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    I want the freedom of the people in the economy and the freedom of the markets America came here with capitalism and I support it to continue.


    I don't want America to meddle in everything, but if this is something like the second world war, yes we will have to join for peace.


    Everyone is born free, lives free, no one can interfere with it, no human rights without freedom, no people without freedom, no government without freedom.


    Whatever progress is made, no one can do anything about it.If we don't want to be like Saudi Arabia, we need to make progress, if we still don't want to beheaded, we need to make progress.

    LGBTQ Rights

    Everyone is born free, lives free, no one can interfere with this, as long as there are not children or animals who want, fuck what they want.

    Women's Rights

    It is nobody's business if we are not or are superior to women biologically and all genders should have the same rights.

    Culture War

    No one's nation is superior to the other, for example, the Greeks may have a more comprehensive history than the Albanians, but I think that no one is superior.


    We can protect the environment, if we don't do anything right now, they will be worse, if you ask how transhumanism and framing will be, we can become robots by using things that do not harm nature.


    By becoming robots, we can get rid of people's stupid causes of death and live longer, maybe we can find immortality.

    Health Care

    Except for cancer or any other serious illness we'll find in the future, most things in the healthcare system should be paid with the $100 rule.


    TAX IS THEFT. We should collect as little tax as possible, of course, in some serious cases, I accept a lot of tax.


    I would like the unions to actively raise their voices against even the smallest injustice, but I also want the unions that are against the state or full of corruption to be shut down as soon as they are detected.


    I don't want any worker to be treated unfairly, I want small companies that do this to be shut down, but in big international companies like Apple, there is either something like a compensation case or something or the branch should be closed.


    Police should be armed according to the crime rate in the country. And any corrupt cop should get 1 year jail sentence.

    Small Business

    Small companies should not be subsidized by the state. I personally want small businesses to grow themselves, and I think they should be less regulated than big companies.

    Why we should stay in NATO

    NATO is the largest military alliance in the world, and we can strengthen the world's leading states in most states, instead of breaking them apart from NATO and ensuring peace in the world.

    European countries relations

    It's good for us to get along well with European countries Most countries in NATO are in Europe and Poland Baltic countries Finland Sweden threatens Russia to protect these countries to maintain peace we can take them to NATO.

    Gun Ownership

    If the legal system is perfect and controlled (a fair system), any use of weapons should be open and freely purchased.





    • Meritocracy- The idea is good, but it is very difficult to reach such a utopian society these days.
    • Neo-Glencoeism- State Liberalism wth? But also Meritocratic capitalist also HAIL BIDEN KILL ALL CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE SIEG HEIL
    • Erissky You became a minarchist but post-humanism?
    • National Fracturism- A Progressive but also a Authoritarian and doesn't likes USA capitalism (At least he identifies me as a true Libertarian)
    • A former PCBA user - A traditionalist and nationalist? But likes capitalism too. Also what's wrong with pink capitalism


    • Nazism- OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!??!?!!!1?1?1!1?1!11?!1
    • .dotdotdotsam Thought- Marxist-Leninist? I think you should have understood how many years since the Soviet Union collapsed.
    • O'Langism-It is impossible to a Anarcho-Communist society exist.
    • Aryan Monarchism - Authoritarian and Capitalist? The two cannot go together, capitalism is a work of freedom. By the way, are you a white nationalist and a progressive at the same time? I can respect monarchism, even better than democracy.

    How To Draw

    The Adamtheuseless thought flag-based design is a diagonal bicolor of yellow (or Gold) and green. The former yellow side represents the capitalism and the green side represents the progressivism

    Flag of Adamtheuseless Thought
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Separate the ball in positive diagonal, with the top colored gold and bottom green
    3. Add a hat
    4. Add the eyes
    5. You're finished!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #0ED145 14, 209, 69
    Gold #FFDA2B 255, 218, 43


    Books I read

    Adam Smith

    • The Wealth of Nations
    • Essays, philosophical and literary
    • Essays on Philosophical Subjects
    • A catalogue of the library of Adam Smith

    Karl Marx

    • Das Kapital
    • The Communist Party Manifesto

    Ludwig Von Mises

    • Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow
    • Socialism
    • The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality
    • The Theory of Money and Credit
    • I, Pencil: As Told to Leonard Read

    Emma Goldman

    • Anarchism and Other Writings
    • Living My Life
    • My Disillusionment in Russia
    • Marriage And Love
    • The Kronstadt Rebellion

    Hans Herman Hoppe

    • A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism
    • Democracy: The God That Failed
    • Economic Science and the Austrian Method
    • A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline
    • Private Production of Defense, The
    • From Aristocracy to Monarchy to Democracy: A Tale of Moral and Economic Folly and Decay

    Adolf Hitler

    • Mein Kampf

    Religious Books

    • Qur'an
    • Bible
    • Torah
    • Sahih al-Bukhari

    Books I'm reading

    Books I writed

    • None lol

    Books I'm writing

    • Unite The Mother Earth

    Book Recommendations

    Example: (Book)-(Author)




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