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    Aceffism is the ideology and self-insert of the user Aceff. The ideology is culturally progressive, economically center-right to right-wing, diplomatically internationalist, civically liberal to libertarian, and extremely based.

    Aceff self-identifies as a libertarian, however he is notably different from right-libertarians since he doesn't support laissez-faire capitalism or is against welfare, making him a social libertarian. Along with his philosophy. Since libertarians believe in natural rights, while he believes in human rights because of his liberal ideology. This would make him a liberaltarian.



    The universe is matter. Anything that is real is real. Anything that doesn't exist doesn't exist. There are no ghosts, spirits, deities, ect. This is the metaphysical basis of Secular Humanism, I believe the scientific method is the best and only way at observing the universe. Along with this, we as humans have the liberty to use our autonomy how we choose to, meaning that we have free will.


    Aceff subscribes strictly to the ontological views of naturalism, which is were his material worldview comes from. As stated previously, this is the basis of secular humanism and leads to the rejection of anything relating to spirituality or gods.


    With my ideology being progressivism, I subscribe to the idea of progress. Which is within the context of progressivism, a social movement that seeks to improve the human condition through societal progress. I believe that progress is the best way we as humans can improve humanity.


    I'm an atheist, I reject religions and the concept of god as things that hold any universal value because they aren't real and are of no authority to govern how an individual acts. You are responsible for your own moral actions and not some deity or "sacred" religious textbook. With this comes naturally the complete rejection of all spirituality, which is why my religious beliefs are positive atheism, I'm not going to suspend disbelief on things that aren't real and don't exist in reality. Since religions only hold back your individual liberty and should be rejected in their entirety to fully liberate the individual. Religions and supernaturalism are superstitutious nonsense which are merely distractions from my personal pursuits and the material world. However, I would not describe myself an anti-theist, since I'm more concerned with religion and don't really care if someone believes in god, I would describe myself as anti-religious since religions are nonsense that should be combatted, but if someone wants to believe in god even if it's stupid then it's ok.


    My epistemology comes from constructivism, which is a view that human interactions and society are what determine knowledge. I naturally reject social constructs that hold back my ethics, since these are dangerous to a person's liberty and must be done away with to unlock the fullest potential of the individual. This would include things like: gender, religion, and every other pointless things society tries to make you conform to.


    My ethical theories stem from consequentialism, which states that actions should be looked at the consequences they cause. And more specifically, acting in your own self-interest. This would be known as ethical individualism, which differs from stirnerite egoism since Max Stirner rejected being moral all together while I believe my ethics are relative. And on another note, this is were my welfare ethics come from as well.


    Now, you may call me a massive degenerate for my moral ethics, and that's because I'm a hedonist. This is a form of philosophical individualism that is based off of consequentialist ethics which judges actions based on being right or wrong on how much pleasure an action produces. Now, pleasure means a lot of different things. For me specifically, I'm talking about masturbation and the euphoric feeling when you orgasm. What I enjoy masturbating to the most is hentai (well technically ecchi since I usually don't watch things that depict hardcore depictions of sex, although I sometimes do), which is a genre of anime that is pornography. Things I like in particular are monster girls like catgirls and ect. Why? Because I think it's cute.


    I would use reforms to achieve my ideal society which would make me a pacifist. I don't believe revolution benefits society since revolution in a since is just another attempt at reforming the system but in a faster way, and even then is still prone to the same issues. Along with this, it leads to your individualism being lost since you have to subject yourself to a mob rule. Although, this only applies in cases were the democratic process is respected, in places were this isn't the case then revolution would be acceptable.


    My Aestetics would be primarily centered around media like anime, and even more specifically cat people due to him liking them a lot due to reasons that won't be stated again. Now, this isn't just the creator of the page being horny, but he does legitimately like the aestetics so it would be used in his ideology.

    Ideological Beliefs


    Aceffism is a culturally progressive ideology, believing that traditions only hold back one's individualism and should be rejected and instead replaced for a culture that is more open and non-conforming. He supports gay rights, transgender rights, non-binary recognition, sexual freedom, abortion rights, feminism, technological development, secularization, expansive civil liberties, and a society were the legal system is based around the harm principle. So long as what your doing is victimless and not harming anyone else, you should be allowed to do whatever you want.


    Aceff supports the individual autonomy of women and equality between both sexes, and identifies as a feminist in this regard. His specific form of feminism would be individualistic and welfarist, making it Social Libertarian Feminism. Both genders will be liberated from pointless things imposed to them by society like gender roles and free to do whatever they want since gender inequality doesn't contribute to a happy society nor is it good for individual liberty. He also believes that radical feminists are a strawman of feminist philosophy used to discredit feminism as an ideology.


    Aceff is pro-choice, and supports abortion being legal. Ideally, abortion would be legal with no exceptions. His support for abortion comes from his strong belief in individual freedom. He believes that it's not the job of the government to decide whether or not a woman can abort a fetus. Scientifically speaking, abortion is not murder so it doesn't matter anyways. Ultimately, it's more beneficial for society that abortion access remains legal, with there being no point in forcing mothers or society to care for children that no one can afford so poverty and maternal death rates can be reduced. And on that note, he also believes that pre-natal screenings for disabilities such as down syndrome are ethical because they prevent unneeded suffering and should be allowed since it is the mothers choice at the end of the day as well from a utilitarian point of view. He also supports planned parenthood and it being funded by the government so its services stays operational since they play a critical role in offering abortion and other services like transgender therapy.

    Cultural Secularism

    Aceff strongly supports the societal decline of religion and the church in both public and governmental matters, making him an anti-clericalist. His anti-religious stances comes from how religions have been often used to suppress individual rights and freedoms under the name of some "sacred" religious textbook, along with the fact that religions are superstitious nonsense that only hold humanity back. While he sees it as counter-productive to enforce atheism on the population, he believes that the demystification of religion should take place through a materialistic education. Then over time as religious influence begins to decline, religion can be a thing of the past. He supports a post-theistic society.

    Queer Rights

    Aceff strongly supports the rights of the queer community, and believes that they should be given the same legal rights as everyone else since It's wrong to deprive people's rights away due to their sexuality. They would be given same-sex marriage, legal protections in relation to public and private employment. And on the topic of pride month, he personally supports it because it increases the societal acceptance of gay people, although he does understand criticisms of it because companies that partake in them aren't always honest and are only profiting off of a progressive agenda instead of actually supporting the LGBT community. But overall, he believes that through pride parades and marches that the societal acceptance of gay people can happen at an accelerated rate since their rights have been suppressed throughout a lot of human history so this is one of the ways to make up for it and for heteronormativity to disappear.

    Transgender Rights

    Aceff strongly supports transgender rights, being a transfeminist. Although he believes that gender reassignment surgery is like any other medical procedure and should be payed for, it should be made cheap so transgender people can go through an easy legal process of changing their desired gender. Also, the concept of gender is only societal, not biological. With this, he supports the legal recognition of non-binary genders. Although, he believes that gender and sex are separate, he also is skeptical of abolition of gender because cis people should still be able to identify as a man or a woman, but gender should be made more inclusive of non-conforming people.

    Technological Acceleration

    Aceff supports the acceleration of developing technology to fix humanities issues relating to things such as the environment or economic issues. He believes that job automation is an overall net positive but can be negative as it can lower the amount of jobs so it should be offset by a UBI which I will get into my economic section. Although, once transhumanism is possible, it should be entirely voluntary and we should also work on making cat people a real thing.

    Pornography and Prostitution

    Aceff believes that both pornography and prostitution should be legal because of his support for sexual freedom and individual rights. Along with sex work being real work and pornography being freedom of speech that doesn't harm anyone else. He also supports its legality for personal reasons if you haven't read his moral philosophy. So long as it's all consensual, although the sex industry does have legitimate issues that should be tackled like trafficking and abuse, so it should regulated to prevent those things from happening.


    Aceff supports the legalization of euthanasia since he believes it's someone's choice to get euthanized or not, although it would be regulated to a certain extent due to how abusable it can be. But, if someone chooses to do so with good reason, then society shouldn't bare the cost of someone who voluntary chooses to end their own life nor should that person continue to suffer.

    Gun Rights

    Aceff supports the right to own firearms since they are essential towards protecting private property, although he supports some regulations on them to keep them from getting into the hands of bad actors. But for the most part, guns should be easily obtainable.

    Liberal Eugenics

    Aceff is a supporter of eugenics, although not in the way you may think. His support for eugenics comes from his technological advancement support. He believes that once humanity has reached the point were genes can be edited in the womb then you should be able to edit your babies traits to make them perfect. Although this wouldn't be enforced, rather an option. This would be called liberal eugenics. This is also were is support for abortion and euthanasia comes in as well. He believes it's the best way at reducing the amount of suffering that sick and disabled people have to go through in society that is completely voluntary.


    Aceffism supports a social market economy with a moderate welfare state combined with economic liberalism. His support for free-market capitalism comes from the belief that the individual should be allowed to make their own economic decisions, and that the government is inherently ineffective at doing such to a certain extent outside of the limited services it would provide to enfranchise the poor. Along with this, he realizes the issue with land hording and supports a land value tax, although supports landlords believing that they provide a valuable service. With this, he's not blind to the fact that climate change is happening, so he believes that environmentally friendly policies such as investments into green energy and carbon taxes should be put into effect. Although, environmental protection and economic growth should be balanced with each other. So, he is firmly capitalist and believes it's the best economic system to exist. These economic views fall within the range to being fiscally center-right to right-wing. His specific economic thought that he subscribes to is the chicagoan school due to his neoclassical economics.

    Land Value Tax

    Aceff supports a land value tax, making him a georgist. His support for a LVT is because he believes it would be one of the best ways to fund the welfare state while having no dead weight loss, even Friedman himself said that it was the "least bad tax". So, it would be implemented to tackle the issue of land hording while using it to fund our economic programs. Although, landlords provide a service that is still important and should stay, given they are regulated so none of the above happens.

    Welfare State

    Aceff believes that the welfare state needs to be reformed to enfranchise the poor while not being a drain on economic productivity. He supports a selective welfare state. Along with this, he supports universal basic income, which is a socioeconomic policy that would give all citizens a minimum financial stimulus. Although, he would only implement UBI once job automation has began to take its toll of the workforce to compensate for unemployment.


    Aceff supports low taxes, believing that high taxes only push out business and therefore economic growth with it. Although, he does support the welfare state to a limited degree, so taxes would have to be at least a little higher to account for that. Taxes would be around 20% of earned income ideally. Citizens would pay a flat tax, he doesn't see any point in punishing those who have earned money especially when they are what bring economic productivity, you can see this in California were taxes get raised on businesses and then those businesses move out causing taxes to be raised on regular people to account for the tax loss from those businesses moving out of the state. That is something which should be avoided.


    Aceff believes that inflation must be as low as possible to guarantee economic stability and drive economic growth. Ideally, inflation would be ~1% annually.

    Labor Unions

    Aceff is mixed on labor unions. On one hand, he doesn't discredit the fact that unions are what gave a lot of the rights to worker's we have now, but on the other how they can become corrupt to serve their own interests and not the workers. This stifles market innovations and economic growth, and can reduce the autonomy of the worker as well since collective bargaining doesn't always have the best interest of all workers. He believes they should be allowed to exist to a limited degree, but would prefer alternative ways since he views them as slow and getting in the way of economic growth.

    Business Model

    Aceff supports the traditional capitalist business model were there are workers who are guided by bosses, although he believes some workplace democracy could be implemented to give workers more democratic control over the workplace. Outside of that, bosses know what's best for their workers.


    Aceffism is an internationalist ideology, and supports intergovernmental organizations like the United Nations and pan-nationalist regional alliances like the European Union. He believes these organizations are necessary for the upholding of the liberal based world order. So as you can imagine, he strongly opposes populism and protectionism, believing that globalization has been largely a net positive since it has drastically decreased poverty and made goods cheaper to produce. This would make his foreign policy aligned with liberal internationalism, believing that the liberal states of the world must unite to counter the illiberal states and eventually offset the balance of power those states have to eventually use said intergovernmental organizations to integrate each other border's to form a world government. Despite this, he believes that patriotism can be a uniting force for good, and would be built off of everything previously mentioned with it being a kind of panhuman patriotism.

    World Federalism

    Aceff is supporter of the world federalist movement, which is a social movement which seeks to unite all countries of the world into a world government. His support for this movement comes from his Panhumanism, we as humans all come from the same place and need to work together instead of dividing to save the future of humanity. The only way to do that is as previously mentioned.

    Panhuman Identity

    Aceff is a panhumanist, which is the concept of an affiliation with the humankind through some sort of legislative structure that allows all technological and economic development to be for the benefit of the people. That's were his support for world federalism comes from. To further globalize and unity the world, a single human identity would have to be formed. With this, he believes that concepts such as race, ethnicity, religion, and all other pointless things that divide humanity should eventually be made obsolete and replaced with a world citizen identity in which people can take pride in.

    Pax Liberalism

    Aceff plans to achieve world peace and a world government through liberalism, he believes that liberal democracy is the most effective government because it has created one of the most peaceful periods in human history. The only way to continue that is by spreading this mode of government throughout the world to achieve this world federation. This makes his foreign policy aligned with liberal internationalism. He supports the liberal international order and a pro-western foreign policy. You could argue this makes his foreign policy neo-imperial but he believes the hegemony of the liberal world should be eventually replaced for a panhuman hegemony.

    European Union

    Aceff supports the pan-nationalist organization of the European Union and is a European federalist, which is a movement that seeks to use the European Union's governmental organizations to merge its member states residing in it into a one federal state. He believes the European Union has played a critical role in the economic development of Europe and believes this would secure its future against foreign aggressors, he's a supporter of the party Volt Europa. As you can imagine then, he strongly opposes the rise of populism within Europe, seeing it as detrimental to European unity used by a tool of strongmen who use it to enrich themselves while fooling the population with false hopes.


    Aceff supports the continued exist of Israel as a state, and is a Zionist. He supports Israel over Palestine because he believes that Palestine is a backwards shithole that has no real identity and therefore has no legal claim to the land that they occupy. Also, Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East that respects things like woman's rights, so I will take that any day of the week than the shitty backwards countries right besides it which respect none of that. He believes that a lot of anti-Zionists are motivated by anti-semitism.

    Environmental Globalization

    Aceff, being an environmentalist ideology, supports globalizing environmental efforts to combat the issue of climate change. Since he sees international law and upholding it as the up most importance for fighting global warming, all states of the world need to be pressured into following these green laws or face punishment. This is the only realistic way we can lower C02 emissions and fossil fuel usuage.

    Economic Globalization

    Aceff believes that globalization is inevitable and for the better, so he strongly opposes protectionism and neo-mercantilism seen with the rise of populism. Although, he realizes that a globalized economy has its downsides, and should be regulated to prevent the worse of neoliberal globalization. Hence, globalizations effects on labor rights, he realizes that it is necessary to implement some protections into free-trade deals to protect the environment and worker's rights. However, with all of this in mind, he largely supports globalization when it's done right.

    Human Rights

    Aceff, being a liberal, supports human rights and it being enforced. He believes that human rights are universal and need to be upheld if a pan-human society is to ever be realized. These rights would be based off of liberal values if it wasn't obvious with the core justification being philosophical humanism.


    Aceff supports space colonialism and believes that it's important that once humanity unifies that we turn to other planets to gather resources and to expand our population on. This would take place once we have the technology to do so, this is more of an end goal of my ideology.


    Aceffism strongly values democracy and the will of the people. He supports a combination of liquid democracy, e-democracy, scientocracy, secularism, and direct democracy. His government would be liberal democratic and based on protecting the people while not infringing on their rights, which makes him in between civically liberal and civically libertarian. How power would be administered would be through federal governance, since local governments will be the best at understanding their population.

    Direct Democracy

    Aceff strongly believes in the will of the people, and the only way to realize this is through a direct democracy. Although, there would be elements of semi-direct democracy in it as well since a pure direct democracy is not fully feasible.

    Liquid Democracy

    Aceff supports a liquid democracy, which is a form of delegative democracy were electorates engage in decision making through direct participation and dynamic representation. This system utilizes elements from both direct and representative democracy.


    Aceff, while viewing religions as superstitious nonsense that only self-restrain an individual's freedom, is a secular liberal and supports the separation of church and state. Although, he himself strongly disapprove of religious influence, he sees it as counter-productive to try and enforce these views onto other people, which would be combatted through different means. Also, churches would be taxed to encourage people to not go to organized religion, since religion itself is an issue the main thing that needs to be tackled is organized religion in a way that doesn't directly infringe on the rights of people.

    Civil Libertarianism

    Aceff is a civil libertarian, and supports significantly downsizing the government due to its constant violation of human rights. Despite this, he disapproves of anarchism, and believes the state should exist. But, the state should only be centralized enough to provide goods and services to the population while protecting their rights. Outside of that, the government should stay out of people's personal lives when no one's rights are being violated and most victimless crimes would be legalized since they are hard to enforce and are more offenses against the state than actual society itself. This would make his ideal government run off the principles of classical liberalism.


    Aceff supports Federalism as for his ideal way administrative power would be redistributed. He supports federalism over unitarianism because the United States is a federal state and a centralized government wouldn't work here, let alone as a form of government for the entire world once the world federation happens. So, governance would be done at the local level to meet the needs of the population.


    Aceff supports an e-democracy combined with a liquid and direct democracy. He believes that once technology has developed enough, an e-democracy would be feasible and secure to do and would make the democratic process a whole lot easier. Although, this type of democracy would only be implemented whenever technology has reached that point. But whenever it has, technology would play a critical role in the democratic process in making an direct democracy possible on this large of a scale.



    Aceff can be seen mostly pretraining to his own needs before others due to his individualistic outlook on life due to his social anxiety. He is also addicted to hentai and is constantly horny.

    Stylistic Notes

    • Often holds a world federalist flag to show his support for the world federalist movement
    • Gets notably annoyed when he gets confused for a neoliberal
    • Likes to complain about religion

    Ideological Relations


    Kinda Friends

    • Neoliberalism - You could be more open to regulation and welfare, although we agree on globalization. Also, you should respect worker's rights and the environment more, you get too much hate.
    • Globalism - While I largely support globalization, I do believe some of its worst effects should be mitigated with the stuff I said above. Besides that, may the future of humanity be one of unification!
    • Libertarianism - If you embraced welfare ethics then you would be truly based.
    • Welfarism - Just because I support you to a degree doesn't mean I support high taxes, taxes should be low to benefit businesses while enough to fund some limited welfare programs.
    • Social Liberalism - The best statist and economic interventionist, and a lot of your supporters are also world federalists which is based!
    • Neo-Imperialism - While I largely think the liberal world is better, intervening into countries isn't the way to do it.
    • Anti-Chinese Sentiment - I hate the modern state of China for multiple reasons, but please chill out with the racism. It's more ideological based than actual race which isn't cool.
    • Eugenicism - You have the right idea, but can you stop the racism please?


    • Social Democracy - Meh, some of you guys can be quite populistic which can be annoying, and I don't like how much you regulate. But you're still a liberal and your third way variant is based.
    • Libertarian Market Socialism - A socialist ideology that doesn't suck, although I'm mixed on worker co-operatives and I still believe in private property.
    • Regulationism - Don't get me wrong now, you're necessary to a certain extent.
    • SJW - While you are more often than not a strawman of progressive beliefs, I probably wouldn't support this in actuality.
    • State Atheism - Based atheism but why enforce that onto people?

    Kinda Enemies

    • Protectionism - Pure populist garbage, why do you hate the global poor? Although, you are necessary sometimes I won't deny, specially in the case of authoritarian states.
    • Populism - You just have to ruin everything you touch, don't you? Although, some of your variants are based.
    • Austrian School - I'm sorry but returning to the gold standard is a bad idea.


    • Democratic Socialism - "Democratic" socialism is oxymoronic, socialism will always turn authoritarian and enslave the individual regardless of what system it is.
    • Authoritarianism - My arch enemy.
    • Religions - Religions are superstitious nonsense that only hold humanity back. You are one of my greatest enemies.
    • Anti-Japaneseism - Yes I fap to anime is that an issue?
    • Anti-Semitism - Fuck you neo-nazi racist piece of trash.


  • Neo Social Libertarianism - We hold nearly identical views, based!
  • Neo-humanism - Cultural leftism, globalism, free trade, land value tax, and libertarianism are all based! Although, you could use a bit more state intervention and welfare, outside of that you're good.
  • Pirate Tails Ideology - We are both individualists who enjoy hedonism and progressivism, even if you could be more progressive in some aspects. Although still mostly based. But nationalism, really now? Also, some more support for welfare would be nice.
  • Aquilenism - Economically, we agree on almost everything, which is based! However, our views start to diverge on social issues, which you are notably more conservative than I am, at least you tolerate queer people but denying the right of an mother to get an abortion is awful. Although opposing the far-left and the far-right is based. Governmentally, not bad. Your foreign policy is perfect, you could be more globalist but we both oppose populism and support the liberal west which is based. The only real thing that keeps me from giving you a perfect rating is your opposition towards some moral issues, if you shifted your cultural views at least to center-left I would give you a perfect rating.
  • BasedMaddyism - Become more globalist, economically liberal, and libertarian. Your ideology would be perfect. Also, shame you also left too soon before we ever got to interact, you seemed like a good person from the things I've heard about you. But I understand, PCB can be really annoying which is why I largely only hang out on the wikipedia.
  • Kinda Friends

    • - Your support for markets, capitalism, and a limited government are all based. And unlike a lot of conservatives, you support an actual small government (although it's still debatable if telling a woman she can't get an abortion is "small government", but that doesn't matter for now). But, atlas you take it too far. Even if this ideology is better than most soycialists, I do not like how deregulated you are. Not to mention your cultural stances, even if you don't think the government should directly enforce them onto people. And also nationalism is not for me as well. Overall, you're pretty honorary for a conservative.
    • Kaylo Liberalism - It's a shame you left too soon before we could interact, but you're a progressive liberal even if your solutions aren't quite the same as mine. You could be more globalist and economically liberal, but at the end of the day we're both libs and its better to work against a common enemy. At least you realize the failures of socialism but still hold "some" sympathies to it unfortunately.
    • Aaronism - Honestly, you're one of the better socialists. We both support globalism and a world federation, fap to hentai and are hedonists, value liberty and freedom, and support markets. But please realize that socialism is incompatible with individual freedom, and that capitalism is the best way to realize that. Outside of that, you're the highest I can rank a left-wing person.


    • Catalysism - I like your support for globalism, individualism, hedonism, and free market capitalism. But total deregulation and the privatization of public sectors, seriously now? Also, why the anti-democratic stuff, that isn't cool. At least we value liberty even if your good parts are roughly balanced out by your bad parts.
    • DuyQuangNguyenPham - I mean, you're progressive and a liberal which is nice. Also, you seem to not resist the idea of a world federation, which is also very nice. But atlas, you are a socialist. Just why, I've never understood why people are so drawn to a system that has never worked and will never work. Anyways, if you dropped socialism for social democracy than I would put you one tier higher, but you said in that in realpolitik you are a social democrat until democratic socialism can be achieved, so... At least you support markets which keeps you from getting put in the tier below you.
    • Neo-Glencoeism - Your economics are swallowable along with your cultural takes but your authoritarian views are not.

    Kinda Enemies

    • Ultroneism - You just seem like an egoistical edgelord but I do like your individualism.
    • Yoda8soup Thought - "Democratic" soycialist, but progressivism and individualism are what keep you from being put lower. Also, a nitpick I have is your support for markets but wanting to regulate them, if you embraced free market socialism which is the best form of socialism, you'd be put a tier higher.
    • Existentialist Geomarket Anarchism - Not a fan of anarchism or your economic leftism, although your support for markets is uber-based and your a hedonist like me! And to top it off, you support world federalism, so not the worst but could obviously be better. If you dropped anarchism for minarchism than I could easily seeing us ideologically aligned. Also, very good friend of mine :D
    • Revolutionary Eclecticism - You're a stinky soycialist who believes that individual freedom will come from a system that enslaves said individual to the needs of others. At least you on paper respect my freedom. I'm also not a fan of alter-globalism, since economic globalization has benefited the world in a lot of ways.
    • NeoUnoGamerism - Honestly not sure were to put you, but we are almost opposites so. You just seem like the average egoist.
    • Corpotarist Kemalism - I'm not a fan of corporatism or nationalism but at least your economically not shit. Outside of that, mostly bad.


    • Serbian Socialism - Orwellian tankie who is everything I'm against. I really don't have anything else to say.
    • Jefbol Thought - Another unironic orwellian commie. (15/100)
    • National Fracturism - Your my ideological opposite and your ideology is pure shit, what do you want me to realistically say?
    • Levathonism - You want to enslave the individual to the state, you deepthroat boots so big it comes out your ass. Besides, your regulations you want to impose (such as class "collaboration", which I'm not a fan of) is horribly inefficient and just stifles market innovations. Not to mention your ultranationalism, horribly authoritarian and discriminatory views, which you justify using your imaginary fairytale which isn't real, are all revolting to be frank. Also, in response to what you said in your ideological review of me, here's what I think of your "evidence".
    • Neo-Murba - Another cringe leftoid who makes my brain hurt.
    • Refined Citizenism - What's their to honestly say about this? You're a fake libertarian (ironic coming from a guy who constantly gets called a fake libertarian all the time) who doesn't give a shit about liberty. Your twisted version of what liberty is not liberty. Also, the queerphobia is just unacceptable as well. I'd hate to say this, since I constantly use it as a comparison, but I'd rather live in whatever leftoid society is idealized than your ideal society. (Also I'd respond to your ideological critiques but my ADHD brain legitimately cannot read your wall of text and remember everything you said without taking a while I'm sorry)
    • Meowxism - You should already know my opinion on commies so I won't say, but you make your ideology worse with your horrible authoritarianism. At least you seem progressive even a little too much by my standards
    • Bourgeoisie destroyerism - You're a religious anarchist wignat socialist nationalist, literally everything I'm opposed to.
    • .dotdotdotsam Thought - Another orwellian tankie but this time with a weird username. Also, dialectical materialist, I shouldn't have to say anything else.
    • Meridionalism - left-wing and nationalist? Yeah you're about everything I oppose.
    • Altemism - Average socialist, at least you're honest.
    • File:NeoLukko.png Neo-Lukkoism - I'm sorry but if you label yourself as an off-compass commie in any category you will be put here regardless of what your political beliefs are. You just seem like your average annarshit anarkiddie.
    • CanadianCommunist - When will you commies learn that the dictators you look up to weren't progressive and would've killed you in your ideal society? Oh forget it, you worship a system that hasn't worked and will never work which has only lead to unneeded suffering. Why am I trying to apply logic to a marxist-leninist?
    • MugiKotobuki8814ism - Another unoriginal altrightoid although we both love hentai but not like that means anything