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    A Capital or AC is an economically far-right, culturally ambiguous, militarist and revolutionary anarcho-capitalist ideology, AC is very similar to normal anarcho-capitalism with the difference being that A Capital believes the only way to achieve ancapistan is through revolution, it believes ancaps should unite get their guns and overthrow the government(s), it believes counter economics or any other possible method of peaceful revolution is juvenile and stupid and thinks only through violence that statism is going down.

    A Capital believes a former ancap country should be made, basically it wants Ancapistan to be real, it is also Imperialistic and believes Ancapistan should claim government land and take them by any mean necessary, it believes in mostly using MCnukes to easily destroy governments, but it may also influence indirectly, by funding other ancap revolutions, AC final goal is for the whole world to be anarcho-capitalist.

    A Capital is radically anti-communist and may have some influences from avaritionism, it believes commies should be physically removed as well as authrights to secure freedom. It beieves in forming a private or voluntary military made to take over the world and believes ancapistan should have strong borders to keep statists out.


    The name "A Capital" comes from a already deleted video from Brazilian youtuber 'Toddyn', the video by itself doesn't have much to do with the ideology and is kinda of a joke but lexsiek just liked the name and decided to take it.

    How to Draw

    File:A Capital flag.png
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill the right half of the ball with black or a dark shade of gray
    3. Fill the left half with yellow
    4. Draw a "C" with white
    5. Place a "A" inside the "C"
    6. Add eyes and done




    • Agorism - Counter economics? STUPID! The government isn't going to end because you don't pay it
    • Anarcho-Communism - Fellow revolutionary anarchist, but wants us to regress us by implementing communism.


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