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    1700ism is a non-quadrant culturally right ideology that believes we should go back to the 18th century, along with its historical technology, history, cultures, etc. and abolish everything under 223 years old / made after December 31, 1799. 1700ism can also be considered a more extreme form of 1800ism due to this.

    Sometimes, 1700ism also wants humanity to be advanced enough to resurrect EVERYONE who was alive during the 18th century starting from the 1700s.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a greyish-pink (188, 100, 100) ball.
    • Draw 2 white (255, 255, 255) eyes.
    • Draw a black (but not pure black) tricorn (preferably the one worn by 1700s British soldiers and the Continental Army in the American Revolution) with a slightly brighter black bow (with a white circle in the middle of it) on it and you're done!



    • 1800ism - Based even if you're a bit advanced for my tastes.
    •  Metbolism - Thanks for conserving 1700s America!


    • 1500ism - A bit too far there.
    • 1600ism - Why won't you accept me?
    • Electritocracy - The lightning rod was one of the most important inventions of the 18th century, but isn't putting electricians and electrical engineers in power a bit too far even for me?
    • Paleoconservatism - You want to take the United States backwards by 100 years (1922), but what about 244/245 years (1776) when it became independent from Great Britain on July the 4th?


    • 1100ism and 1200ism - OH NOOOOO! TOO FAR BACK! PLEASE TAKE ME BACK TO 1799!
    • Post-2000ism - *becomes sarcastic* Robots, immortality and black hole bombs? Epic 'bruh' momen-- WAIT, WHY AM I MAKING A MEME REFERENCE?! THAT WAS WAAAY AFTER THE 18TH CENTURY!


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