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    Enlistment Suffragism is a semi-liberal constitutional democracy comparable to a democratic version of feudalism. When you turn adult age, you have 2 options, either sign up for the selective service and gain the right to vote, or don't sign up and not gain the right to vote. Once you sign the selective service, you are on it for life. If someone refuses to sign up for the selective service and wishes to gain the right to vote, they can only do that by joining the military for a certain amount of time. The draft cannot be used to recruit people to invade another nation that hasn't attacked us. In that case, only volunteers can be used.

    Social Services

    All Education is free and taught through apprenticeships. Free healthcare and other forms of welfare are only for children and working people who have families, for it is easier to pay for healthcare if more people are being added to the workforce. Only married people and working with at least 2 children can enter into social security. Working Adults with 1 child will receive half coverage. Adoption is free because it frees up money that the government has to use on the kids. All other procedures such as surrogacy and in-vitro fertilization must be paid for by the individual. This is because they already have another alternative that doesn't cost any money (adoption) to get access to these social services.

    Civil Liberties

    The civil liberties under this system are the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. All citizens will have freedom of speech, press, expression, association, and religion. All citizens have rights to weapons that would be sensible for the government to use during a civil war. (Anti-tank weapons, guns, but not nukes, bombers, jets, warships, tanks.) They can't be forced to house soldiers during peacetime. They are free from unreasonable search and seizure. They are innocent until proven guilty. They have the right to a fair and speedy trial. They have the right to a trial by a jury of their peers. They have the right to not face cruel and unusual punishment. The government bans social media companies from restricting opinions on their site. This protects individuals from being banned for expressing their views and prevents free speech platforms from losing advertisers.


    People can choose what jobs they want. The healthcare industry is nationalized because it is too important to human life to be subject to the laws of supply and demand. The economy is capitalist but patents are reduced to the estimated amount of time it would take for a competitor to make a better product, to increase economic competition and collaboration rather than a company using a patent to hold their idea hostage from society. The market is only free if the tools for success are free. The industry of energy is nationalized and relies on nuclear power plants and solar panels. Nuclear waste will be disposed of by sending it into space. Inheritance isn't taxed because it's a donation. Churches aren't taxed because it's a donation, however, they are still subject to sales taxes. Banks are nationalized because if an economic collapse happens, the banks are going to be bailed out by the national government anyway. So why not just put it under government control? This system has a flat income tax.

    Judicial System

    Death penalty is outlawed but prisoners need to work to give themselves everything that they have while in prison. You might say that will incentivize the government to put people in prison but that isn't the case. They will choose the jobs they have while in prison and the government's cut is only the taxes from the salaries they get from said job. The government would be making the same amount of money if there were no prisoners. They can even work to give themselves luxuries while in prison. Why punish prisoners when we can profit? Even the 13th Amendment allows for slavery as a criminal punishment. Attempting to escape prison will not result in an increased sentence because it is natural for them to want to escape and they expose flaws within the prison.

    Social Policy

    No fault divorce will only apply to married people without born or unborn children, because it negatively affects their development. Abortion is banned unless the mother risks death. The death penalty is outlawed. Gay marriage is allowed. All religions are allowed. Affirmative action is banned. All drugs are allowed and sold by state pharmacies but are heavily taxed to help pay for rehab centers. Pornography is banned. Gambling is allowed but is taxed to pay for gambling rehab. Alcohol is allowed but is heavily taxed to pay for alcohol abuse programs. People who get people addicted to things by slipping them something without the other person knowing will be fined the bill amount to them going to rehab. Prostitution is banned


    Immigration is encouraged to increase our country's manpower. Immigrants can gain the right to vote if they sign up for the draft once they gain citizenship. Illegal immigrants if caught will be jailed until they can verify their citizenship from another country. Once their citizenship is verified, they can choose to stay and complete the citizenship test or return to their previous country.

    Foreign Policy

    I agree with collaborating with other nations to avoid or end war, and free trade. But I don't agree with international aid, why should I give money to people who aren't under my control or command?

    Governmental system

    The government system will be like the United States with a legislative, executive, and judicial branch. To run for president, you must be born in and have citizenship in our country. You must have military experience and be at least 30 years old to be able to run for president in the United States. Rules for how voting in the national government is conducted are nationwide. The Electoral College is banned. All people must be signed up for the draft to run for a governmental position.



    Authoritarian Democracy - The right to vote, for those who deserve it, Based.

    Social Authoritarianism - Welfare for only those who deserve it, Based.

    Nationalism - National Sovereignty begins with the Nation, Based.

    Militarism - The only thing that makes people deserving of political representation. Based.

    Pacifism - You chose to not be drafted over the right to vote. That's okay. You know your place. Run along and be a good civilian.

    Libertarianism Whether you choose to sign up for the selective service or not, you can have life, liberty, and property. My respect for these rights allows people to choose whether or not they want to sign up for the draft.


    Welfarists - I support welfare but I think you should be a little more selective in who gets it.

    Feudalism - You reward your soldiers with peasants to work the lands you give them which is good, but not with political representation. Also, you don't allow everyone to be a soldier which sucks.

    Democracy(military draft) - You give everyone the right to vote in return that everyone has to serve. That's good but a little forced. They are not going to feel any loyalty because it's not a choice that they made.

    Socialism You nationalize some essential industries (where the laws of supply and demand don't apply) which I guess is good. But you give money to those who don't deserve it and you take control over nonessential industries which destroys competition.

    Capitalism(free market) - For nonessential industries, it encourages innovation like no one else. But the laws of supply and demand don't apply to essential industries which can easily be exploited.

    Anarcho-Capitalism - Your Private Military Contractors voluntarily fight for you in exchange for cash, it's not political representation but it's something.

    Anarcho-Communism You lead your society in a localized direct democracy, which means you are all obligated to fight when attacked. But you give money to people who don't deserve it.

    Anti-Authoritarianism I agree that you shouldn't be forced to fight under a government that you disagree with, but don't expect me to represent you if you refuse

    Ultranationalism I agree that devotion to one's nation is important. But I wouldn't do it at the expense of the people who aren't willing to fight considering that they are willing to give up their political representation to do so.

    Constitutionalism I agree with you for having a social contract, but I think you should let people choose whether to enter into it or not, they are going to maintain more loyalty if they are making the decision themselves

    Internationalism I agree with you about collaborating with other nations to avoid or end war, and free trade but I don't agree with international aid, why should I give money for people who aren't under my control or command?


    Democracy (no military draft) - You expect people to fight for people who wouldn't do the same for them? and give them the same voting power? WITHOUT A DRAFT? disgusting

    Autocracy You give the soldiers you forced to fight no political representation or benefits, meaning the only way they can gain political representation is by revolting. disgusting

    Totalitarism same as above

    Absolute Monarchism same as above

    Fascism same as above

    Monarchism same as above

    Marxism–Leninism same as above

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