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    Don't be confused with Scientific Socialism

    Academic Socialism, also referred as Realpolitik Socialism, is a form of socialism that advocates the whole socialist and leftist militancy should be based on academic standards, where socialist struggle is only valid if they have recognition by majority, minor struggles and non-mainstream socialist struggles are discarded, everything must be like how academic actually are, mainly when it is about socialism and politics.

    Academic socialism advocates that socialism must be ultrarealistic and follow harshly the material conditions of the current world and everything, where any attempt to create a socialist country and socialist experience should also be discarded, since it is worthless to the class struggle according to academic socialism. Academic socialism advocates that any idea about create a socialist country or experience should be reason for jokes, humiliation and by be called as idealistic and utopic and even as non-marxist, since it is impossible to reach socialism nowadays according to academic socialism.

    Academic socialism usually uses argumentative reductionism, class reductionism and several other forms of reductionism to discard visions of other socialists, mainly the non-academic ones. Academic socialism also advocates that socialist struggle must be like modern academia, it must be necessary to have recognition and consent to be valid. Academic socialism also uses the term "fringe socialism" and "fringe leftism" to refer to all non-academic forms of socialism and leftism.

    It's actually hard to tell what academic socialism actually advocates as government, since academic socialists never tell how would the government form would be like, basically majority of them advocates a form of vanguard, that would be lead by the academic ones, while other advocates natural revolution, considering the best way of progress is natural and progressively.





    • Monteirism - Idealistic non-marxist utopian socialism!
    • Zyuganovism - Stalinism will no longer return! It is utopic!
    • Marxism-Leninism - Some people confuse me with you, but you are a lot utopian lol
    • Stalinism - I admire you a lot, but you are really utopian and idealistic.
    • Maoism - You were a lot against dialetics, against materialism and against philosophy, but still, you managed to do something in China.
    • Lib-left ideologies - You are really utopian and idealistic!
    • Capitalism - I do not support you! I just hate my non-academic comrades!


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