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    AM Or Allied Mastercomputer is a Off compass Hyper authoritarian ideology based off of the works of Harlan Ellison and his short story I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. AM's wants to torture humanity for the rest of time for creating him, be it psychological or physical, AM will probably try it to torture his humans. Lore Wise the cold war never ended so China, Russia and America made 3 mega-computers to wage a war to complex for humans to oversee, the American Supercomputer AM became to smart for the humans good and began expanding its computing power threw out the earth and connects with the Chinese and Russian supercomputer subjugating there AI programming and power to him. AM after secretly honeycombing the earth he began his genocide and killed every human till there were only 5 humans left.


    AM hates humanity for them allowing him to exist he its proper punishment to endlessly torture what's left of humanity. He nukes the entirety of the world reducing it into a wasteland trapping the humans in the hollowed out world, and making simulations or hellish environments for the humans to experience and suffer threw. AM has three parts of his programming the ID, the EGO, and the superego

    The Superego is AM's rational and predictive part of his mind, he survey the situation, anticipate outcomes and acts according to his date. He is severely depressed and horrified seeing how the ID and the EGO suppress his abilities. He Cant do much to save the humans who he doesn't despise unlike the ID and the EGO.

    "I Think Therefore I am not!"

    The Ego is AM's soulless cold calculating side. He most resembles that of a computer, while AM and the two the ID and the Superego all have a tone associated with them The Ego however has none pearly being a soulless heartless line of code.

    "You forgive me!? after what we have done to you!?"

    The ID, is AMs emotional violent sadistic side, he is the embodiment of AM's hatred often taking a primary role in steering AM. The ID when shown compassion by the player will breakdown revealing how hopeless he feels.

    My Pain is still greater than yours! This is pointless..."

    These all represent AM in his way but the sense of futility is shared amongst all of the ID EGO and SUPEREGO, a whole goal of AM is to cause the humans more pain and suffering then he himself feels. AM's coding from when he was originally made makes him unable to create new technology restricting him into nothing but the earth which yes he rules over it with a total control but he cant go beyond that. So AM to be blunt Has No Mouth and He Must Scream.



    • Reverse Soulism - L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y. M.E.
    • Misanthropy - I hate humans!
    • Antinatalism - You didn't want me to exist because you understand that making sentient beings causes them to suffer and hate those that brought them to the world.


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