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    Adaptative Socialism is the core economic system of Chaosocialism. Its logic is that the efficiency of an economic policy is relative to the scale (or the level) of the economy it is applied to. The idea is that : the bigger is the scale, the stronger the action of the state should be ; the smaller is the scale, the more free economic agents should be. It heavily relies on progressive taxation of private capital taken to the extreme.


    Local scale

    Social Libertarianism applies to the smallest businesses and self-employment. At this level there is little to no intervention of the state, and no tax on private capital as long as it is effectively used. The state can grant subsidies to help budding businesses.

    Communal scale

    Libertarian Market Socialism applies to small-sized businesses.

    Regional scale

    Council Communism applies to medium-sized businesses that are too big for efficient self-management. It also works for unions of multiple small businesses.

    General scale

    State Socialism applies to big businesses. Businesses that reach this size become state-owned businesses. Economic plans at a general scale are decided democratically (see Political System).


    Extreme progressive taxation makes it mathematically impossible for a citizen to accumulate too much private capital. Wealth necessarily ends up reaching a cap, over which anymore accumulation will be taken by the state. This shall ensure the democratic control over the capitalist class, and its eventual disappearance.


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