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    Adultism is an ideology that seeks to subdue minors under the adult population. It is already prevalent in society today. It is defined as "the power adults have over children". The term "-" was coined in 1903. Older forms of - still existed way before then, so therefore - is older than 1903.


    He always likes to do things like advise human parents on how to be strict.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a dark grey ball (#1d1d1d).
    • Draw a light grey circle in the middle (#e0e0e0).
    • Draw a number inside of the circle of the same color. The number must be "18+".
    • Draw a dark red sword (optional) (#290202).
    • Draw a dark red belt around the ball at a 45 degree angle with a slope of 1 (#2b0202).
    • Draw the eyes and you're done!




    • Abortionism - Don't allow teens to abort without parental consent
    • Coressionism - You like swearing with adults, but why do you allow kids to swear without them getting jailed and getting them into trouble?


    • Childism - Children and adults are not equal, understand?
    • Pink Capitalism - Stop selling alcohol to minors!
    • Fordism - Degenerate!
    • - - Absolute opposite! What are you doing belittling the adult population? They're more experienced, right!?

    Presence and Forms

    - is the most common form of -. Like everywhere, there will be something that says you have to be 18 to do it or enter. - impacts

    • Video games with strong content
    • Curfews
    • Movies with strong content
    • TV shows with strong content
    • nsfw
    • Legal contracts
    • Elections and voting
    • Video games in other areas
    • Smoking
    • General -
    • Labor market
    • Credit cards
    • Drugs
    • Marijuana
    • Parental rights
    • Power of consent
    • Power of money
    • Gambling
    • Judicial system
    • Alcohol
    • Bars
    • Autonomy
    • Modern stereotypes
    • Website ToS (like Md5hashing.net is an - website)
    • Arts with strong content (especially on the Internet)
    • Musics with strong language
    • PCB

    Expanded -

    Expanded - is a different form of -. It is a 21+ equivalent of regular - that only benchmarks age 18. It is a stronger and slightly less common form of -. To draw Expanded -, just replace the number in -'s design with the number 21. It impacts the substance-based targets of -. In the United States, one is required to be 21 to smoke.

    Further Information


    • -|-




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