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    (NOTE: If you're looking for this ideology's successor and/or predecessor, see Second Addycakesball Thought and/or Proto-Addycakesball Thought (2009-late February 2022) respectively.)

    Addycakesball Thought is an insanely absurd autocratic absolute conservative progressive nationalist monarcho-communo-eco-kakistocratic ideology that believes in LGBTQ+ acceptance, revival of tradition, minority rights, penguin hate, etc. but the most important things to it are disrespecting penguins, preserving tradition, and looking good every day.


    Being one of the most important parts of any ideology, Addycakesball Thought is bound to have its preferred aesthetics like almost every ideology in existence and Polcompball.

    Høw tü Dräh

    Its flag looks like this:

    • Draw a white ball (#FFFFFF / 255, 255, 255)
    • Draw a slightly narrow green line (#00db60 / 0, 213, 96)
    • Draw a red maple leaf on the slightly wider white half (#ff0000 / 255, 0, 0)
    • Draw a yellow (238, 244, 0) crown with red gems (#ff3333 / 255, 51, 51) (You can add shining stuff (#ffb3b3 / 255, 179, 179) if you want.)
    • Draw white eyes and you're done!


    Kewl Fwendż

    • Absolute Monarchism - The monarch should hold supweme powa over da people!!
    • Anti-Abortionism - The säviouw of the unbown who stands against äbowshen with me!!
    • File:Antiflop.png Anti-JoeyFloppaism - I wike socialism, communism and the enviwonment!!
    • Arachnism - I wike spiders and scowpions!!
    • Autocracy - Ah, we wook so good today as we make sure to put oursewves abawve all othews, especially those evow pangwins.
    • Bismarckism - We wike Pwussia, and in the gweat pangwin genocide we must bwast your music against the savages' eardwumz!!
    • Cultism - Pangwin blood for the blood god!!
    • Eco-Conservatism - We wike pwesewving the enviwonment and twadition.
    • Environmentalism - We must pwotect the enviwonment (except penguins) to pwesewve aww cuwture!!
    • 🍕 Food in general 🍉 - Om Nom Nom!
    • Gamerism - Eat, game, sleep, repeat.
    • File:Joeybuster.png Joeybusterism - Utterly based!!
    • Kakistocracy - Haha, I wike wying about pangwins too, and the way you tawk iz funny!!
    • LGBTQ+ and any other gay or non-straight ideology - Man, I wove gays and wainbow pwide fwægs!!
    • LGBTQ+ Conservatism - You can still pwesewve twædition by being gay.
    • Moderate Metbolism - A better version of your wadical father.
    • Monarcho-Socialism - Faw da monarch and da people!!
    • Nationalism - Aww countwy, nawt yours!!
    • Pagans - Wevive Pægan weligions!!!
    • Patriotism - WE WOVE CANADA!!!
    • Progressive Conservatism and Progressive Reactionarism - We must pwesewve aww twaditions and pwogwess with LGBTQ+ acceptance at the same time!!
    • Russophobia - Since 2014, Wussia has been a disgwace to Cwimea and the Ukwainian people, and Cwimea bewongs to Ukwaine!!
    • Ruralism - To be honest, I really wish I wived in a wuwal æwea!!
    • Ukraine - Слава Україні!
    • More coming soon...

    Fwenemies / Newtwal

    • Industrialism - While I hate seeing aww the beautiful enviwonment turn into disgusting mega-cities, I appweciate the incweased pwoductivity.
    • Metbolism - While I do appweciate youw æshætikz, pwease be less Pagan-phobic, homophobic and twænsphobic.
    • File:Modflop.png Moderate JoeyFloppaism - Although you're fairly cwinge, you take away some of the bad parts of your File:JoeyFloppa boo.png wadical pawent.
    • More coming soon...

    Böræng Enemies

    • Abortionism - Abowshen iz evow, pwease don't pwactice it or ewse...
    • 🐧 African penguins - EEEWWW, MAWW PANGWINZ!!! (Although I could give you another chance this time...)
    • 🐧 Antarctican penguins - Those evow sævages aw scawy, but the nöble 🐻 powar bears and awesome 🐳 kiwwer whales will pwotect us all from 🐧 pangwins!!
    • Anti-Environmentalism - I hate you for destwoying the enviwonment, but at weast you're against 🐧 pangwinz az well!!
    • Homophobia and Transphobia - Get away fwom the gays, yöu cweeps!!
    • File:JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism - Filthy cwapitawist 👻 ghost who wants to destwoy da enviwonment with wapid industwialization!!
    • Putinism - A 21st century Nazi who wants to destwoy Ukwaine!! 😡
    • Russia - Youw leader iz a mad man, pwease get a new one that supports Ukwaine and then I'll start appweciating you!
    • More coming soon...



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