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    1600ism is a non-quadrant culturally right ideology that wants to return to 1600 and the 17th century (and abolish everything under 323 years old), along with their historical culture, technology, languages, etc. and earlier stages of the Enlightenment. 1600ism can also be considered a more extreme version of 1700ism due to this.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a red ball (216, 65, 65)
    • Draw 2 white eyes (#FFFFFF)
    • Draw 2 brown wooden wings
    • Draw either a capotain ( Puritan hat) or a comb-like zischagge (szyszak), burgonet or morion helmet [1] ( Polish hussar helmet) and you’re done!




    • 1400ism - Returning to the past is based, but isn't going back to medieval times a bit too far for me?
    • 1500ism - Why do you hate me and why don't you like the early stages of the Enlightenment?
    • 1800ism - Although you love traditional values like me, you're too moderate and advanced (because of the Industrial Revolution technology) for my tastes.
    • Medievalism - While I do appreciate your aesthetics, you're taking this whole "preserve the past" thing a bit too far. Also, a worldwide Christian theocracy wouldn't work at all because there'd probably be a mass minority (non-Christian) uprising against the state.


    • 1700ism - Not only are you a little too moderate, you were also a disaster for the human race because you disbanded the Polish Winged Hussars in 1776 and started the Industrial Revolution! (Yes, I have a 1600s Winged Hussar aesthetic. Problem?)
    • 1985ism - How are you even historical if you're just some random 🗺 map some 11-year-old in the future made on 🗺 MapChart?!
    • Caelumcracy - Planes are polluting the air! *charges at your ✈ airplane collection like a Polish Winged Hussar would to the Ottoman Janissaries during the Battle of Vienna in September 12th of 1683*
    • The Internet - Witchcraft technology designed to inaccurately over-romanticize me!
    • Template:NameJF - Check the outside of your house; the Polish Winged Hussars should have arrived by now.
    • Post-2000ism - AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


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