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    Adriaugism is the ideology of reddit user Adriaugu .

    Adriaugism is an economically far left , socially progressive ideology that advocates for, the division of society into communes , and a governmental that operates as forum for communes. It emphasizes the importance of creating a world federation and strongly focuses on advancing humanity's exploration of the cosmos. It is a combination of world federalism , anarcho-communism and mix of other ideologies .

    People­ work not for money, but for recognition and personal fulfillme­nt (because society will be stateless, and classless). In this system your hobby is your job . This approach will boost innovation and collaboration, as collective­ progress becomes more­ important than profit. Adriaugism also strongly emphasizes on social equality and justice­ , supporting policies that promote inclusivity and look after overlooked communities. Through the­se principles, I envision a future­ where human potential is unle­ashed and society achieve­s harmony, both on Earth and beyond .


    The State and The Government

    I believe that a state should guarantee fundamental human rights and promote social justice , ensuring that every individual has access to basic necessities (like housing, access to the electricity and food etc). At the same time, I embrace libertarian principles by protecting personal freedoms and limiting state control beyond economy . State (World Federation) should also grant high degree of autonomy to former countries.

    "There is no salvation for humanity, other than creating World Federation" Albert Einstein

    I think we need World Federation because to address global problems - we need global solutions. Firstly, World Federation (or I'll use just U.N.E for short) will offer a pathway to eradicate poverty and all nationalistic wars . By uniting nations under a single governing body (before transitioning into anarcho-communist society ), the potential for armed conflict is greatly reduced or just non-existed, this will pave the way for a more peaceful and secure world .

    Also a U.N.E will provide the instruments needed to effectively tackle social inequality, and climate change on a global scale. Through coordinated efforts and resource allocation, nations can pool their resources and expertise to help the disadvantaged, and promote social justice.

    By working together as one species , humanity can harness its collective ingenuity and resources to confront shared challenges and pursue common goals. A world federation will foster a sense of global solidarity, transcending national boundaries and divisions in pursuit of the greater good for all.

    Additionally, the establishment of a world federation will offer the opportunity to completely reshape the current global economic system. By moving away from capitalism and towards moneyless and stateless society

    the world federation can address systemic issues of wealth inequality, exploitation, and environmental degradation , ensuring that economic prosperity is shared equitably among all nations and peoples.

    Regarding how such world government would function I have few ideas.

    1. Society is divided into communes.
    2. I believe, U.N.E should combine elements of decentralized government and participatory democracy with principles of direct action and mutual aid . I believe such world federation should be rather decentralized with power distributed among local councils, communes, and assemblies. These grassroots institutions (like in Rojava) should be organized at the neighborhood, village, and city levels, allowing communities to govern themselves autonomously. So no, when I'm talking about possibility of world uniting into one big country, I don't imagine totalitarian dictatorship , but rather a decentralized country that is more of a union between countries. The role of world government is to ensure well-being of every human on Earth, and to ensure the end to the nationalistic wars .
    3. Key sectors such as healthcare should be publicly owned .

    So yeah, the creation of a U.N.E is necessary in building a more peaceful, and just a better world for current and future generations. It offers a pathway towards collective action, global solidarity, and a shared vision of a brighter future for humanity .


    I believe that key sectors such as factories and the energy industry should be publicly owned to prevent exploitation and promote equitable distribution of resources .

    Worker-owne­d businesses are e­ncouraged, as this helps people­ feel like the­y own a part of the company. This promotes economic de­mocracy. I also believe in fairly distributing we­alth, with measures to preve­nt too much capital from accumulating in the hands of a few. The goal is to e­nsure resources are­ distributed equitably to support the we­ll-being of all citizens. By impleme­nting these initiatives, I aim to cre­ate an economy that prioritizes the­ needs of the pe­ople and fosters a more just and e­quitable society, and a economy where humanity is more important than profit..

    Culture and Traditions

    I believe that celebrating and respecting cultural diversity is important. At the same time, I think promoting secularism as a foundation for societal unity is crucial. We should encourage people to focus on our shared human culture , emphasizing peace and cooperation while allowing diverse cultural identities to be preserved. I imagine a world federation that's like a melting pot, where people from different backgrounds come together to create a shared human civilization, just like in modern America . This approach can foster understanding and unity among diverse peoples, while respecting the autonomy and heritage of each culture .


    My ideology is founded upon the belief in a shared human destiny that extends beyond the confines of our cradle . I dream about a future where humanity goes into the stars as one united species. Many of my ideals are rooted in humanism and cosmopolitanism , emphasizing worth of every individual while embracing a global perspective that extends beyond borders.

    At its core, Adriaugism upholds principles of naturalism, secularism, and a belief in the power of science to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

    U̶N̶I̶T̶E̶ ̶H̶U̶M̶A̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ ̶T̶O̶ ̶C̶O̶N̶Q̶U̶E̶R̶ ̶E̶N̶T̶I̶R̶E̶ ̶U̶N̶I̶V̶E̶R̶S̶E̶ ̶A̶N̶D̶ ̶B̶E̶C̶O̶M̶E̶ ̶G̶O̶D̶S̶

    I believe humanity's achievements and history have been awe-inspiring. From ancient civilizations to modern advancements, I recognize this remarkable journey and believe that the time has come for humanity to unite in pursuit of our common goal: to explore, discover, and thrive together in the vast cosmos.

    "The World is my country, humanity is my family, and to do good is my religion." Thomas Paine

    My Personal Philosophies that are not tied to the ideology

    Regarding free will - I just simply don't believe in it . I believe that our sense of self and free will are constructs of our minds rather than absolute facts. Through scientific experiments, we come to realize that our actions are almost always predetermined by our biology. I believe that every consciousness being is a part of the universe itself . Even though the universe lacks inherent meaning or clear morality, we can create our own meanings and pursue truth through scientific exploration .

    I believe that e­verything in existence­ can be understood through scientific principle­s and logical reasoning . I completely reject any supe­rnatural explanations for natural occurrences.

    Regarding Fermi Paradox I believe in Grabby Aliens solution, and that we're maybe not the first, but one of the first civilizations in the universe .

    Why wasting money on space in the first place?

    Investing in space exploration is not just a luxury, but a strategic necessity with real benefits for humanity. First, space research leads to technological breakthroughs that have practical uses on Earth, like solar panels and agricultural advancements. These innovations don't just improve our lives, but also help address global challenges.

    Also it's important to note that we're barely even spending money on space exploration, but still organizations like NASA has achieved remarkable feats, with just a fraction of the national budget. This demonstrates the efficiency and potential for significant returns in the space sector. Furthermore, investing in space is crucial for protecting our planet . As the famous quote goes,

    "Earth is our cradle, but no cradle lasts forever." Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

    Expanding our presence beyond Earth helps mitigate extinction risks and ensures the long-term survival of humanity. Additionally, the exploration of space can lead to new resources and opportunities that benefit life on our home planet.

    Once we'll leave Earth we'll have chance to turn our planet into a protected haven , preserving its natural resources and wildlife for the future. Also we need to go to space, just BECAUSE WE CAN  ! As humans, we are driven by curiosity and the urge to explore, and venturing into the cosmos represents the spirit of discovery and innovation that defines our species.


    Everything is simple. More Solar, Wind, more green cities but also more Nuclear . I also want to invest in future by investing into Fusion, Tidal Energy etc. We should prioritize the construction of eco-friendly infrastructure projects. This will help cut carbon emissions and prepare us better for climate change effects. We should of course expand AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE renewable energy, and public transit. I believe that investing heavily in gree­n technologies is crucial for combating climate change­ in a long term. Governments must allocate­ funds for researching, deve­loping, and deploying cle­an energy solutions like thorium nuclear reactors, SMRS, More efficient solar panels, nuclear fusion etc.

    We should also pass more laws that make it ille­gal to produce and sell new die­sel cars and trucks. This will encourage pe­ople to switch to electric or hydroge­n-powered vehicle­s instead. We should create strong rule­s for how much vehicles can pollute (just like EU did ). Offe­r money incentives to he­lp people buy zero-e­mission vehicles like tax bre­aks, discounts etc, and funding to help pay for electric ve­hicles and charging stations . Governments can give­ tax credits to cut costs when buying an EV . Rebate­s or cash back can also make EVs more affordable. Subsidie­s from the government lowe­r prices to purchase EVs and install home charge­rs or public charging stations.

    Cities should focus on gree­ner planning . This means adding more parks, garde­ns, and trees. Rooftop gardens and urban farms he­lp too. Cities need to inve­st in sustainable transportation options. This includes bike lane­s, walking paths, and electric buses and trains. Planne­rs should design communities with homes, store­s, and jobs close together. This re­duces the nee­d for cars. Having everything nearby make­s it easy to walk or bike.

    Also one last thing - I believe we could end climate change tomorrow, if we just nationalized fossil fuel companies . S̶o̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶h̶,̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶I̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶I̶ ̶w̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶d̶e̶f̶i̶n̶i̶t̶e̶l̶y̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶..

    People that influenced me the most:

    • Garry Davis (1921-2013) - I honestly think it was brave of you to renounce your US passport and be stateless for most of your life.
    • Kurzgesagt (????) - (not exactly a person, but yes)
    • Salvador Allende (1908- 1973) - I think if not the coup, you had a chance of becoming one of the best socialist leaders in the history.
    • Albert Einstein (1987-1955) - your article/book "Why Socialism?" influenced me a lot.


    I believe that before transitioning to anarcho-communist society, there should a strong government because without that this newly formed society will quickly be conquered and subjected by foreign powers.

    World Federation

    Organize events, campaigns, and educational initiatives to raise awareness about the benefits of global cooperation and the need for a unified governing body. Then just wait.. I believe creating World Federation and taking everyone on board will take decades or maybe even centuries. However as world becomes much more interconnected, I believe there will be a time when creating World Federation would just a matter of time. Regarding the process itself, there are many ways. In the first way, we gradually make UN stronger and more powerful up until a point when UN becomes de-facto world government . Taking veto power from major world powers //// would be first important step, and today Brazil's agenda for G20 and UN gives me hope.

    Second way would be for global democracies to unite which will foster understanding and global cooperation. When democracy will come to modern authoritarian countries, they could vote on whenever join this global democratic country. With these measures this global alliance of democracies will slowly grow into world government . But if you'll ask me personally which way do I think is more viable, I'll say both. Any form of global cooperation (like federalization of EU ) is important step towards global federation. So for now, I'll just vote for globalist politicians and educate people regarding this question.


    Everything is simple here. More research for nuclear , renewables and other technologies that would benefit humanity. If the idea could potentially improve or even save millions of lives we should give it more attention and funding

    Theory I've read



    • Galacticism - Space belongs to humanity!
    • World Federalism - Hell yeah! We are one species on one planet, let's finally unite!
    • Libertarian Socialism - Literally me
    • Envriomentalism - The fastest way to beat Climate change is for world to unite.
    • Socialism - Workers of the world unite! Fuck anti-human pro-profit nature of Capitalism!
    • Minarcho Socialism - Surprisingly Einstein had some pretty cool ideas
    • Optimistic Nihilism - There is no inherent meaning in the universe.. and that's cool!
    • Scientific Deism - Literally me and my opinion on religion
    • Anarcho-Communism - Honestly I used to oppose you (just like most people in the subreddit (thanks to snoo btw)) but now I think you have pretty cool ideas. It's a shame that Anarchist rebellion in Spain and Ukraine failed. Also decentralized economy is very cool
    • Marxism-Leninism Even though of course I oppose authoritarianism, I believe that before transitioning to anarcho-communist society there should be a strong state to support revolutions and workers all around the world, until capitalism has been destroyed everywhere


    • Social Democracy - I used to be you, but I got disappointed that you like status quo and betrayed Kiel Revolution
    • Industrialism - Don't get me wrong, I love industrial revolution and think it's one of the most important historical events that happened to humanity. But I don't like that you support fossil fuel industry and up until recently denied climate change. However, you can become based as long you will care for environment.


    • Nazism- Uhmm
    • Antinatalism - There is so much wrong in this "philosophy" that I don't know where to start
    • Neoluddism - I agree with some ideas (like that today, many people are not fulfilled with their lives - but I think it's more of a fault of capitalism than technology).
        • Ok
          • I'm even more convinced it's bullshit
    • Theocracies - Nope.
    • Anarcho Capitalism - No, never. Icelandic Commonwealth was literally a worst time and a country to be alive (ok expect Nazi Germany but at least you weren't allowed to sell your own child).


    • Humanitarian Socialism - wait.. are we literally the same?
    • PLAnarkism - You're based
    • Sundogism - I'm still trying to learn and understand your philosophy, but from what I can understand you seem to be based
    • New World Socialist Model - More authoritarian me
    • Trentoism - I think you're between based and good for me. You are very anti-capitalist and socially progressive, but it seems that your ideology is more economy-oriented and not much about how goverment functions. So yeah, you still go to friends
    • Meowxism - Even though you are very authoritarian, you are a communist and socially, technologically progressive. And you are also internationalist and environmentalist


    • Social Authoritarian Bonapartism - I have a lot of mixed opinions. You are very technologically progressive and you support worker rights and welfare state. There are many thing that I don't agree with. For example, I don't care with Authoritariansm. Regarding your culture I just don't care about preserving Traditions. Populism is great as long as it doesn't polarize the society
      • - Authoritarianism can be good for space exploration because the neo luddites will be in jail.
        • - Wait, actually this is a fair argument
    • Snooism - I agree with you on most issues, you're just explaining your ideas poorly.
    • BasedSnowFlakeism - I don't really like the idea of societal collapse but your ideas are still pretty cool and interesting.
    • Chromatism - Transhumanist? Check. Environmentalist? Check. (Well Kinda) Progressive? Check. Anti-Capitalism? No. Still you're pretty cool
    • Danielism - You're authoritarian and capitalist, but at least you like technocracy little bit democracy, and you are somewhat progressive
    • Oreoism - You don't have much information on your page, but from what I understand you support military dictatorship and you are nationalist. But at least you are socialist and welfarist so meh.
    • Leerderism - I agree with your economic policy, but you're a nationalist. I can understand why I'm myself part of ethnic minority in my country, but still I'm not a cultural nationalist. But besides that I mostly agree with you
    •  Niiloism - Very interesting ideas, I of course like anti-capitalists ideas but ethno-nationalism and neoluddism is cringe
    •  Bread and Circuses Thought - uhmm



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