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    Absolute Entertainism


    this ideology no longer resembles my views and I have decided to take some time away from the internet and such in order to read and think about what I actually believe a little bit more in depth.

    I'll keep the wiki up because I spent a lot of time on it but I'll be back one day with more knowledge and I will upload then my TRUE ideology.


    Absolute Entertainism was the official finished ideological product of The Grand Anarch (I'm taking a break to figure myself out ideologically but will keep this wiki up) . It proposes a Post-Structural society that has efficiently wiped out the need of work in replacement with art/entertainment (AKA play) All monotonous jobs (AKA the un-needed majority of jobs) are replaced with machines or other processes in which everything else is left to full artistic prowess on every level. It also heavily believes the idea that individuals are at their most free and at their happiest when subject to full artistic freedom and encouragement as well as quality entertainment and hedonic freedom.

    Core Philosophy

    The core philosophy of this idea holds dear the idea that "The world is merely a stage" and that everything inevitably only has one objective constant and end. It all inevitably becomes or IS entertainment. It further argues that entertainment is the only logical pursuit of any individual as it is not only a freeing experience but a self-serving healing one too. The Absolute Entertainist exists purely to live as entertaining as possible. Even if they do not live in the Absolute Entertainist paradise as they fight for it they will be sure to live life with as much entertainment value as possible

    Governmental "Structure"

    The government system is an odd one. The leader more or less exists perhaps to manage things and to further encourage the Absolute Entertainist ideology. Besides that they're more of a face and act as a sort of fun reality tv show for the populace to decide on. It'd be based primarily on a sort of popularity contest and purely on wits and charming ability as the leader position doesn't do much of anything really. Hence why the leader in this case is referred to the societies "Anarch" The witty, Attractive and well-thought-out face of the society or area simply playing their role in the most popular and glamorous way possible. The Anarch may differ depending on the area and it is an incredibly decentralised process

    The Anarch

    The Anarch is an idea I’ve proposed for a sort of post structural decentralised version of leadership. It becomes more of an entertaining endeavour once more. The concept of The Anarch arises naturally in an Absolute Entertainist society. As those with the highest level of entertainment output and popularity will naturally garner followers, influence and popularity. To most this sounds quite terrible but it must be stated there is a major difference here. Capitalism has been entirely removed from the Absolute Entertainist society. And because of this there isn’t a parasitical hierarchical nature to the Anarch’s existence. Just people wishing to learn off of them and to enjoy them. Giving them elevated respect amongst individuals. Of course however due to the subjective nature of everything there will be naturally formed Anarchs for every strata of society. Of course no one is FORCED to enjoy anything so it’s a free-flowing system that doesn’t keep stability. It just enhances the chaotic process while leaving behind a fashionable aesthetically pleasing history of Anarchs. Originality becomes further encouraged under the “Anarch” system. Competition that only pleases the individuals involved as well as the people receiving and viewing the products of these hyper-competition without it being an innate threat to any individual and their well-being. Only increasing the hedonic pleasure of making one’s own hobby increasingly more suited to them in their own original ways.

    Anarchs further individualism and create millions upon millions of varying off-shoots of just about every form of art. While people may respect them highly and these Anarchs are popular in whatever field they’re in however we do need to remember they have no real ability to oppress.

    All they can do is further entertain and enjoy it in the process.

    I do eventually talk about this phenomena but without the focus being on The Anarch here

    The Entertaining Anti-Economy

    The "economy" of an Absolute Entertainist society would have entirely eliminated work. Replacing it entirely with art and entertainment. Every little "job" is now a mere hobby or artistic exercise for someone. From people who'll distribute wares being well-trained actors to architectural designers being talented artists with the tradesmen simply exerting their own artistic prowess society becomes purely driven by individual desire. Creating a hedonic and free society for everyone without any individual sacrifice to a greater organization or system. There would be large emphasis on the art and entertainment of the Absolute Entertainist society due to the nature of this ideology. Like a Post-Structuralist form of Market Socialism...Only so much more fashionable. Each and every little aspect of society would be a further artistic tool for entertainment. As again an Absolute Entertainist society would be focused on keeping the citizens entertained and free. In school children will find what they enjoy most and are good at in the artistic field and will then be taught what they enjoy (in a genuinely fun environment so it’s not like going to work everyday) and are given the facilities and resources to practice and explore what they love before mastering it and setting out into the world. Individuals then attribute what they want to society by producing their entertainment and sharing it amongst the populace alongside others shaping and altering the Absolute Entertainist world while maintaining a total rejection of economic institutions.

    Culture of Creativity

    Culturally Absolute Entertainism is incredibly progressive. It embraces concepts like xenofeminism as it deems the ideology at being the best method for total creative freedom and advanced entertainment on a freeing level for all individuals. Furthermore it wants to shift current neoliberal cultural conditions to make others incredibly open. Highlighting individual creativities in society. If you wanted to imagine how an Absolute Entertainist society would look imagine everyone in incredibly unique forms of fashion with varying bizarre outfits. People taking what they can and being inspired by others.


    There is no doubt that an Absolute Entertainist society would have an inherent popularity pseudo-hierarchy of sorts. The most entertaining being the most with the least popular needing to work harder in their artistic field. The difference here is this hierarchy is not oppressive. It doesn’t affect individuals on a personal or physical level. It instead encourages others to further hone their artistic abilities and to enjoy the quality entertainment that is brought by the popular ones. I should continue to say the hierarchy would be an incredibly vague decentralised one as entertainment is subjective meaning many people will be “popular” for their different fields. With the eradication of capitalism too. This “hierarchy” as I’ve explained will fall into a logical abyss. Creating a further permanent post-structural society with any temporary hierarchies forming purely out of self interest and would only better the rest of the populace anyways.


    Post-Civilizationism is the greatest stage for an Absolute Entertainist society. A blank canvas to be made as entertaining as possible. Technology exists but not to restrain us, Nature re-wilds but only to remain beautiful and work has been long forgotten. For most Post-Civ Anarchists however the work is replaced with survival. The now forced labour that determines our lives (the same way capitalism uses living as an incentive to buy into it’s disastrous system). Of course different anarchist systems will advocate for some kind of oppressive economic system. Whether it be the community or some insane post-civ capitalist society people never get any freedom to be themselves. To be THE individual they are. Hence why Entertainists reject any economic system in favour of a rhizomatic individualistic movement of pure entertainment. Entertainist unions may form with or without central (or decentral) Anarchs to be the face and moving body of these unions. Each one dedicated to using the post-scarcity world we now roam to pursue their indefinite creative freedoms. To strive for ultimate entertainment amongst the ruins. None of them working for survival but following their own hedonic cause of Absolute Entertainment all-the-while benefitting the rest with the aforementioned entertainment. A fully Entertainist society would become free-flowing and would grow like moss in the perfect stage that is a post-civ society.

    Creating a completely and absolutely entertaining “performance” on this stage. Making all their short lives fulfilling and filled with their own hedonic desire.


    The best form of praxis for an Absolute Entertainist revolution would come primarily through making the revolution entertaining. A large secret group of artists wanting to live to their fullest given full power to revolt in the most glamorous way possible. Truly the most efficient method


    The flag of Absolute Entertainism

    Absolute Entertainism would act in a relatively hippyish way but with a certain chaotic energy to them. They should be portrayed as constantly doing something and always looking especially aesthetically pleasing. Oh also they’re constantly floating


    NOTE: this is based on ideology and not personality


    • Annilfemalev5.png AshleyHere: Based and Entertainist pilled. Also my first follower!



    • Yoda8soup.png - I suppose you also want freedom in your own subjective sense but our goals are incredibly different. You are quite kind and nice however



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