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    4xism is an ideology that revolves around the thought of 4x. It is heavily oversimplified and vague when explained in this wiki. Whatever said here is a pure simplification/generalization or even exaggerated/false when regarding 4x's political ideology.

    4xism rejects division and hierachy and blames money for the creation of these issues. The limitations of what an individual can recieve is the true limit to the limits of their freedom after literal physics and biology. As money is only a law of humanity and not a law of the universe, 4xism believes it can be removed starting with the rejection of "economic laws"

    The thought of 4x revolves around anarchism, syndicalism, maybe communism, and nihilism or absurdism. Hierachies must be rejected as it is in the way of the individual and the collective's freedom and liberty. It distracts people with false sense of growth and decay and as such people will waste their entire life trying to satisfy greed from trying to upgrade in hierachy, pride in trying to keep hierachy, glutton from trying to please hierachy and wrath in trying to force the hierachy to be verticle. The other sins are also a result from the selfishness caused by hierachy. These hierachies are in the way of the morals of the human and as such must be abolished or turned into horizontal hierachies. The fuel these hierachies run on is money.

    Since life is either meaningless or too irrational to give a meaning, these hierachies have no inherent value. The people must ensure whatever they want to do as long as everyone has consent. As such, in a meaningless and/or random life, people must be able to enjoy themselves without forcing others to not be able to enjoy themselves. After all, if life has no meaning, why should someone lose their consent to please you, your power over them is meaningless.

    4xism wants to give everyone the ability to enjoy life in their own way. Speech will be tolerated in any forms, tho consequences of being judged will also be tolerated. Anyone can do anything as long as they are enjoying life to the fullest without making other lose their chance of enjoying life to the fullest chance. Once the power of money and hierachies is abolished, the meaning of life can be whatever we want so long as we dont force our actions onto others and unintentionally try to force a meaning. Maybe the meaning of the universe can be removed and even physics can be challenged with the help of black holes or a rip in math through magic. Imagination and Liberty awaits.


    4xism can be miserable due to the fact not everyone agrees on abolishing hierachy which he believes is why he could not achieve full potiential but he has no true hatred except against those who torture and kill and force harm via removal of consent. As such he is very stubborn but forgiving and tolerant and social. He respects Mother Anarchy Anarchism. He will often try to aid people when possible if it helps them thrive (unless there is an expense of someone else). In a sense, He wants everyone to trust each other.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a Black Flag
    2. In the blank blackness add 12 stars.
    3. Add eyes and color them red
    4. Draw a Pirate Hat with skulls and swords on it and you're done!


    Good Times and Thoughts

    • Anarchism - Good approach. Abolish the law for it abolishes the joy I have in my life. Mother Anarchy loves all unlike the law.
    • Anarcho-Syndicalism - Based Older Brother. Long If the union demands the necessary options for the people, It has done its job in helping everyone.
    • Anarcho-Communism - Another good older brother.
    • Anarcho-Nihilism - You have the right words, execution, mindset but you have a downer lifestyle. Cheer up. If life is meaningless, listen to your urges. Surely some of them must be happy, older brother.
    • Anarcha-Feminism - Women rights help women enjoy life! My older sister is smart!
    • Libertarian Socialism - Even a limited state is a hierachy but imperialism is a worse violation of consent than you are. You are my friend, then. Your heart is in the right places.
    • Gift Economy - You prove money does not have to exist
    • Anarcho-Egoism - My older brother's urges does not violate consent and is happy. I like him.
    • Barbatos Freedom - Even if you are just in a game, the values you say are actually agreeable.
    • Humanism - You are amazing for the help you put out. Your positivity is amazing. As long as you don't force people to care, we're set.
    • Soulism - The ideal goal. Too bad you're unattainable.
    • Temujin Leeism - Despite your criticism of AnSynd, You're still really based and also even OffCompassPilled.


    • Anarcho-Transhumanism - If people want you fine. But if a virus can destroy you.. can you really ensure you can prevent hierachy
    • Anarcho-Primitvism - If people want you fine. But for you, instead of a computer virus, its a real virus wiping out everyone and preventing everyone from living life to what they need.
    • Jaocbinism - Right Heart, Wrong Execution. Execution being literal in this sense. Why did you go from nobles, which was reasonable, to killing innocent catholics. :(
    • Maoism - Same as above.
    • American Model - Your revolution was progressive. You were originally pretty egalitarian. You were doing so well, Why did you allow slavery to have so much power in the 19th century?

    Terrible Notions

    • Nazism You are digusting. The worst form of pride being used to implement hierachy. Your genocide is awful. Follow your leader.
    • Fascism - Destroy the state, everything outside the state, everyone against the state. No racist or xenophobic hierachy is good. You lost 1945.
    • Totalitarianism - Hierachy to the max? How dare you.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - You hate hierachy and you might be okay short term but your love for money will create consent violations! Greed will make you wither!
    • Avaritionism - You are proof that the above's greed will cause wither.
    • Marxism–Leninism - Every vanguard you create causes gloom. Your own bad organization will be your perishing.
    • Feudalism - You are what everyone fears. Your form is greed, pride and gluttony. And your form is what makes history gloomy. 1789 abolished you. A beautiful hope.
    • Reactionaryism - Conservatism and Traditionalism ends up to you and the return to an oppressive past is sad and painful.
    • Juche - Your only good part is your anti-imperialism. Other than that you are what I oppose.
    • Ei's Eternity - Terrible ideals even in fiction. Any ideas you made were garbage. You are the last three without the aristocracy family part.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - Fatui Scum will replace the unfair status quo with a system more unfair than previously.
    • Misanthropy - There is way too many humans in history and as of right now for you to generalize them all. Your wrath blinds you. Seek help.
    • Zamasuism - Your hatred is misguided and meaningless. Your divinity is meaningless. In fact, YOUR ACTIONS ARE MEANINGLESS. THIS VIOLATION OF CONSENT IS CAUSED BY IGNORANT WRATH!


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