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    2x2Masterism is a right-liberal self insert ideology that represents the political views of the one and only 2x2Master. It's an ideology mostly based off classical liberalism, supporting free markets and natural rights (as you probably expected), with some nationalistic viewpoints thrown in too. He supports (semi-)direct democracy as a government system.

    He holds a firm belief in equality of opportunity, shaping a good amount of his beliefs.



    He's a free-market capitalist, supporting a deregulated economy with free trade, minimal business regulations, mass privatisation, & denationalisation of the money supply. He takes heavy inspiration from austrolibertarianism, particularly the Hayekian branch of it, as well as the Chicago school.

    Despite being a filthy capitalist, he's against the government favouring certain corporations in any way, whether it be through lobbying, bailouts, you get the picture.


    Social Services/Welfare


    2x2Masterism is an opponent of excessive bureaucracy and supports a state playing a more minimal role in society, existing for the purpose of protecting life, liberty & property. Ideally, this government would only fulfill the roles of managing the law, borders, policing, defense, protection of culture and basic infrastructure (to an extent). A good majority of these roles would be handled by state/local governments.


    He supports a federal, parliamentary, bicameral & constitutional government system, favouring (the obviously superior) Australian-style referential voting over other electoral systems. He also supports continuing constitutional monarchism in Commonwealth realms.

    Modern-day representative democracies, especially larger ones, are closer to electocracies than true democracy. As a solution, I support direct democracy (particularly semi-direct), alongside voluntary voting, fixed parliamentary terms, citizens' initiatives & recall elections, as well as preferential voting/instant-runoff outside of Australia. The Helvetic/Swiss model is based in regards to all of this.

    Freedom of Speech

    This might not come as a surprise, but he's a strong supporter of freedom of speech. As a valuable liberty, free speech should continue to be unhindered, and the same goes with free press, no matter if it's "hate speech" or "obscenity" or whatever. In other words, I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. He's against censorship in almost every case, minus CP n that.


    On social issues, he borders on almost complete apathy. As long as you don't make it my problem, I won't make it yours.



    • Classical Liberalism - The one who started it all, and my most prevalent influence.
    • Libertarianism - Small government, individual freedom & free trade? Sounds good to me!





    S Tier (66-77)

    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - The closest thing to a perfect ideology on this wiki, with a great man behind it.
    • Unfortunate Son Thought - Another one very close to perfection, another great model for the US.
    • MacDeko's thought - Another libertarian with a lot of views close to mine, can't go wrong.
    • Neo-humanism - Another contender in the wiki's most based category, there's only a few minor things that I disagree with, but that's beside the point.

    A Tier (55-65)

    • Adamtheuseless Thought - Based Austrian economics, just throw out all of this support globalism and intervention. I'm still wondering where the hell you went.
    • Pirate Tails Ideology - You've got some pretty based takes, but why do you hate lolberts?
    • Schumacherianism - Libertarianism pushed to it's most violent extreme, though of course, we still have identical reasons for many things.
    • Constantine Thought - Despite our fair share of minor disagreements on some things, you've got quite a lot of things going with this. And you're apparently influenced by me, which makes this even more based.

    B Tier (44-54)

    • Beryism - You used to be a lot better, you're basically just a glorified social liberal wrapped in a coat of faux-gold paint.
    • Brazilian Liberalism - Standard self-proclaimed "neoliberal" who still loves porn, I don't know what else to say.
    • Aquilenism - Same thing as above, just more sane.
    • Neo-Optimateism - Alright, that's just a tad bit too far.
    • Duck-Citizen - I dunno what you even are anymore, but I still like the sound of it (to an extent).
    • Proto-2x2Masterism - Thank god I ain't a neocon anymore.

    C Tier (33-43)

    • Super-Market-Capitalism - This is a little bit wacky, ain't it? Your economics are great, but I'm not too sure about anarchism, and globalism & ultraprogressivism are super cringe ngl. Either way, decent-ish.
    • Greatism - Good economics, mass surveillance is dogshit, still a LARP. Not too great.
    • Patrick thought - A bit too auth for my tastes, but some parts of your ideology are just too H, so I can't complain.
    • Owfism - You were good-ish until you became a Tiberius clone.
    • Macielism - PCB really did whoever this is dirty.
    • Hysteria thought - Way too LARPy for it's own good, but I still like how you show a bit of similarities, such as your apparent hints of libertarianism. Treat politics seriously, get your political knowledge from somewhere other than the fucking PCB wiki, and maybe then you'll be better.
    • Social Moralism - Nice cultural model, but your more socialistic form of distributism isn't really my cup of tea. I know how it feels being constantly accused of being one of them, bro

    D Tier (22-32)

    • Neo-Glencoeism - Super close to being bad.
    • National Fracturism - Your type of nationalism is cool, everything else is unbelievably cringe.
    • Pantheonism - World federalist, socialist and terminal ideology shopper. At least we agree on culture, and you are a pretty cool guy.
    • Yoda8soup Thought - Pretty typical democratic socialist. Definitely not the biggest fan, but eh, it could be worse.
    • Cyberdelic Egoism - We both strongly support individualism and a 'lil bit of technological advancement, but aside from that, not really that much in common with me. And oh, and it's always cool how we've got another Aussie on this site.
    • Great British New Left - Yet another market socialist in this tier? Well, I guess have some degree of agreement with cultural and civic views, but aside from that, you're a stock-standard gommunist socialist. At least you're still quite a chill guy.
    • Expanded Technocratic Socialism - Technocracy certainly isn't preferable, and your economics are pretty cringe too, bro.
    • Stefithought - Some parts of this ideology are pretty based, economics are just eh, but what really breaks the deal for me is your ideal government structure, why the fuck would anyone want an all-autistic government?
    • Blue Nephalem Thought - Not atrocious, but I mean, you missed the mark heavily on the econ.
    • Avata Thought - Ah, yes, LA BRUJA. You've got slightly more, uh, tolerable since your last revision, but I mean, anti-work makes me vomit, and you're way too utopic for your own good.

    F Tier (11-21)

    • HelloThere314ism - Not really a fan of egoism in general. However you do seem to be pretty well read, I give you that.
    • Ultroneism - Exactly the same thing I said above. You seem educated.
    • Iberian Communism - While you're an incredible artist and a nice person, it's such a shame your economics and civics are so awful.
    • Meowxism - Honestly, there is so much wrong with this. I could definitely say a lot of things, but in all honesty, it kinda speaks for itself. You aren't too bad of a person though.
    • Rigby Thought - Cringey authcon vatnik & KK alt, that's about it.
    • Korwin Corwin Schott Theory - Horrible. Like, really horrible.
    • Jefbol Thought - Yet another marxist who's views almost entirely oppose mine. I don't know what really there is to say other than that, honestly.
    • Cynicalianism - You're a good person and all, but your politics are absolutely nightmarish. Probably the closest thing you can get to a true polar opposite of mine. Still wondering where you went though. (and why did we even have this child in the first place?)
    • Polfaxism - You're not bad personally, but it shouldn't be a huge surprise that I disagree with pretty much everything you support here. (especially considering how you used to be...)
    • Noteism - I pretty much agree with nothing except for your support of nuclear power and your somewhat decent economics & diplomatic views. Other than that, quite bad, especially considering anti-democracy and goddamn unironic crony capitalism.
    • Temujin Leeism - I mean, what do I say? In the words of a man who I presume influenced you a fair bit, WACKY.
    • Khomeinism - I can't find anything here that I'm too big on, if I'm being real with ya.
    • Sane Ayafantoho Thought - Way better than that, uh, thing, but another commie rival from our smaller neighbors beside us. Unusually violent (though you certainly need to go further for a few groups ), and apparently you wanna bomb me too, or something along those lines.
    • Altemism - Reactionary socialism? Ethnonationalism? Fundamentalism? There's barely anything you get right here.
    • Ego-Stalinism - The PCB brainrot is strong with this one. Now if we put all the nonsense and ideology-shopping behind, it still ain't even decent. Planned economies and autarky just so happen to fail quite hard.

    Z Tier (10<)

    • Niiloism - Easily the stupidest self-insert I've seen on this wiki. 80 million views? sheeesh
    • Hitler Rouge - Nice try, FBI.
    • Ayafantoho Thought - You asked for the lowest tier, and if I'm being real, you fit well here.
    • !!a!!m!!o!!l!!ism - There is truly no hope under the black sun.
    • Jeff1123 - So cring, definitely not based.

    How to Draw

    Flag of 2x2Masterism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Separate the ball into 3 equal diagonal bars (a tricolor), made up of spring green, light aqua and cyan.
    3. Draw 2 white lines, separating each bar
    4. Add a white shield in the middle
    5. Inside the shield, add a light aqua Southern Cross
    6. Draw the eyes

    You're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Spring Green #00ff77 0, 255, 119
    Light Aqua #00ffbb 0, 255, 187
    Cyan #00ffff 0, 255, 255
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255

    Personality and Behaviour

    2x2Masterism obviously acts very similar to how 2x2Master acts as a person. Most of the time, he can be used as a stand-in for 2x2Master himself.

    He can also use an exaggerated Australian accent and persona for comedic value.

    Test Showcase