassciism- a little bit statist but overall pretty good

    Neo-Butterism- you're very cool, and an artist who does work for free this makes me believe you're nice and i respect that. (:

    Agora-Butterism - maybe a little right wing, but still cool.

    Femboy Syndicalism- i want this to happen, it is the most epic and cool thing by far.

    YugoslavPartisanism- very cool, don't much like guns but cool anyway.

    Neo-YugoslavPartisanism - still doesnt like guns, and more authoritarian. but you're still nice

    Spadist Libertarian Noocracy- libertarianism AND noocracy, this is very cool

    potashism - pretty epic

    Rutabagism- rutabegas are a very popular vegtable

    TransJuche - Anarcho juche is kinda cool.

    Neo-Polfaxism - based and visuabley appealling pilled

    Break Mutualism - this is litterally true

    Oofitism - i think im better than you

    Ego post humanism - why are you so based

    Bingoism - Jesus is a chicken, God is a turkey, and the Holy Spirit is a dove. it litterally checks out.

    Sabkvism - wow based, you seem nice.(:

    Bsaheedism - very cool

    synthesis right minarchism - agrees i did nothing wrong and is a libertarian.

    Anarcho-Altruism - you're so loveing, i like you.

    Aeirin-Bingoism - i feel like im going to have a seizure everytime i look at you.

    Aeirinist Aaronism - he is closer to his dad, but i still love him ^^

    Aerin-PolFaxism - hi my son, whats going on today.

    Consielist Aerinism - this is actually epic.

    Ruta-Aerinism - i dont know you but you are based.

    Milk Rice Cake-ism - i want to eat them but i stave off the temptation.

    Queer Market Anarchism - epic Hilda pfp

    Catism - cute, i want to pet.

    The Hot Squad- hot

    Left-Meta-Anarchism- that is ok

    Meta-Anarchism - very good idea people should be able to choose the system they live in

    Egoistic Altruism- i agree

    Anarcho-Jazzism- jazz is a spook, but i'll work with you.

    communalism- SHARE!

    Demonism- you seem fine


    Empathism- i like that you care.

    Ego-Communalism- you're ok

    soulism-T R A N C E N D

    Pacifist Soulism- violence will probably be necissary, i like your effort though

    Divinialist Extraphysicist Quantumist Soulism- True

    biblicaly acurate angelism- your eyes are like stars. there are way to fuckin many of them

    azathoth- ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn, am i right guys?

    Cogitatism- the most based thing

    omni free- fine destroy all constants. see if i care.

    omni hive- as long as it's consentual, i've no quarel with you.

    omni faith- if i could make atoms religious i would.

    omni-06 - i want this to happen


    Panarchism- based although maybe people should have to move to atleast the next city over.

    National Libertarian Socialism-Libertarian Socialism is cool. Nationalism is not.

    Kingism-I'm gonna be honest, i'm not quite sure what you're about.

    Fjordism-go further left and get less primitivist, and we'll be good.

    Liberal Socialism- I see where you are coming from.

    Green Libertarian- i respect the invironmentalism

    Dysnomianism- bargain bin thelema + anarchy

    Immorxism - statist but otherwise not much of a goofball

    Anti-Deathism- i think people should be allowed to die if they want to, but i also think we should let people live as long as they want.

    Davism- can you tell me more about the time jesus said "fuck"

    Plenderplarism- i'm not gonna say it

    Neo-Plenderplarism - please guys, I dont wanna say it.

    Polfaxism - cool

    scarletism - authlefts, liblefts, and librights should band together to take down authright, nobody likes them.

    Neo-Scarletism - a little worse but overall still epic

    Anarcho-Antinatalism - do you not want there to be anyone to enjoy our utopia

    Dylinism - im not a big fan of dairy, but you have some based people in freinds.

    National Social Liberalism - there is a lot to get in to here but i like some of your ideas

    Conservative Socialism Nationalism - ok like the one above but better

    Neo-Bingoism - become an anarcho-monarchist and you would be based.

    avaritionism- unspooked doufus

    hive mind collectivism-collectivist doufus


    Juche- more like jugay, am I right guys.

    Stalinism- not cool dude

    National Capitalism- it's not for me

    subgenius- kinda gay

    The C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y.- fucking goofy

    neo-Afunhumaninterism - he is a goofball but he is nice to me, so i like him.

    Hydra'ism- you goofball, yeshua was a jew. how are you supposed to be doing that.

    F.I.A.T. - please mom come pick me up im scared.

    Waffleofthefutureism - first off stop making fun of my freinds, secondly be careful the devil doesn't have to get people sent to hell if it already exists on the earth.

    LogicalGreyism - not a fan of the torture, authoritarianism, and force gaying people

    ingsoc- doufus!

    social darwinism- doufus!

    Chaosism-not a big fan of chaos to be honest.

    Cute Communalism-you disturb me

    kraterocracy-super doufus

    khorne- not a fan of murder.

    omni force- god is dead

    omni sin-a bit overKILL. its funny because it advocates for a large amount of murder.

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