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    The economy would be based on a free market and regulated by technocrats. Technocrats would have a key role in developing economic plans, managing projects and conducting research on new technologies and solutions. On the other hand, markets and private companies would continue to be important players in the market and their role in the economy would be recognised. Think of it as china (kind of)


    The State would be structured in the form of a monarchy with the queen as the head of state and representing the unity of the nation and having real power ower it. At the same time, technocrats would have a decisive influence on most economic decisions, which would allow for quick and effective action. Technocrats would also serve as advisors for the queen

    what type of Monarchy are we talking?

    Monarchy under this ideology would work under these principles:

    1. Monarchy is elective that means when queen dies Technocrats sitting in Council of technocrats would elect new queen
    2. every province/state would have his own candidate to heir of throne (elected by popular vote no matter if queen lives or not)
    3. queen could vetto the candidate and then election must be repeated
    4. queen's and techoncrats power would be limited by constitution
    5. only womens above age of adulthood could vote or candidate for queen
    6. monarchy wouldn't be based on blodeline or anything so candidate don't need to come from nobilty


    Society would be organized in a way that would totaly empower women in society. Women would have better access to education, work and would be only ones alowed to participate in political decision-making. Role of males in this society is mostly as slaves or manual labour workers

    Where does A.M.E Thought stand on political compas

    Short answer: in the center

    Still short answer: somerhing fromcenre-right to Authunity Maybe Centre-Authright


    How to achieve Matriarchal Society

    That would be huge Theory



    fifth-Wave Feminism


    How To Draw


    Relations (Self Inserts)

    Relations (Ideologies)








    Literaly Patriachy






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