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    2x2Masterism is the ideology and self insert of the user 2x2Master.png 2x2Master. The ideology is generally conservative, economically centre-right to right-wing, civically liberal to libertarian, and extremely based.

    Governmental Views

    Small Government

    • 2x2Master supports and believes in small government, however he wouldn't consider himself a full-on minarchist.
    • The main purpose of the government is to protect the citizens, operate a few simple & useful services, collaborate with other nations as well as keep itself running.

    Government System

    • 2x2Master supports democracy & voting, implemented both nationally and worldwide. No corruption, rigged elections, ballot stuffing or the like should be allowed take place.
    • One of the main priorities of this ideology is "upgrading" democracy and giving the populace a larger voice in government decision making. The end goal of this idea is establishing semi-direct democracy in Australia on a federal level.
    • Referendums should be held regularly on all levels, including the federal, state and local levels. These referendums will mostly be centred around particular issues, especially cultural ones such as drugs or abortion. Issues relating to things such as economics or diplomacy should be decided by elected representatives.
    • He does not support compulsory voting, since it gives less freedom to the voter, and it increases the possibility of a major-party system.
    • He strongly opposes an Australian republic. Instead, he supports constitutional monarchy as a cultural tradition and a way to strengthen relations with the UK.
    • He promotes and supports a parliamentary system over a presidential system for many reasons, such as governemnt accountability, stability, the existence of coalition governments and most importantly, the system of proportional representation (which helps prevent anything like OchloAngry.png this from happening). He also supports the system due to it integrating better into a constitutional monarchist system.

    Decentralization and Federalism

    • 2x2Master sees many benefits in decentralization, and he sees federalism as the superior system compared to unitarism. There are many reasons for this, including:
      • DvAnarchy.png Decentralization of Power - Federalism is a very easy way to decentralize the power of governments. Since 2x2Master is a strong supporter of decentralization, having a federal system is something that must be done in his own eyes.
      • Local.png Focus on Local Issues - A very obvious advantage of federalism is allowing focus on local issues such as infrastructure, etc.
      • Nation.png Preventing Separation - Most separatist movements (succession from another nation, not from any sort of group/alliance) come from unitary countries, yet there are barely any separatist movements in federal countries in comparison. Why this is the case is pretty obvious.

    Free Speech

    • 2x2Master would consider himself a free speech absolutist.
    • Everyone should be able to say whatever without any fear of legal consequences. The only exceptions he sees to this are threats of violence against individuals, or a small group of individuals
    • Under the law, all opinions should be treated equally, even if the opinions are SJW.png literal dogshit Whitesup.png.
    • He also supports ostracism & boycotting as a method of combatting SJW.png those kinds of ideas Whitesup.png rather than censorship/state punishment.
    • He also believes that the largest social media companies should have to tolerate most political views, but they should not be required to tolerate Avar.png calls for violence, Whitesup.png supremacist views or classic OchloAngry.png cancelling. Smaller social media networks should be able to ban anyone for any reason.
    • He also supports complete Mediastocracy flair.png freedom of press, the legality of Thar.png whistleblowers, and the right to make Altr.png edgy jokes. He opposes practically all forms of state censorship.

    Economic Views

    Basic Ideas

    • 2x2Master follows the Chilib.png Chicago and Austrobert.png Austrian schools of economics, and considers his own ideas a fusion between the two schools.
    • He also strongly believes in the subjective theory of value.
    • 2x2Master supports backing the economy with a GoldStandard.png gold standard. He believes the gold standard prevents inflation and leads to long-term economic growth.


    • 2x2Master is a strong supporter of free markets, low regulation, economic competition and the like.
    • He believes that the government's role in the economy should be strictly limited to preventing market failures, maintain competition and getting rid of monopolies.


    • While 2x2Master is strongly against any sort of excessive taxation, he does believe that taxation is (sadly) necessary for governments to properly function.
    • 2x2Master supports a completely flat tax. He also believes a tax rate above 15% is borderline theft.

    Property Ownership

    • 2x2Master strongly values the right to own property, whether that be land, private or personal property.
    • He is mostly against the state seizing property, with exceptions being severe criminal circumstances.
    • He also believes that individuals should be able to do almost anything with their own property.
    • He thinks that individuals should be able to profit off their private property if they desire.

    Legal/Policy Views

    Libertarian Paternalism.png
    Basic Ideas

    • 2x2Master supports the main ideas of the non-aggression principle. He believes that crimes without victims shouldn't be punishable (with a few exceptions, such as ownership of nuclear weaponry).
    • He despises paternalism, as it limits freedom, puts more strain on the government and leads millions to jail for seemingly no reason (as seen in the War on Drugs). Instead, he prefers Libertarian Paternalism.png libertarian paternalism, which believes that measures that aren't restrictions (such as public safety campaigns and taxes on products) should be used to discourage harmful choices (such as drugs).


    • 2x2Master supports decriminalization of all drugs, and legalization of most drugs (including weed) to prevent many problems that stem from drug restrictions, and to give more freedom to individuals.
    • However, drug use should still be viewed negatively, both by the state and the general public.
    • He supports putting taxes on drugs to prevent their usage (while still allowing them to be used), and as a way to fund everything that taxation goes towards.
    • Once drugs are legalized, that entails the total collapse of black market drugs and cartels. As we all know, buying drugs from this kind of market is risky and dangerous. Once drugs are allowed on the white market, the need for a black market will fade away, and most sellers will follow the law from that point forward.
      • Basic law & regulations can be easily implemented from then, which will lead to a much safer drug buying experience.
    • Additionally, 2x2Master is a supporter of medical cannabis, and he believes it may be the future of medicine. He is also fine with drugs being on the white market and drug farms/labs.

    Gun Ownership

    • As a libertarian, 2x2Master supports gun ownership, and opposes strict gun control or total gun bans. He believes that Australian gun laws are unnecessarily strict.
    • He sees proper reasoning for owning a gun, whether that be self-defense, hunting, target practice, or just collection.
    • Gun owners should be able to get their hands on automatic weaponry (or in the later stages, military-grade weaponry) for collection or recreation.
    • He believes that if a gun owner can be trusted with a pistol, they should also be trusted with more advanced weaponry.
    • Almost all types of guns should be obtainable to the public through some method, with the obvious limit being WMDs and the like.
    • 2x2Master supports the idea of needing a permit to buy guns, but not to own the guns themselves. Permits should be easily obtainable with a clean criminal record and training of firearm safety.
    • On the other hand, he does not support mandatory gun registry, due to the possibility of leaking, which gives away locations of many guns to criminals.
    • He strongly values self-defense, and believes that methods of it should be thought to the population.
    • 2x2Master opposes all "appearance laws" for firearms.
    • He wants practically zero regulations on replica weaponry (such as airsoft), and very little regulations on non-firearm weapons such as shanks knives.
    • He supports the legality & availability of suppressors to protect the hearing of shooters.

    Age Restrictions


    Cultural Views

    Social Conservatism

    • When it comes to culture, 2x2Master would consider himself a social conservative (or a SocCon DEEZ NUTS!).
    • He believes that the national culture of Australia must be preserved. He usually opposes most new social changes in this day and age.
    • He supports national holidays (including the unnecessarily controversial Australia Day, Christian holidays like Christmas, and holidays important to Australia's history such as ANZAC Day).


    • 2x2Master is not against the practice of homosexuality. He believes homosexuals should have equal rights to heterosexuals from a legal perspective.
    • He supports same-sex marriage legalization, and he believes it is entirely possible for a same-sex couple to care & love for each other just as much as a heterosexual couple could.
    • He believes in a moderate version heteronormativity based off biological standpoints. He believes that heterosexuality is biologically more common than homosexuality, as well as it being the more biologically preferred option due to reproduction. Despite this, he still sees homosexuality as definitely possible and normal.
    • He opposes gay pride, the glorification of sexual orientations and the existence of a broader "LGBT movement" or "community". He believes homosexual individuals should be expected to fit in with the rest of society and not make a big deal about their sexual orientation, rather than focus everything on something which really should be private matters..
    • He denies the existence of a "gay culture", as it is mostly vile fetish stuff most sane gay people would be repulsed by.


    • 2x2Master is opposed to abortions, as he believes it involuntary cuts off the life of a soon-to-be child. The only exceptions to this are with rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in danger.
    • While he is pro-life, he does believe individuals should decide whether they have children or not, and they should also be legally able to use contraceptives.

    Civic-Cultural Nationalism

    • While he believes that nationhood should be defined by citizenship, he also believes that an underlying culture should be one of the most important part of a nation, thus making him a CivCultNat.png civic-cultural nationalist.

    Geopolitical Views

    Technological Views

    Free Internet

    2x2Master strongly believes in the idea of a "free internet", which he defines as:

    PCB Views


    This section is for user ratings, and is influenced by both personality and ideology. While the ratings are based off of both the ideology and the personality of the user, it is mostly based off ideology. S and F are special tiers reserved for extreme cases of either basedness or cringe.

    S Left.png Absolute Gigachads! (S Tier) S Right.png

    • Neoafun.png Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Politically, we agree almost everything, not to mention you are also a libertarian conservative. Also a pretty cool dude
    • SrDeyvidIcon.png Sr Deyvid Thought - Absolute god-tier ideology, may as well be the closet self-insert to my own here, minus the non-interventionism. You could be a little nicer to protestants like myself tho.
    • SomeCrusade.png SomeCrusaderism - I didn't really expect it, but this ideology has a lot in common with my own. To sum it up, it's very similar to my own ideas, but with a more religion-based approach. Nice!

    A Left.png Based! (A Tier) A Right.png

    • Neohumicon.png Neo-humanism - A chadbertarian with many incredible takes. Hell, you somehow managed to execute your progressivism better than a lot of conservatives can. MR BEAAAAAAASSTT
    • Chcknwngsbll.png Chcknwngs Thought - Even if your ideology was a bit better a year ago, you still to this day cannot convince me this guy is NOT based.
    • JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism - Many of your takes are too extreme, but I still see this as a great ideology. Pls come back with the milk already
    • NSL.png Pirate Tails Ideology - Very funny guy. Completely spot on with the state and the economy, the only thing you need to do is C O N S E R V E
    • Beryism.gif Beryism - One of the most chill users and yet another based libertarian. You have many based ideas, especially with trade. But maybe you should think about starting to C O N S E-
    • NeophibunV2.png Neo-Phibunsongkhram Thought - Me but radical and a hoppean. Glad that we're both catching up again, it's been quite a while.
    • Adamist.png Adamtheuseless Thought - Way too progressive for myself, but this looks seriously promising. If you ever shift towards conservative views, you'll become just like me.

    B Left.png Pretty Good! (B Tier) B Right.png

    • Omega1065.png Omegaism - Arch nemesis turned one of my closest and oldest allies. Ideologically, too progressive and left-leaning for myself, but definitely one of the most tolerable liberal self inserts. Best part about your political views is the diplomacy, pretty much perfection. Also, thanks for getting me into PCB discord and being such a cool guy.
    • 16384ism.png 16384ism - He definitely is on the right track with his views on modern social justice, but I don't think completely going against feminism is the best idea, because if done well, feminism does have the potential to be a good thing for both women and men. Your support for movements like the manosphere and the alt-right is also pretty concerning. However, your criticism for these types of movements are pretty valid and do address the flaws with modern social justice. As for everything else, it's pretty good but I don't have much to say about it.
    • OwfBall.png Owfism - Not quite perfect with economics and not a fan of the overly progressive ideas, but you love some good 'ol FREEDOM just like me.
    • Amogus Suss.png Amogus Suss Thought - Seems alright, but I can't help but feel this ideology is a tad bit sus...
    • Neo-XarTario.png Neo-XarTario Thought - This is really strange, to put it lightly. It doesn't have a quadrant nor influences, and it seems to be more of a policy list than anything. But some of your takes sound pretty nice... except for unironically supporting the purge...? What the actual fuck?

    C Left.png Eh, alright. (C Tier) C Right.png

    • Glencoe.png Glencoeism - Your typical socdem, but definitely far from the worst I've seen.
    • Syntridem3.png Neo-Syncretic Tridemism - Possibly my oldest ally and the person who got me really into PCB stuff as a whole. Your opposition to intervention and anti-capitalism is not my thing at all, but when it comes to culture, me and you have very similar views. I'll still miss when were on PCB, but I hope everything is going better right now.
    • Brazlib.png Brazilian Liberalism - Pretty much the modern US state liberal democrat... but in Brazil. I'm not a fan minority quotas, free abortion and banning "assault rifles", to say the least. Good foreign policy though, and you remind me of my views from a few years back sometimes.
    • AryanMonarchBow.png Aryan Monarchism - Most of this isn't great (especially the white supremacy), aside from the obvious libertarianism and capitalism. Also, this ideology really fucking strange.
    • BERNHEism.png BERNHEism - Kinda great economics, pretty good culturally, but disgusting views on the state. Your stance on eugenics is nothing short of based however, and he's a cool person to talk to.
    • Brainrust.png BrainRustism - Damn, it seems you've done some adjustments with your ideology. Not gonna lie, it's so much better now.

    D Left.png Not that good... (D Tier) D Right.png

    • DoesntExist.png Nonexistism - Personally, extremely funny and great to talk to. Ideologically, a very cringe socialist, isolationist and authoritarian. At least you reject the worst part of the socialist left: the overly progressive identity politics.
    • Borker thought pixels 4.png Borker Thought - Great guy, but you're a left-wing anarchist. Definitely one of the better ones I've seen though, because you actually care about preserving culture unlike NeoLukko.png others.
    • NNGM.png New North German Model - Pretty cool guy and the owner of a server I'm really active on, but sometimes weirds me out especially with the aryan femboy stuff. Obviously most parts about your ideology are cringe from my perspective, and the love of god, cool it down with the ethnopluralism.
    • Panth.png Pantheonism - Obviously not a fan of socialism nor ultra-globalism, but he's a funny person who made a comic about me one time.
    • Jefsynd.png Jefbol Thought - Another socialist, but you do seem pretty cool personally.
    • Juhxx.png Iberian Communism - Incredible artist and nice person... but communism? Really? At least you don't seem as authoritarian as many other communists on this site Why did you call me a cwingelord, it huwt my feewings...
    • NeoGlencoe.png Neo-Glencoeism - Looks like Tony took the bluepill. At least you aren't full of "intersectional diversity" bullshit like state liberals usually are.

    F Left.png Cringe! (F Tier) F Right.png

    • HelloThere314Icon.png HelloThere314ism - Clearly you've put a lot of thought into this philosophy, but wouldn't this just lead to pure unending chaos? Also, praxis >>> theory
    • Aldath03.png Aldathism - Moderate for a literal nazi, but still a terrible ideology that appears to have nothing redeeming it.
    • Guard-Occo.png National Fracturism - An overly authoritarian socdem who seems to have a slight opposite of my ideology.
    • MLL.png Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Libra Thought - Terrible ideology that is practically my opposite, but but we do get on well, so that's cool. However, it's pretty damn cringe how you hate most people I like, and prefer gronks like Kretk/Hank Schrader instead.
    • Neokira2.png Meowxism - This has to be a joke to piss me off, right? No? Okay, well, check your mailbox then.
    • Pixil-frame-0(38).png Neo-Majapahitism - Your ideology is extremely cringe. Gives me "I'm 11 and I just watched Jreg for the first time" vibes. This ideology is just an extremely edgy fascist ideology. We do get on kinda well though so that's that.
    • NeoLukko.png Neo-Lukkoism - Typical post-leftist ancom shit, but your support for xenogenders and gender abolishment makes your ideology 10 times worse. You seem pretty alright as a person although I crush you in any debates or arguments, and it's fun to troll you for your beliefs on gender
    • Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism - He's kinda cool personally, but damn your ideology is cringe as fuck

    Z Left.png Absolutely terrible! (Z Tier) Z Right.png

    • CENSORED.png ████████ - Insufferable as fuck, not to mention you like children.
    • Jeff1123.png Jeff1123 (and all his dumbass alts) - I hate to break it to you, but nobody thinks you are funny. Please, GTFO of this wiki.
    • Hydra.png Hydra'ism - How's your twitter account going for ya? Troll.png
    • SwordC.png SwordComradism - Shit content, trash ideology, and you ruined PCB!
    • React.png New Reactionism - Lmao, you got banned. You are stupid beyond comprehension tbh

    S Left.png Absolute Gigachads! (S Tier) S Right.png

    A Left.png Based! (A Tier) A Right.png

    • Austrobert.png Austrian School - Great economics, however I'm not too sure if going full laissez-faire is the safest or most feasible idea.
    • Paleolib.png Paleolibertarianism - Many people mistake me for you, however I generally think this ideology takes everything way too far for myself, and most of the time you have dogshit foreign policy. Despite this, this ideology has quite a lot of similarities with mine. I'll prefer Libcon.png him, however.
    • Socliber.png Social Libertarianism - Love the libertarian ideology, but a full-on welfare state is excessive. Also, Andrew Yang is ultra-based
    • Hayek Conservatism.png Hayekian Conservatism - Conservativism AND Hayekian economics? YOOO THIS IS EPI- oh... Well, I wouldn't say I particularly like protectionism, but the rest is pretty damn based.
    • Tradcon.png Classical Conservatism - *sips tea*

    B Left.png Pretty Good! (B Tier) B Right.png

    • Bhl.png Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - Libertarianism is good in my book, and you have some good foundations, but overall it's too progressive. Also, most followers of this are, dare I say it, woke.
    • FDF-Pirate.png Piratism - Copyright law needs a lot of reforms, but going against intellectual property... really?
    • Korwinism-Pikselart.png Korwinism - Nice job with small government & capitalism, and being culturally right is nice (even if you take it too far), but you definitely have a few screws loose. Also, you are nothing short of hilarious. Yooo, another conbert who likes femboys? Such an epic gaming moment.
    • Geokitty.png Georgism - Doesn't make or break a deal for me, however I don't personally adhere to this. Not the worse, but maybe you should have a little more property rights.

    C Left.png Eh, alright. (C Tier) C Right.png

    • Libms.png Libertarian Market Socialism - Looks like libertarian socialism got a real glow up. Still s*cialist though.
    • Hoppef.png Hoppeanism - Me but super radical. Not gonna lie, I really do like the sound of small communities that respect property rights and hold shared values. And a lot of people make you out to be super racist, which you really aren't. Your anti-democracy sentiment is still super coal, though. PHYSICAL REMOVAL, LET THE ROTORS START

    D Left.png Not that good... (D Tier) D Right.png

    F Left.png Cringe! (F Tier) F Right.png

    Z Left.png Absolutely terrible! (Z Tier) Z Right.png

    • Totalitarian.png Totalitarianism - The grandfather of all the most brutal, violent and horrifying ideologies ever created. Hard nope.
    • Fash.png Fascism - You completely tore the world apart at one part with WW2 and you have spawned the most infamous and genocidal regimes in history. Fuck off now, and fuck off forever.
    • Nazi.png Nazism - How the fuck could someone not hate you? You have caused millions of unneeded deaths, committed the holocaust, started WW2 and the list goes on. Your modern followers are annoying as well.
    • Esofash.png Esoteric Fascism - Nazism but shiczophernic. Yeah, I'm gonna say no to that one, chief.
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - The worst economic system known to mankind. I kindly request you to shut the fuck up.
    • Neoml.png Neo-Marxism–Leninism - *screams in pure pain and agony*
    • RedGuard.png Maoism - You completely ruined China!
    • MLM-Alt.png Marxism–Leninism–Maoism - Terrorist maoism. Absolutely vile.
    • Polpot.png Pol Potism - This is why I don't like communism, it leads to stuff like... this. communism leads to. Also, don't even think about touching my sunglasses!
    • Juche.png Juche - What a vile ideology, pretty much 1984 in real life.
    • Jihad.png Jihadism - It's not halal to blow up buildings, allah would very much disapprove.
    • Posadist.png Posadism - So you want to nuke the earth, and then the aliens will come and establish communism on Earth? I ain't gonna get nuked for some alien communism stuff, mate.
    • XiJinpingThoughtf.png Xi Jinping Thought - A dangerous modern day dicktator with totalitarian control, not to mention everything going on in Xinjang. I hope you get bought down to your demise, sicko. You are the #1 enemy to the west.
    • Putin.png Putinism - SLAVA UKRAINI!
    • Strans.png Stransserism - Super hot What the actual fuck is this?

    How to Draw

    Flag of 2x2Masterism

    2x2Master's flag is a green to aqua gradient with a 2x2 grid in the middle. This grid symbol is the same as the one used in the design of Geolib.png Geolibertarianism. This design is intended as a reference to the "2x2" part of his name, and not a reference to his ideology.

    1. Fill a ball with a gradient ranging from light green (#00FF77) to aqua (#00FFFF).
    2. Draw a 4-squared diamond in pure white (#FFFFFF)
    3. Draw black (#000000) sunglasses on the ball, and add reflections to the sunglasses in white (#FFFFFF).
    4. Finally, add a cap in dark grey (#252525), and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light Green #00ff77 0, 255, 119
    Aqua #00ffff 0, 255, 255
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Dark Grey #252525 37, 37, 37

    Test Showcase

    Political Tests

    Non-Political Tests

    The 2x2Masterist Museum

    Page Credits

    Thank you to these people for the page codes used, or being a major inspiration:

    • NeophibunV2.png NesanelF, for creating several page elements and being a major page inspiration.
    • 16384ism.png Person #16384, for designing the relation tier list icons.
    • Neoafun.png Afunhumaninter, for being a major page inspiration

    Additionally, there is a certain user who does not deserve to be credited at all here.