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    900ism is a non-quadrant culturally right ideology that wants to return to 900 and the 10th century (and abolish everything under 1023 years old / made after December 31, 999), along with their historical culture, technology, languages, etc. 900ism can also be considered a more extreme version of 1000ism due to this.

    Along with 0ism, 100ism, 200ism, 300ism, 400ism, 500ism, 600ism, 700ism, 800ism and 1000ism, 900ism is the complete opposite of Post-2000ism.


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    Stylistic Notes

    900ism is a living Countryball/Polcompball plush doll because of the stitches on it, meaning that plush stuffing will come out of it when it gets damaged.



    • 1000ism - Based as always, but why bring back the First Crusade?
    • 1100ism - Basically 1000ism but with more crusading, which feels a bit too advanced for me.
    • 1200ism - Same as the above guy but a bit more advanced with later stages of the Crusades.


    • 1300ism - You have got to understand that you don't go far enough!


    • 1400ism , 1500ism , 1600ism , 1700ism and 1800ism - Aghh, too advanced!
    • Electritocracy - Get that weird thunder box outta here!
    • Post-2000ism - Please stop burning me with your weird fire witchcraft for God’s sake! I’m a sentient stuffed Polcompball, not a pig for you to cook into pork on a fireplace! And please shut up about black hole bombs and immortality before I expel you from Scandinavia!


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