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    8dreams is a modified version of 8Values that measures users' alignment with off-compass ideologies. The values represent extreme and off-compass versions of the standard eight values. 8dreams was created in May 2020 as promotion for Grej's Realicide webseries.

    • Altruity - Refers to the belief that all property, no matter the form or ownership, should be collectivized. This can include information, all forms of currency, and personal property.
    • Avarice - Refers to the belief that all forms of property should be privatized and competed over in the free market. Those who are dominant within the market economy should thus gain more property.
    • Dominant - Individuals want their ideology spread throughout the world. They think force can be used when spreading an ideology.
    • Insular - Individuals avoid forcing their opinion on others. They prefer to use methods like leading by example and "propaganda of the deed".
    • Self - Oriented individuals believe in the power of the individual. They tend to support an anarchist or egoist government (if any). They believe Egoism is, inevitably, what makes humans human.
    • Totality - Oriented individuals believe in an absolute government. They think individuals have no power at all, and only the state should have power.
    • Stalwart - Individuals believe that a person's physical strength is their core value, and their behavioral characteristics can only by dictated by the strong or by the surrounding environment.
    • Hedonic - Individuals believe that a person's personal happiness is the core value of any human. Though not always, they are usually secular or atheist, and support different types of communities standing up for their own unique characteristics.
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