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    Adventist Theocracy, also known as Seventh-day Adventist Theocracy, is an offshoot of Protestant Theocracy that emphasizes the sanctity of Saturday "the Sabbath" as the appropriate day or worship and the second coming of Jesus. It is a product of the teachings of a Baptist preacher William Miller who lived and taught about the Second Coming in the mid-1840s, around the time of the Second Great Awakening.

    Adventism started out when William Miller made a prophecy that Jesus would come to Earth in the year 1844. When this did not happen, many people gave up on Adventism. Those who stayed faithful to Adventism purported that Jesus had only come "spiritually" and not physically.

    The largest branch of Adventism today is Seventh-day Adventism (I'll refer to this as Adventism from now on), which was founded by Joseph Bates, James White, Ellen G. White, and J. N. Andrews in the year 1863. This branch of Adventism places emphasis on the sanctity of Saturday (the Sabbath) as the day of worship. Adventists also support vegetarianism and believe that Ellen G. White is a true prophet. Most Adventists do not support the notion of eternal torment, but believe in a form of soul sleep where the wicked will face annihilation after the resurrection of the dead. Adventism also supports the sanctuary theology, stating that many aspects of the Hebrew sanctuary are parallels of the sanctuary in heaven.

    Adventism also opposes the conventional notions of an old earth and evolution. It also tends to hold rather socially conservative views on dress and entertainment, forbidding the use of jewelry by women. It also tends to hold more socially right-wing views, such as heterosexual-only marriage and anti-abortion.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Break the ball's design into four quadrants.
    3. Make the bottom left and top right quadrants blue. (#25449f)
    4. Make the remaining two quadrants white.
    5. Draw a fully open book in blue. (#0061cf)
    6. Etch out a cross in the middle of that book.
    7. Draw a golden gust of wind immediately above the right side of the opened book. (#e2ab12) Make sure it points at the bottom-left and top-right corners of the design.
    8. Draw another golden gust of wind above the left side of the opened book. Leave some distance between this gust and the book. Make sure it points at the bottom-left and top-right corners of the design.
    9. Draw the eyes.





    • Liberalism - Western degeneracy is the great evil in society...
    • Catholic Theocracy - ...and Sunday worship is a part of it. You are agents of evil who promote systematically breaking Commandment 4 and trying to eliminate the Sabbath. May God have mercy on your souls.
    • Horrorism - This ain't real. Not yet.
    • Progressivism and LGBTism - Lev. 18:12 Lev. 20:13 You aren't really marrying, you're just uniting unbiblically.
    • Anti-Environmentalism - Go vegetarian.
    • Sexocracy - C H A S T I T Y
    • Abortionism - I genuinely wonder how people murder the unborn like this...
    • Cambrianism - Go pick up a Bible and actually read it.
    • Systemism - The Rebels broke off from you because you were not following the Bible closely enough!
    • Feminism (specifically 2nd wave and later) - I don't believe you should have free expression.


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