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    2b2tism is an anarchist and hyper-chaotic sect of Minecraftism, where there are no rules whatsoever. The only 'leaders' are people who can gain respect from the community for the time, and even they are not immune to the server's lawlessness.


    2b2tism was founded in December 2010 by Hausemaster. While the server itself wasn't getting much attention, it maintained it's playerbase.

    Around 2011, 2b2t faced it's first real "war", which was a fight between the Facepunch Republic and the 4channers, eventually, the 4channers defeated the old Facepunch Republic, this would cause the lingo used on the server to be more aligned with the lingo used by the 4channers. Eventually, the 4channers we're disorganized completely by 2012, and later a new Facepunch Republic would be formed.

    One of the many interesting things about the server however, is the culture behind building bases, or more so, griefing them.

    In 2016, a YouTuber known as TheCampingRusher made a video about 2b2t, which would result in the server being flooded with new players.


    2b2tism believes that there should be no rules and that everyone do everything they want, destroy everything included. However, it also believes that anyone could be punished or retaliated back against for such actions. The only 'rule' is a mob rule, however action has been taken against players by House Master for creating lag machines as to intentionally degrade the quality of the server, which remains the only true rule in 2b2t and one of the very few times House Master has intervened in the server as to exact order upon its wasteland.

    It is generally hostile to new players ("newfags"), but with hard work some new players can gain it's respect.

    Personality and Behaviour

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a cube,
    2. Colour it bright green (#02FF01),
    3. At the front of the cube, draw a red (#EF1A20) '2b' in the top-left, and a blue (#0006f7) '2t' in the bottom-right.
    4. Add square eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Bright Green 2,255,1 #02FF01
    Red 239,26,32 #EF1A20
    Blue 0,6,247 #0006f7








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