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    One day Aaron was just taking a nice stroll through the park with [REDACTED] until he saw bingoism

    "Oh, Hi [REDACTED]!" said Bingoism "Hi Bingo" Said [REDACTED]

    "And you Aaron" Said Bingoism "Well I have to go now bye!" "Bye" Said Aaron

    "Aaron are you ok?" said [REDACTED] "Oh, Yeah just was looking at something" Said Aaron "Ok" Said [REDACTED]

    "Man, Bingoism Looks cute" Aaron said to himself under his breath

    Two weeks went by and Aaron really wanted to see Bingo again so he decided to go to the park, Alone

    He then found bingo siting on the bench feeding the pigeons and then she saw Aaron "Oh, Hi Aaron why are you here so early?" Said Bingo

    "Well, I just wanted to go out for a stroll what are you doing here" Said Aaron. "Oh I just wanted to feed the birds because why not" Said Bingo "Say come and sit down with me Aaron" , "Oh ok" Said Aaron

    They then began talking to each other Like what they like doing and what their interests are and then Aerin came "Aaron there you are i've been looking for you" Said Aerin

    "Oh, Well got to go see you later" Said Aaron "You too" Said bingo.

    Aaron then got in touch with bingo and then they decided to go out.

    "Got to go, Bye!" Said Aaron "Wait wait wait, Where are you going?" Said [REDACTED] "Oh iii'm just going to the park yeah just going to the park" Said Aaron "Hmm, Ok just be back by 8" Said [REDACTED] "Ok" Said Aaron

    So once Aaron got there and finally found were bingoism was they then went on their date (which was three hours long) and then bingoism brought aaron to her house and then they when in bed and layed with each other

    Meanwhile [REDACTED] was at her house worried about if aaron was coming home

    The next day, Aaron went back home to [REDACTED] who was mad "WERE TF WERE YOU?!" said [REDACTED] angrily "Well, I was just at bingo's hous and-" "OH SO YOUR DUMPING ME NOW WELL GUESS WHAT THIS RELATIONSHIP WAS SINKING IN THE FIST PLACE!" Said [REDACTED] agrily "Well i f you hate me that much i guess i'll leave!" Said Aaron

    "FINE" Said [REDACTED]

    Aaron then went to bingo's place

    and thats how bingo and aaron got married

    The End

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