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    Acenationalism or NatAce/NazAce for short is an authoritarian, economically ambiguous, culturally far-right and nationalist ideology that wants to maintain the asexuality of their nation.


    Acenationalism believes a nation must be established where asexuality is mandated, in order to maintain the purity of its people. It believes this "asexual nation" must have strong borders to keep the sexually-attracted people outside, it sees sexually attracted people as degenerates that would be dangerous to the standards of living of the "aceians".

    NatAce is extremely against pornography and prostitution believing the two are weapons from the "sexual attracted world" to brainwash the ace children and degenerate the people, with this unnatural for of sex, NatAce believes sex should only occur for reproduction and never for perversion (in its early stages). It believes the "Aceians" are a people with pure values that must be protected from the outside world.

    In a radical version of this ideology, known as Burgundian Acenationalism, everything outside the nation is nuked to ensure a new world free from degeneracy.

    They also believe that society shall move to the point where humans can Asexually Reproduce. At first, this would take the form of In Vitro Fertilization mandates, but would then be gradually replaced by cloning humans in artificial wombs.


    NatAce believes that sexual activity is animalistic and savage, that humans must maintain their purity and not be defiled by carnal instinctual desires.

    Personality and Behaviour

    NazAce is extremely disgusted with people who aren't asexual and believe that those who aren't ace are sex addicted barbarians with barely any logical thinking and degenerates for their practice of masturbation and other "horny stuff".

    NazAce can also be portrayed as a scientist trying to make humans reproduce Asexually. However, this may not be accurate because in the novel Brave New World, humans are cloned from wombs but still engage in sexual activity without conceiving.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw the Asexual pride flag
    2. Add a swastika surrounded by a black hollow circle (do not mix the ace pride with the swastika symbol) with a white centre
    3. add eyes and you're done
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Light shade black 24,24,24 #181818
    Dark Gray 93,108,115 #5D6C73
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Magenta 154,13,205 #9A0DCD


    Pure Virgins

    Suspect Brads

    Degenerate Chads

    • Sexocracy - My archnemesis. Off to the gas chamber, filthy degenerate!
    • Homofascism - Just because you're a fellow LGBT fascist doesn't mean I'll spare you. You indulge in carnal desires as well, only exclusively with members of the same sex. Get your ass to the gas chamber immediately!
    • Heterofascism - Same as above, but straight.
    • Feetism - Put the dogs away or it's off to the gas chamber for you!

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