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    File:Caput mortuum.svg.png
    Symbol of Absurdism
    File:Caput Memento.png
    Symbol of Absurdism

    Absurdism is a philosophy that explore the "Absurd" in the life of an individual created tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and the inability to find one, for this it works as a bridge between Existentialism and Nihilism. Absurdism believes that the individual should face the Absurd and the fact that all acts of meaning-making are only transient and personal and they will eventually be nullified by death.

    Absurdism rejects suicide as a way to end the Absurdity of life since the act of ending one's own life is more Absurd than facing the Absurd, it also reject the act of finding meaning in a reality beyond the absurd with the help Religious or Spiritual belief since, for Kierkegaard, this would need an illogical "leap" in the intangible and empirically unprovable and, for Camus, this solution (and others similar ones) are considered "philosophical suicide".

    In a political context

    In a political context Absurdism is an anarchist ideology that advocate for the individual to be free so that he can act in a way that create meaning for him, while not necessarily an Ego.pngEgoist, it often adopts individualist praxis. Absurdism also advocate to the rejection of every form of religion and the dedication from the individuals in philosophy and other mean-making acts. For last, since it believes that the life of an individual is the only period where he can face the absurd and create his own meaning, Absurdism aims to lengthen his life, and even abolish death, since death it's not the thing that makes the life of an individual meaningful but the thing that abolish all meaning.

    Personality and Behavior

    Absurdism it's really reflective on everything and for this it really enjoys to debate, mainly with Existentialist Anarchism.png Existentialism and Annil.png Nihilism Nihil.png. It rejects any form of objective/imposed truth, it's relaxed but it is terrorized by death and by anything deadly, for this is also pretty peaceful generally.

    Absurdism also despises any type of sucicidal, not caring and religious behaviors since it sees them as way to not face the absurd, for this reason even if sometimes it would really like to escape the absurd it can never bring itself to do it.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
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    3. Add two black "holes" as the eyes
    4. Add a third hole
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    6. Optional: add mickey mouse ears

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    • Existentialism.png Existentialism - I agree that the individual can create meaning in a meaningless world but this does not mean that the act itself of creating meaning itself has meaning.
    • Annil.png Nihilism Nihil.png - Yes, there is no meaning in this world, but escaping the absurd with death is unacceptable.
    • Ego.pngEgoist - Individuals should be free to express themselves freely and spooks are evil, but maybe try to value life more.
    • Nooc.png Noocracy - You get the importance of philosophy, but it should be something that belongs to the people, and we need no rulers.


    • Christy.png Satan.png All kind of Religious Incatheo.png Esocap.png - Religion is just a way to not face the absurd, you all are just like kids who don't want to grow up!
    • Authleft.png Authunity.png Authoritarianism Sec.png Authright.png - How can I create meaning if I can't express myself freely?




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