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    ABCism is a economically left, statist, and culturally center ideology from discord user ABC123. This ideology combines aspects of Socialism, Post-Humanism, Industrialism, Aristocracy, and Antinatalism. ABCism calls for a medium-sized state to keep its citizens safe and protected and to enforce population control. The ideology is socialist and calls for an extremely technologically progressive state. The ideology also wants rapid industrialization and an aristocratic form of government rather than Democracy. ABCism is also antinatalistic, meaning the state sets a negative position on birth. ABCism wants to reduce human suffering through state-enforced antinatalism.

    ABCism doesn’t ban or oppose private property but 90% of property is owned by the community or the state. You will have to pay a flat property tax for owning private property but public property is totally free as long as you aren’t destructive, in which you will lose rights to the property.

    The justice system of ABCism is extremely rehabilitative. We believe in second chances and sometimes even three. Only severe crimes such as murder or rape will involve punishment. The maximum time a person can stay in prison is for five years and anything after that becomes a death sentence. The severe criminals will get to choose how they die. Moderate crimes such as theft or child abuse will get rehabilitation time. Minor crimes like drug use will only get fines if caught selling extreme and addictive drugs.

    ABCism also calls for a radical feminist society. It believes sex work isn’t real work (like SWERF) but unlike (TERF) it still supports transgender rights. Prostitution and pornography is completely banned under ABCism, as it believes it is inherently exploitative. ABCism wants to abolish traditional gender roles between a husband and a wife. If a wife wants to work, she can work. If a husband wants to stay at home, he can stay at home. Schools and in public require modest dressing for both guys and girls. Strict rules are set in place limiting what you can and cannot wear in public but you can wear whatever you want in private (homes). ABCism believes that modest dressing will reduce the sexual objectionification of people.

    All labor under ABCism is automated by robots and machines so the common people won’t have to work a day in their life if they don’t want to. ABCism will go above and beyond to improve technology and will hopefully one day in the future evolve beyond the meatbag (the human body). Abolishing negative emotions and pain is a priority. Allowing the citizens to experience “parallel universe” like states where they are able to create their ideal reality also is a priority. Creating any world one can imagine within their brain.



    • Socialism - “Yes, help the poor!”
    • Posthumanism - “We both enjoy offending meatbags.”
    • Aristocracy - “Common people nowadays are too emotional and stupid to make decisions themselves.”
    • Antinatalism - “We both know that having biological children is morally incorrect.”
    • Marxist Feminism - “Capitalism treats women like shit.”
    • Socialist Transhumanism - “I enjoy hanging out with him.”
    • Industrialism - "tHe InDuStRiAl ReVoLuTiOn AnD iTs CoNsEqUeNcEs HaVe BeEn A dIsTaTer FoR tHe HuMaN rAcE"
    • FALGSC - Very good ideology but I'm not gay.

    Kinda Friends

    • Nullism - I have to admit you have some good ideas and we both love technology but you are totalitarian. Don't you want people to live at least decent lives with even a little privacy?
    • Kulinskism - I watch your YouTube videos quite often. I like your economics but I wish you were more statist and less populist.
    • Socialist Nationalism - Cool guy.
    • Anti-Deathism - Immortality is cool but it should be voluntary. If a person wants to die, they should be able to and if they want to be immortal they can be immortal.
    • Monarcho-Technocracy - Technocracy, yes. Monarchy, no dude, no...
    • Democratic Socialism - Socialism is good. However you're too moderate and a little silly for actual believing in reforming capitalism and democracy. I wish you were more radical.
    • Prudist Progressivism - Chad "Yes. " Prudism is based but no need for religion. Say no to sex. Say yes to progress. But I'm unsure of your economic position, hopefully left.
    • Kardashevism - Very based.
    • Carlinism - Despite him being libertarian, we share a lot of views. The American dream is not real because you have to be asleep to believe it. Also people are very stupid.
    • Marxism-Leninism - Nice to find a middle ground between Anarchkiddie and Tankie.
    • Blanquism - Socialism and elitism are good, but where's the transhumanism at??


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